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To create a draw on Facebook, choose prizes that are relevant to the persona, have a clear objective, know all the rules and obligations, define the regulation, disclose the action and monitor your results. The best apps to create a sweepstakes are: and YesGanhei.

When we talk about Facebook for companies, it is essential that the person responsible for marketing actions knows strategies to maximize their investments in the platform and, as a consequence, register better results with engagement, for example. A draw on Facebook is one of those ways to get closer to consumers.

Despite being an extremely valid strategy to strengthen the relationship with the target audience, without proper planning, this campaign will not be efficient and the results will not appear. Therefore, it is necessary to know which points should be taken into account when conducting a draw and which tools can be useful.

What do you think, then, about going deeper into the available resources and the benefits that this strategy can generate for your business? To help you with this task, we have prepared a comprehensive guide in which we will cover the main topics on the subject:

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What are the benefits of making a draw on Facebook?

In a Facebook course focused on Digital Marketing strategies, often the draw of products or services can be overlooked among so many options. However, for those looking for actions that bring results even without the need for high investments, this tactic may work.

As much as knowing how to use Facebook Messenger Ads, for example, is important to get closer to users, it is necessary to expand the repertoire of actions and campaigns on social networks. After all, a draw on Facebook can result in improvements to two of the biggest challenges on the platform: engagement and reach.

According to Social Media Trends 2019, 69.4% of companies that are on social networks point out that keeping the public engaged is the biggest challenge. Already increasing the reach of your publications appears as second in the list of main obstacles to be overcome by those who try to promote your brand on these platforms.

These two problems can be minimized when conducting a draw on Facebook, as engagement becomes more natural for each user to participate – with a like, a comment or a share. Consequently, your campaign reach increases, as more people are impacted by the publication.

In addition, this is a practice that tightens ties between users and companies, making loyalty easier. After all, every positive experience with a brand counts so that the customer feels comfortable and closer to the company. Nothing better than getting a treat for a tan, right?

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you want to generate more leads, retain more customers or increase the reach of your publications: holding a draw on Facebook can be useful for the most varied objectives and goals. Adopting best practices, the tendency is that this strategy will bring the expected returns.

How to create a draw on Facebook?

However, it is not because the benefits are many that it means doing it anyway, is it? Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on some factors to ensure that your drawing is, in fact, impacting the results of your company. Check out the essential steps for the strategy to work correctly.

1. Choose awards relevant to the persona

The first point to consider is the return you will offer the public. This choice needs to be based on the tastes and characteristics of your personaafter all, without the interest of those who enjoy your pages, the tendency is that the results are not the most positive. Evaluate the best value for money and define something that can, in fact, be useful.

2. Have a clear objective

Doing for doing cannot be the main motivation for holding a draw on your Facebook page, right? That is why, set a clear objective of what you want to achieve by adopting this strategy. After all, only then will it be possible to know, up front, if your action was really efficient for what your business was needing at the time.

3. Know all the rules and obligations

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has some limitations, like the error with Facebook’s video metrics, so you need to know the rules of the game to learn how to make the most of the draw option. Forcing a comment or like, for example, is prohibited, did you know? Here are the main rules of that channel.

In addition, SECAP (Secretariat for Evaluation of Public Policies, Planning, Energy and Lottery) has a set of rules that also need to be followed so that your drawing is regularized.

4. Set your draw rules

With the prize set and the knowledge of what can and cannot be done, it’s time to set the rules for your draw.

Remember to evaluate the profile of your target audience to increase the chances of engagement and, of course, analyze the goals you want to achieve with this action. Thus it is possible to choose, for example, the best type of interaction required.

5. Promote the draw and evaluate all the details

What is the point of making a sweepstakes on Facebook if, in practice, few users heard about this action? So, draw up a marketing plan for dissemination of this campaign and enhance the chances of success. In addition, it is also important to think about details such as the date and time the draw will be held.

6. Monitor your results with the draw

What is a Digital Marketing strategy without monitoring, right? When we talk about sweepstakes on social networks, this thought cannot be different and we must keep an eye on the results obtained. After all, only this is possible identify more efficient models, mistakes made in the process and possible points for improvement.

What are the best apps to draw on Facebook?

To maximize the reach and efficiency of your draw on Facebook, there are some tools that can be useful. How about, then, get to know the main ones, add them to your strategy and get even better results for your pages? Check out!

One of the tools most used by companies to carry out sweepstakes on social networks is In addition to being accepted on different platforms, it is very simple to use.

Just go to the tool page and click on use application. Then, you will define in which of your social networks the promotion will take place, which, in this case, would be Facebook.

The settings are quite simple:

  • choose the “traditional” draw option;
  • set a name and date for the promotion;
  • place the image you want to use to illustrate;
  • describe the rules and conditions for each user to participate – such as the interactions needed for them to compete;
  • save and apply the draw.

The main advantage is that everything done at is in accordance with Facebook rules.

Yes, I won

Another very similar option is the YesGanhei application, which also follows Facebook guidelines and, therefore, you don’t have to worry about the rules and conditions of the draw.

Everything that is allowed is released by the platform and, therefore, you only need to worry about other factors, such as the product you are going to offer, the rules, the date and the promotion disclosure.

What are the mistakes that you cannot make when making a drawing?

How about knowing how to avoid some very common mistakes when we talk about sweepstakes on Facebook? We separate the main mistakes made by companies that use this strategy, so that you avoid them and ensure better results for your campaigns.

The first is not to disclose the name of the winners publicly, after all, this causes their promotion to lose credibility and users feel cheated.

Another important point is to think about the interaction that you will ask each user: do not abuse it. In addition to following the rules necessary to carry out the draw, don’t forget that that promotion is to get closer to the consumer and not create barriers to further distance them from your company.

With the proper planning and the most accurate tools, generating leads with Facebook, for example, can become an easier task to be performed. Actions such as the drawing of products and services on social networks must be planned in the smallest details to ensure that the results are, in fact, as expected initially.

The draw on Facebook is one of the possibilities to bring consumers closer to your company, right? But there are other social networks, with their peculiarities, that can also be used.

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