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The cover letter is an excellent tool to promote your personal marketing and increase the chances of getting your dream job. It has a structure that must be followed to achieve the objectives. Find out more information in this article!

The cover letter has been increasingly requested by companies, as it allows contractors to better understand the characteristics, skills and experiences of candidates.

The document must follow some rules to delight recruiters from different segments. After reading this article, even those who don’t have writing skills will know how to produce beautiful content.

Doubt? Then, read our guide, which will cover the main topics on the subject.

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What is a cover letter?

The cover letter is also called the cover letter or motivational letter. It is usually attached to the resume of candidates looking for the long-awaited job vacancy.

It is a tool to introduce skill to recruiters and can be developed in an online or printed version. The cover letter is a tool to promote your Marketing folksbecause it can be read by managers and professionals in a company.

Therefore, a cover letter cannot be developed in any way. It should show, for example, the reasons why you want to join that company, what were your achievements and what are your main skills.

In this document, a London error is unacceptable, as it can damage your credibility. It is essential to make it clear that the cover letter does not exclude the need for the curriculum. The two documents are complementary.

Sending the cover letter and resume shows recruiters that you are a person who cares about your career, is organized and attentive to the quality of materials. Believe! Developing this document is easier than answering job interview questions.

Why write a cover letter?

There are several reasons why you should make a cover letter in a selection process. It is as important as looking for the ideal job.

This document has the possibility to show recruiters experiences that are not possible to address more clearly in a curriculum.

Another positive point is that it allows you to include reasons why you want to join the organization. This is very important, especially when we forget something during the job interview.

The cover letter also improves your credibility with the company. The recruiter realizes that you had a special affection for the job, since he wrote a personalized document according to that vacancy.

The cover letter has incredible power and can be decisive for a recruiter to choose his profile in a selection process. It can help you find the ideal job in Digital Marketing.

What is the best structure for a cover letter?

The cover letter has a text structure that is considered the best option for recruiters. It is very important to follow these recommendations, as no one has time to read content with more than 20 pages, either in a sales team, or in any area.

It is important to note that you should only follow the structure of the text. The best cover letter is one that has personalized content and was developed for the vacancy posted.

So, forget those great texts on the internet. They should serve only as inspiration. You must use your creativity to attract recruiters and get the job you want. At first, the task may seem complicated, but gradually you will realize that it is easier than it looks.

The cover letter is very reminiscent of the essays we used to do at school. In them, it was necessary to follow the logic of introduction, development and conclusion. The situation is no different here.


At the beginning of the text, the candidate must present his / her professional goals. Try to create content that delights the recruiter. In this topic, put the skills that you have and that are ideal for the position, in addition to describing the reasons why the vacancy shone in your eyes.

At this point, you can apply Content Marketing techniques. In practice, this means that you should write with your persona in mind, present concrete facts about your career and create content based on your values.

If possible, do an A / B test to identify which is the best introduction. You can call two friends or professionals to read the content, observe their reaction and ask for their opinion on the material. That way, you’ll be more sure that you’ve written great content.


In the development part, you must include the following information:

  • explain the reasons why the company should hire you;
  • present your training and skills;
  • cite experiences that can help with the job tasks;
  • highlight whether it is available for travel and immediate start.

The development cannot be very extensive. Otherwise, the reader may finish the reading halfway.


At the end of the content, you should stress again because you are the best professional to work in that position. At that point, you must make yourself available to the recruiter. Then, make a cordial farewell. Finish the content with subscription and contact information, such as the phone.

Another important point in the cover letter structure is that you cannot forget the header. If you know who is responsible for the selection process, we recommend that you include the name of the professional in the greeting.

A cover letter should prioritize objectivity. It cannot exceed one page. To avoid this type of problem, reread your text as many times as necessary. Delete information that will not impact the recruiter. Reading someone else can help you make these cuts.

The cover letter must have easy to read content. The candidate must spark the recruiter’s interest from start to finish. If not, your material may not even be used.

How to make a cover letter?

Now that you know what a cover letter is, why it is important and what is its structure, how about learning how to create this document? See some tips below!

Research about the company

The candidate must show that he / she has researched a lot about the organization. In the text, put details regarding positioning, missions and values. If you have more data about your area you will also earn more points compared to the other candidates. However, include only data that makes sense for the context.

Avoid putting negative points

Another interesting tip is that you should not add negative points about your profile. If you don’t know how to use software or don’t know a language, for example, avoid including it in the text.

The professional must remember that the cover letter is a personal marketing. Therefore, the negative points can damage your credibility.

Include skills

The candidate must also add what their skills are and how they can help the business evolve. If you have great experiences on the job, show how these challenges helped to strengthen your role as a professional.

Be clear

We have already pointed out that the text must hold the reader’s attention. So if the job requires five years of experience and knowledge of a particular tool, make that clear in the introduction.

Your goal is to make text easy to read. So, if you prefer, put your skills in a way that is scannable to readers. If you do not have good work experiences, highlight the projects you developed during the school period.

Use company culture to your advantage

Without a doubt, this is one of the most important tips for the cover letter. If you want to attract the attention of recruiters, try to contextualize your text according to the cultureof the organization.

The language of the content must be developed according to the style of the company, which can be conservative, formal or young. The cover letter must be made on white paper, with legible handwriting and with great content.

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What are the types of cover letter?

There are several types of cover letter. Meet some of them below:

  • response letter to an advertisement: the candidate sends the letter after the vacancy announcement;
  • spontaneous application letter: the candidate forwards the letter to see if there are vacancies available in the business;
  • letter for recruitment and selection company: letter added to the database of selection companies;
  • networking letter: letter sent to professionals in your network of contacts so that they send the document to the vacancies available in the market;
  • reference letter: letter sent when a person indicates the professional for the vacancy;
  • e-mail letter: letter sent by e-mail to companies. It should be checked whether the organization accepts the content in this way.

Regardless of the type of cover letter, you must write quality content for recruiters.

What are the best cover letter templates?

Each cover letter is unique, however, see some ideas for you to be inspired by the production of your document.

Letter 1


Director of Marketing

Company X

12 August Street, 124

Dear Paulo,

With 10 years of experience in marketing and a postgraduate degree in corporate blogs, I believe that my skills can contribute positively to the growth of company X.

After finding the advertisement for the position of marketing manager on a blog, I noticed that my knowledge is in accordance with the needs of the position.

I have an entrepreneurial attitude and I know how to work with different scenarios in a company.

In my last experiences, I increased business revenue by 52% based on my knowledge.

My goals have always been above those of the company, reaching numbers above 95%.

I thank you for your availability and I hope to chat in the coming days to get to know my work better.

Any questions, please contact me through the number in the subscription.


Flávia Azevedo

234 999 233

Letter 2

Nathália Alves

Marketing company director

Lives Course

Dear Nathália,

I am looking for a company where I have the freedom to use my skills without bureaucracy. As soon as I viewed the vacancy on social media, I identified that I had found the vacancy that is aligned with my goals.

With almost 7 years of experience among the best marketing companies in London and the world, I have acquired skills to deal with any type of market situation.

I stayed with an excellent average, with a grade above 97%. Thanks to my proactivity, I participated in projects and implemented processes that changed the reality of the organizations I went through.

If you are interested in my profile, contact me by email and phone below.


Gustavo Moreira

333 181 774

Card 3

Santos Rezende


Startup Melo

846 side street

Belo Horizonte, MG, 30148-974

Dear Santos,

After searching a lot, I found the position of operations analyst on a blog on the internet. From my reading, I believe that the vacancy is in accordance with my professional history.

I am familiar with the startup environment and know how to deal with pressure for goals. During my career, I have always achieved good numbers and had highlights in different projects.

I look forward to an opportunity for a possible interview where I can have more details about my experience. I’m sure I can do a good job at Startup Melo.


Sandra Torres

333 777 111

The cover letter requires patience on the part of the candidate. So, dedicate a period of your day to create beautiful content. This will certainly make a difference in your professional career.

The cover letter is an important step towards achieving success in selection processes. It can assist in achieving a employment in an innovative company.

If you have no writing skills, you can ask colleagues and professionals for help. However, remember that ideas and information must come from your knowledge, combined? There are even Google apps that help you put together a cover letter.

Now that you know how to write a cover letter, learn how to finish an email in an amazing way to communicate not only with friends but also your co-workers.