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It is impossible to deny the power of mobile. Mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – are here to stay. After all, they are the solution most compatible with our current lifestyle: always on the street or on the move, and willing to be connected anytime and anywhere. And, along with mobile, the apps arrived. Diversity is […]

It is impossible to deny the power of mobile. Mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – are here to stay.

After all, they are the solution most compatible with our current lifestyle: always on the street or on the move, and willing to be connected anytime and anywhere.

And, along with mobile, the apps arrived.

The diversity is impressive. There are apps for fun, information, communication or productivity at work, among many other categories.

For those who develop an app, it represents the potential to become a direct source of money. That is what we are going to teach in this article.

Want to know how to monetize app? So, check out our tips on Google Admob, Facebook’s audience network and other ways to capitalize on an app’s popularity.

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How to monetize app using ads

You can use the app as a vehicle for ad campaigns. It is a concept similar to the ads that you are used to seeing on websites. The potential of this type of marketing is very high.

A survey by Juniper Research showed that, in 2018, estimates indicate that in-app ads (within apps) will be of the same proportion, or even higher, than ads on mobile browsers.

That kind of prediction makes sense. Users choose to use applications, rather than mobile sites, because it is more functional.

A good example are internet banking apps: they are easier to view and navigate than the bank’s own mobile website.

Since users are switching to apps, so is advertising. And there are tools aimed at allowing the development of ad campaigns optimized for this channel.

Among these tools, two of them stand out: Google Admob and the Facebook Audience Network.

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Google Admob

You’ve seen that it’s feasible to monetize an app through ads. So, the question remains: how?

That’s where Google Admob comes in. This is a tool from Google aimed exactly at creating ads and distributing them in a network of affiliate apps. Thus, it allows:

  • Monetize – placing ads in your app
  • Promote – creating your own ads to place across multiple apps. It is important to mention that Admob only promotes applications

Admob is available for the two largest mobile platforms: Android and iOS.

Monetizing your app with Google Admob

First, let’s talk to you, who want to know how to monetize an app with Admob.

First of all, it is necessary to choose the ads that will be displayed. But rest assured: Admob allows you to control through general category filters. This way, you can ensure the alignment between the ad and the content of your app.

Another option is to use the Ad Review Center. With it, you can review ads individually, before they appear within your app.

Another important concern that you should keep in mind when using Admob is the question of format. The ad format must be appropriate to ensure that the user experience with your app is not affected.

Admob offers a variety of formats: banner, interstitial or video ads.

  • Banner ads are at the top or bottom of the screen, and are intelligently scaled to fit the screen.
  • Interstitial ads occupy the entire screen and appear at natural intervals or transitions in the dynamics of the app.
  • Video ads can be ignored by the user after five seconds.

Finally, another important point is the amount you will receive for displaying ads in the app.

How is this value defined?

Through advertiser bids. They pay on the CPM model – cost per thousand impressions, or thousand views, of the ad.

The greater the competition, the greater the bids and also your monetization potential.

The prospects are good: as there is a lot of demand from advertisers, admob CPM bidding has grown 200% since 2013.

To top it off, Admob also has excellent fill rates. In other words, the high demand from advertisers ensures that there will be no shortage of ads to place in your app.

Most of the time, Admob is able to fill 100% of the “spaces” available for ad serving.

It is worth mentioning that Admob has a mediation feature.

It allows you to manage multiple ad networks to dynamically choose the most profitable ones. So, you can optimize your earnings with in-app ads.

And how do payments work?

On Google Admob, you receive your payment after the 21st of the following month. Therefore, the income you generated in January will be calculated until the 21st of February and paid immediately thereafter.

There is a minimum limit to “redeem” your earnings. This value changes depending on the currency you use in Admob. If you do not reach this limit, your balance will accumulate for the next month.

Creating a campaign with Google Admob

Now, let’s talk to anyone who wants to promote their app through Admob.

The Google Admob account is connected to the Google Adwords account so that you can create your ad campaigns. These campaigns aim to get more people to download your app.

In-app ad campaigns allow you to apply keywords and filters to better target your audience, just as in a regular Google Adwords ad campaign.

After creating the campaign, you can track its performance. In this case, the conversion rate is based on the volume of installs for your app. For that, Admob integrates with Google Analytics. You can use all relevant metrics, such as engagement or revenue.

Another interesting idea is to segment your audience. This way, you can have a more detailed perspective on how users are using your app.

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Facebook Audience Network

But Google Admob isn’t the only option for monetizing your app. You can also participate in the Public Network, which is focused on advertising ads using the Facebook system.

It is interesting to mention that the Facebook Audience Network works much like Admob — in the same way that Facebook Ads works similarly to Google Adwords.

It is worth emphasizing that both Android and iOS apps have support for the Public Network.

You can join the Audience Network as a developer, to monetize, or as an advertiser, to promote. Let’s see more details?

Monetizing your app with the Audience Network

To do this, you need to integrate your app with the Public Network, which can be done through an SDK.

Next, you need to determine the positions where the ads will be displayed. The ad formats, incidentally, are the same as we saw in Admob: banner, interstitial or video.

The third step is to submit your app for Facebook review — a process that takes 48 hours, but is done automatically.

With these three steps and your active app for users to download and view, you’re already generating revenue.

But what are the ads that will run on your app anyway?

Basically, these are Facebook Ads campaigns in which the advertiser has chosen to use the Audience Network.

For advertisers this is an interesting option, because it allows them to be seen by the same users on two different platforms: Facebook and apps. Thus, the opportunities to connect with the consumer are doubled.

For you, the process is also smooth. Users of your app will only see relevant ads, targeted through demographic filters.

A valuable resource for the Public Network is mediation – another similarity to Admob. It allows you to manage more than one ad network, to ensure the best results. Thus, you can define rules that will give priority to one network or another.

This way, the fill rate is optimized – because, if the first network on your list cannot offer an ad, the next one will be automatically triggered. Consequently, your revenue also increases.

Now, some practical information.

Payments from the Public Network are made monthly — usually in the third week of the following month. That is, what you earn in January will probably be released in the third week of February.

However, beware: the credit is only released when the amount available is over 100 dollars in total. For those who monetize more than one app, you need to have more than $ 100 in revenue for all apps together. Otherwise, your balance is accumulated for the next month.

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Creating a campaign with the Audience Network

If your intention is not only to monetize, but to promote your app, you can also use the public network.

You can create the ads from your Facebook page, the Ad Manager or the Power Editor.

The most interesting element is the possibility to target ads with a wealth of details, in relation to location, demographics and interests. You can also use the Similar Audiences feature to “copy” a profile that already exists.

Main differences between Google Admob and Facebook Audience Network

We said that these two tools are similar. But just like in the case of Google Adwords vs. Facebook Ads, not everything is the same.

Today, the main difference between them is the fill rate – which is higher on Google Admob. Facebook documentation lists at least four justifications for the low fill rate.

Another interesting difference is that the user needs to have the Facebook app installed on their device so that the Public Network fills the spaces with ads. Admob does not have this requirement.

It is also very important to remember the differences in the payment system. Google Admob does not make payments via Paypal, but it can use your native currency. Meanwhile, the Public Network works with Paypal, but only makes payments in dollars. It is up to you to analyze which option is most advantageous.

And it is worth returning to the question of comprehensiveness.

The Audience Network can reach Facebook users – about 1 billion people a day. In the meantime, Admob can cover everyone who uses apps, as it has no requirements for the user to view the ads.

For you, who want to monetize your app, it makes all the difference. The second option has more potential to generate revenue, based on the higher volume of impression of ads.

What is the earning potential with in-app ads?

You may be imagining that earnings from in-app ads are small, and that this alternative to monetizing your app is just a way to earn a few “bucks” at the end of the month.

However, the earning potential with ads is as high as the potential for success of your app!

Here is an interesting case: the game Angry Birds, which went viral in 2009, went on to earn US $ 1 million per month with Admob.

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Are there any other ways to monetize my app?


A very common strategy is to create two versions of the same app. One is free, with ads. The other is paid, but without the ads.

Thus, users who do not like the effect that ads have on the application experience can opt for a version more compatible with their preference. And you continue to monetize with both versions.

Keep in mind that the paid version will likely have a much lower download volume. So you need to adjust your price to make it attractive to users, but still bring an interesting profit margin.

In this article, you learned about Google Admob and the Facebook Audience Network. We talked about how to monetize an app with these tools, and also how to create your own ad campaigns. And we present some important differences between the two alternatives.

But, calm down! This is just an overview of the subject. Want to learn even more? So, check out our article on how to monetize your blog!

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