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CEO is an acronym that came from English and represents the executive director of a company. Its presence, besides being strategic, is responsible for structuring the vision, mission and purpose, fundamental points to guarantee the health and success of any business.

From the English “Chief Executive Officer”, the CEO is nothing more than the executive director of a company.

As much as their responsibilities are directly related to the prosperity of any business, many people still do not clearly understand the manager’s routine and what skills are essential to become one.

So, let’s understand everything about the professional’s role in the job market. In this post, we will cover the following topics:

What is a CEO and what does it do?

As we have already said, the CEO’s position is Executive Director. More specifically, their functions may vary according to the company’s proposal, size, management model and operational needs to keep it running.

In general, the main responsibilities are:

  • structure and dispel a company’s vision, mission and objectives;
  • lead the creation of the organizational culture and be its main spokesperson;
  • implement strategic plans capable of directing the teams’ next steps;
  • meet with the directors / shareholders to understand their views on the health of the business;
  • create processes or modify those that may harm the health of a sector;
  • be the company’s representative for external affairs – whether in the press or in the community as a whole.

The CEO, in essence, is the person capable of leading and guiding employees and create a unified sense of belonging so that it is possible to achieve the objectives and goals.

What is the importance of the CEO within the company?

The fact that the professional is the most senior person in the company is no wonder.

All strategic knowledge, when combined with the purpose, vision and general objectives, is fundamental to guarantee the success of not only the company, but also organizational aspects that directly involve employees.

Companies that do not have well-defined purposes are unlikely to succeed. After all, how to walk without a specific direction and expect good results in the end?

Leadership centered on this professional also offers other very important benefits for a company’s prosperity:

  • proposal to change, update and diversify the services offered;
  • modernization of the company’s culture or creation of one, when applicable;
  • team integration and increased general well-being;
  • guarantee that the company will have resources and strategies to execute the objectives and goals.

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What skills does every CEO need to have?

Now that you’ve understood what a CEO is and what his main responsibilities are, it’s time to understand those important skills for those looking for the job or already in it, but looking for improvements.

Broad business view

Think about the following situation: your boss asks you for advice to solve a problem that has been making it difficult to meet goals in your industry. If you do not have a notion – even a minimal one – about the business, its services and how the company works, I could hardly help that manager.

Imagine, then, a person responsible for preserving the health of all sectors, products and deliveries? Therefore, a CEO needs to be 100% aligned with the company’s situation, in addition to clearly understanding the entire value proposition, impediments, strengths and points for improvement.

Be a human representation of the company

It may seem complex, but the feature is actually quite simple. Having a broad view of the business – and really believing in it – in addition to other secondary characteristics, the CEO becomes a kind of personification of the company.

Think of names like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. If they did not position themselves so often, did not believe in their business and did not disclose all the essence and benefits of their brands to the world, they would hardly have become so remarkable.

Doing this may seem difficult, but it is actually quite simple: just really believe in the delivery and value proposition. Everything else turns into consequences that are worth facing.

Have good communication skills

As we have already pointed out, the CEO is a great spokesperson. How to be the bridge and figure between the company and the market without knowing how to communicate?

In addition to aspects such as public speaking, another point that involves communication is the ability to disseminate information in a transparent and understandable manner by all parties.

From employees, through managers, to the board of directors / shareholders and stakeholders in general, clear messages enrich the community’s sense of belonging and trust, crucial point for the growth of a business.

Develop your own emotional intelligence

If professionals in the position of analysts have been experiencing extremely high levels of work-related disorders – such as burnout or stress – imagine someone who centralizes a high number of tasks, management and responsibilities that directly affect aspects of success and failure?

Emotional intelligence is the ability of human beings to recognize their own feelings and those of others, developing ways to deal with them in a healthy way.

Keeping mental health up to date can be a challenge in the midst of an intense career, so it is necessary to look for activities outside of work that give pleasure, comfort and tranquility. It is also important not to disconnect from family, friends and the social circle.

Be willing to take risks

What would be of companies like Apple, Facebook or Microsoft if they had not achieved enough courage – and strategies – to be able to take risks?

Companies stagnating in their own security or belief that everything will remain constant hardly achieve great levels of success.

So don’t settle. If business is going well, great! Value, recognize and know how to manage good fruits. However, in addition, have the view that this cannot mean stagnation. You have to be constantly open to changes and new proposals, even if at first they seem completely bizarre.

Few ideas are born completely polished and ready for success, so the CEO must be the figure that believes and is responsible for driving new visions and growth proposals.

Such growth, when done in a healthy way, led by a capable person who believes in the role he is playing, will only be a happy consequence amid a lot of hard work and people who daily strive for something greater.

If you believe in the importance of a CEO and understand the main characteristics to positively occupy the position, find out some management tools that can also help a business to grow!