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Are you curious to know how much a youtuber earns? There are some factors that influence this, but it is also possible to earn an income through strategies that generate engagement. Know more!

The internet has enabled many people, until then anonymous, to become known to the general public, especially for producing content for specific niches on platforms such as YouTube.

Based on that, a question that is often asked in relation to this medium is: “how much does a youtuber earn?“.

If at any time you have had this curiosity, know that you were not the only one. However, this is a somewhat subjective question and involves factors from the social network itself, from the engagement of the public and also from the producer itself.

In this post, we will explain what are these points that influence the salary of a youtuber, in addition to presenting those considered most famous in London and in the world.

How much does a youtuber earn?

First of all, anyone who produces content for this network is considered a youtuber, regardless of the number of followers and the audience’s engagement with the page.

Thinking about it, how to know how much youtuber earn? Well, there is no specific answer to that, as it will depend on some important factors.

Overall, the account is made considering 1000 views. Whenever the content producer reaches this mark, he receives an amount, which is not fixed.

According to estimates, in London this value is around 1.65 dollars (about R $ 6.80 reais in the most recent conversion), while in the United States, $ 4.50.

However, anyone who thinks that by creating a channel and reaching 1,000 views, necessarily, will already earn that value from the network is wrong.

There are factors that influence what is actually considered a view, such as whether or not the follower watches the available ads.

In addition, there are other ways to earn money as a youtuber – which we will cover later!

How much do the most well-known youtubers in London and the world earn?

There are those personalities who, due to their success on YouTube, are constantly seen even on TV.

Next, we selected the main ones, indicating the average revenue generated by their YouTube views, check it out!

Whindersson Nunes

With just over 20 years old Whindersson Nunes has already accumulated millions of views on his channel. Today, there are already more than 30 million subscribers, and a trajectory that worked due to its persistence.

In 2017, a survey commissioned by Google revealed that Whindersson was one of the most influential personalities in London, surpassing even global actors.

Whindersson Nunes
Channel subscribers: 36.9 million
Views: 3,069,312,348
How much you earn: $ 107K – $ 1.7M


From youtuber to the soap opera actress: Kéfera’s success with her millions of subscribers has even led to a role in one of the global productions, with performance praised by critics.

In the channel 5incominutos, Kéfera dealt with various subjects, according to the buzz of the moment.

Channel subscribers: 11 million
Views: 831,080,837
How much you earn: $ 2.1K – 34.2M

Nathalia Arcuri started her career as a journalist and currently works entirely on her YouTube channel, Me Poupe !, which aims to talk about financial education.

Nathalia Arcuri
Channel subscribers: 4.04 million
Views: 179.123.274
How much you earn: $ 23.4K – 374.1K

Pedro Rezende, better known as Rezende Evil, created his channel in 2012 focused on video games, mainly from the Minecraft game.

With the success of his videos, he gained thousands of followers, besides having written a book, participated in a series and created a show based on his channel.

Rezende Evil
Channel subscribers: 24.8 million
Views: 8.884.909.591
How much you earn: $ 490.6K – 7.8M

Worldwide known as PewDiePie, Felix was known for his funny videos and, mainly for having occupied the post of the biggest YouTube channel for many years.

Felix Kjellberg
Channel subscribers: 101 million
Views: 23.511.158.617
How much you earn: $ 1.4M – 22.2M

Ryan ToysReview

Is there a right age to become a youtuber? Ryan ToysReview proves not.

The little boy, only 7 years old, also proves that he does not necessarily need to have a crazy idea to become known or a structure that will make anyone envious.

Your channel’s proposal is to show you unpacking toys and having fun with those items right away.

Ryan ToysReview
Channel subscribers: 21.7 million
Views: 32.280.713.125
How much you earn: $ 2M – 31.8M

How to make money as a youtuber?

Although the social network itself determines a specific value for the influencer to receive according to their views, it is possible to earn money by their own means, as long as there is a good planning for this. Understand how!


If your channel gets a lot of views, it will certainly raise interest from specific brands, agree? Through publiposts, youtubers can create campaigns on their videos, producing content that is related to that item in question.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to this type of strategy. It is useless to choose a company that does not support your purpose and make your followers dissatisfied with that free advertising.

For that reason, understand well who your audience is so as not to fall into traps like this.

Exclusive content

As your channel grows, there is a possibility to produce exclusive content for those who purchase it. But it needs to be truly exclusive, okay? Choose different themes for the production of these videos and bring value to your audience that purchased it.


Your video may not even mention anything about that specific brand, but just the fact that you use it can already bring gains to your career as a youtuber.

Caps, printed shirts, among other items, allow these companies to have a greater reach for the right audience and bring yet another opportunity for the content producer to acquire extra income from the channel.

Quality content

To reach that level where you, as a youtuber, are required by companies, it is necessary to produce quality content, do you agree?

So, be very concerned with this stage of your planning, always keep in mind who your audience is, have a differential and stand out from it.

Anyone can be a youtuber, as mentioned above. However, those who understand who accesses your page stand out, taking them into account when choosing a topic.

In this content, you can understand a little more about how much a youtuber earns, which are the most famous personalities in London and how it is possible to acquire extra income through the channel.

It is necessary to understand that, before venturing and choosing the themes and subjects to be approached, it is necessary to have a previous analysis, a focus for the production of content and still think about attractive titles so that there is the interest and engagement of the visitors .

Do you want to know more about the topic and know the most accessed YouTube channels? Good reading!