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Prosumers are consumers who seek all information about a product and service. After careful evaluation, they share their opinion with thousands of followers on the internet. Find out in this article the concept of this new type of consumer and what are the impacts for your strategy.

Prosumers consume and produce content all the time. They use their profile on the internet to share reviews about certain types of products or services.

The market experience and the number of followers makes their opinions directly influence people’s purchasing decision.

This new type of consumer can directly impact the success of your business. After all, one feedback positive can increase sales. A negative comment can damage your company’s image.

Therefore, it is essential that you know all the information about the prosumers.

In this article, we will address the following points.

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What is prosumer?

There is no doubt: consumer behavior has changed over the past few years. Currently, he doesn’t buy a product or service just for the quality of the content.

On the contrary, the customer analyzes the positive and negative points of each product. He checks whether the company’s production line thinks about sustainability, whether it is concerned with corporate social responsibility, among other issues.

This new customer reality is very interactive. Word of mouth marketing does not occur as in the past. If before people talked about the product with a neighbor, friend or relative. Today, the situation is completely different.

They create and consume content on different communication channels and for thousands of people on blogs, websites, social media profiles and email marketing.

In addition, they participate in discussion groups, debate on the subject, share their opinions and even comment on the virtual friend’s post.

However, not all customers are like that. Consumers who do this are known as prosumer. In practice, they are the famous digital micro-influencers.

Prosumers investigate all information about a type of product or service. They seek every detail that will influence the decision power of their followers.

If your brand is aligned with the prosumers’ objectives, they will probably act as defenders, positively publicizing all their work.

If you don’t like your content, they can damage your company’s image. Therefore, there is no other way out: you must find out who are the prosumers in your segment and create a good one related to each one.

That way, you’ll gain great reviews and a lot of followers.

What are the characteristics of prosumers?

There are some characteristics that are prevalent in all prosumers. It is important to know them so you can learn to deal with this type of consumer.

Prosumers generally create their own lifestyle. They are proactive and seek information from different sources to create a routine according to their needs.

Prosumers choose a service or product intelligently. They do not make impulse purchases. They analyze which are the best goods with great cost-benefit.

Another interesting feature of prosumers is that they don’t like companies that have had the same service for decades. They embrace organizations that seek change all the time. In addition, they want to be the first to use the novelty.

Prosumers enjoy interactive communication with the brand. They want to send their tips, give feedback, complain and share information and opinions.

They are also detached. They don’t use the same product or service just because the brand is famous. If the competition offers another better and more complete option, it will probably change service.

Prosumers are self-taught. They like to discover how a product or service is developed. They have the ability to learn and share knowledge with their thousands of followers.

Major brands have already realized the impacts of prosumers and have given space in the creation of their content.

Wikipedia, for example, only exists because all text production is done exclusively by users. Brands like Lego give space for prosumers to participate in the creative process and product design.

What are the types of prosumers?

The consumer makes decisions in several ways, so it is not possible to define a single model of prosumers. The most common are: original, influencers and brand ambassadors, engaged.

  • original: creates products and services to make available to others in the market. Companies also use this type of prosumer to help them create new ideas for their brand;
  • influencers and brand ambassadors: use your product, evaluate and share their opinion with thousands of followers. The consumption of the product can be done spontaneously or through partnerships;
  • engaged consumers: the customer decides which product he wants to consume. The decision is made not only by the quality of the content, but also by the values ​​and positioning of the business.

Know the concept of prosumer, the types that exist and their characteristics it is essential to create a powerful strategy that has positive effects for your business.

What is the impact of the prosumer on Digital Marketing?

A company’s Marketing team cannot ignore the role of prosumers in society. After all, they are highlights in the business world, looking for trends and innovations that are launched in the market.

If you have the patience to listen to each feedback, you can create innovative products, anticipate changes and even guarantee a competitive advantage.

Another interesting point is that prosumers consume several types of content: audio, text and video. So, they can be the best to align your Content Marketing.

In a good search, you will be able to find out what types of content they would like to hear, which articles can get their attention, which texts generate more sharing, among other issues.

This information will help in the development of a new strategy, ensuring that a small group of people read your content and share it with thousands of followers.

How to create a good relationship with prosumers?

One of the biggest mistakes of most companies is not taking care of a good relationship with prosumers, since they can speak ill of your business and damage your image with customers.

With that in mind, we decided to list several tips for you to learn how to engage with this new consumer profile.

Come on?

Create spaces for interaction with prosumers

Prosumers like to be heard. Therefore, give them a space to publish their opinions, share knowledge and ideas.

A very cool tip is to invite them to create a product, participate in changes to the design of your website and partner with your website.

Prosumers are more empathetic to businesses that let them feel like part of your company. So, do not be afraid to promote any action, as they can bring incredible news.

Think of different experiences

Prosumers like companies that leave the comfort zone and create unforgettable experiences for their customers.

In this scenario, there are organizations that invite clients to get to know the backstage of the company, who have the opportunity to hold a meeting with the CEO and who are free to make decisions that impact the success of the business.

Pay attention to prosumers

Anyone who thinks that a good relationship with prosumers is cheap is wrong. On the contrary, they are not fans of a simple gift or birthday card.

Therefore, seek innovation and be true from the beginning of the relationship.

To do this, listen carefully to each piece of information, contribute to the partnership, generate value, identify your mistakes and thank them for their guidance. That way, you will realize that everything is not just a marketing ploy.

Monitor prosumers on social media

You cannot have only one contact with prosumers. That is why it is essential to monitor them on social networks.

Be on the social media they are on, read the content they like best and see everything they share. This information can help you get to know them better, create unique experiences and engage them with your brand.

All the tips we present cannot be done in any way. If possible, leave someone on your Marketing team to do that. She will have a lot of knowledge and will be able to share complete reports on prosumers.

Most companies find it difficult to deal with this new scenario, especially when they do not realize that the success of the business depends on the participation of their audience.

Therefore, your brand needs to have prosumers by your side so that they help influence others, bringing more customers and sales to your business.

Now that you know who the prosumers are, find out how your company should prepare to serve consumer 4.0.