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YouTube is one of the top sites in the world, and video content is increasingly popular. But how do you balance this with common connection problems in many places? YouTube Go is the new solution you need to know.

How many times have you accessed YouTube today? For many people, the largest video site in the world is so integrated into the routine that a browser tab is dedicated to it, all the time.

But, even if you’re not that much of a fan, for sure, you still regularly use the portal to find videos of the most varied types.

Whether you use YouTube to view culinary recipes or access classes on Digital Marketing, the fact is that the site has changed the way you consume online content.

But doing it on the street or in places where the internet connection is poor can be quite a challenge. At times, it seems that this happens just when you need it most.

If that happens to you, know that those days are over. A new app has arrived in London: YouTube Go. Understand in depth how it works and what benefits it can bring to your Android device!

What is YouTube Go?

YouTube Go is a most economical and lightest version of the YouTube app, which brings a series of benefits to users, mainly related to data economy.

The application was launched at the end of 2016 in emerging markets that had problems with internet connection, such as India.

In London, it officially started operating in February 2018, after a short period of testing here. The staged rollout shows two important factors:

  1. The product meets a real need of a good part of the users, to justify a different version of the application;
  2. YouTube Go has been refined for a long time, so you can expect security and stability when using it.

Unfortunately, it was not made available to anyone who has devices that run on the iOS operating system and others. So far, the app is only available for Android devices.

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What are the benefits of YouTube Go over the standard version of the app?

If you have an Android device, or if the application is expected to be released soon for iOS, it’s good to know what are some of the advantages it brings, isn’t it? We can talk about at least 3 of them. The biggest focus is on the economy, as you will see.

Space saving on device

Instead of needing an app just to download your favorite videos from YouTube and, perhaps, yet another app to view them with quality, you have everything in the same place.

Like this, saves space and, in addition, manages to maintain a better organization of your library for concentrating all the videos in one place, with the same player.

In addition, you can still know how much space is available on the device before downloading any video, which helps you keep track and know when it’s worth letting content pass.

Youtube Go download video

Greater control over data usage

The use of data is another concern that led the company (which belongs to Google) to decide to launch Go in emerging markets.

Even with the advancement of digital transformation, this is still a reality in which many people have limited internet and need to save as much of their data franchises as possible.

Since YouTube Go allows you to download videos for offline consumption, this means that you you won’t need to spend another megabyte of your internet on it.

And between us: everyone knows that video content consumes bandwidth faster than almost any other media format.

As icing on the cake, know that you can also share the videos you’ve downloaded without using data. How? Just turn on Bluetooth and send to anyone you want, efficiently and economically.

Download videos directly from the app

Yes, this has already been mentioned here, but it is a benefit so cool that it is worth mentioning as a separate advantage. How many times have you seen content so cool that you wanted to download it right away and leave it in your library offline?

To do this in the conventional app, or even in the web version, it is necessary to use external tools, such as applications and plugins.

Not now. Just press a button and download whatever you want, as long as your device’s internal space allows.

What are the limitations of YouTube Go that you should know before downloading?

Before downloading the new version for testing or even exchanging your current application for it, it is worth knowing more about how YouTube Go works.

Right away, it’s the same app you’re used to, but with an even more intuitive interface and with fewer resources. For those who don’t use most of the features, this may even be a good thing.

On the other hand, this means that you will also encounter some limitations. See what they are and if it’s worth it to save space and save data on your device.

Blocking for downloading certain videos

The first problem for those who use YouTube Go is that not all content is available for download.

Before you complain, see how the measure makes sense: YouTube wants to protect the copyright of its creators. So, it is natural that it does not allow downloads of material whose rights could be used beyond what its producers would like.

In addition, the company recently launched the YouTube Music, music streaming service to compete with Spotify and the like. So that Go doesn’t cannibalize the new initiative, there is this block.

Just a detail: not all songs are blocked, but you will need to find out one by one which ones are available for download.

Ad delivery

Yes, YouTube Go still needs to pay the bills, so if your hope was to watch your videos without bothering with ads on YouTube, forget it.

This privilege is reserved for the Red, paid model of the service (there are many versions, we know that). Even if you download content, you will also download advertising that was scheduled to appear on it.

Smaller amount of resources

You cannot expect an economical version of the application and imagine that all resources would be maintained.

The app’s own interface already makes it clear that you will have the essentials to consume content economically. Unfortunately, this involves sacrificing some other aspects of the online experience, which remains more complete.

Youtube Go homepage

Besides that, Go has exclusive features to make it very simple and comfortable to use without internet. Adding these features without removing anything from the already known app would make the app too heavy. The result could be a slow service, full of problems and that would not please anyone.

How to use YouTube Go to promote your business?

If you follow the marketing landscape, you know that videos are the future for those who want to attract and retain more customers using the internet.

But can YouTube Go be used in any way in video marketing strategies to increase your exposure and strengthen your business?

The answer is yes! Of course, you need to create a YouTube channel first.

By the way, here’s something you don’t know yet: for Go users to download a video, the content cannot be blocked by copyright. That is, when producing your videos, remember to leave the download free.

Thus, you will allow anyone using YouTube Go to download your content to watch offline. It’s a simple but powerful practice that can differentiate your business from competitors who don’t know it.

How to download the YouTube Go app on your Android device?

If you were interested in YouTube Go and were excited to download it, know that the whole process is very simple. First of all, just access the YouTube Go link on the Play Store and download the app for free.

After that, you can sign in with the account you already have on Google. The application already displays your registered e-mails on the device and you can choose which one you want to connect with.

In the YouTube Go interface, you can see your subscriptions (no need to reconfigure the app from scratch) and you will find only two options:

  • start: just like in the other app and on the website, it shows the main page;
  • saved: shows your library of downloaded videos, which can be accessed offline.

Besides that, when clicking on a video, it does not start playing immediately. Instead, you’ll see a small preview, in addition to relevant information, such as:

  • space available on your device, if you want to download it;
  • qualities available for the video, as well as the weight of each;
  • two buttons: one to watch the video on the spot and another to download it and view the content later.

YouTube Go is a lighter and more economical version of the main app that we’ve all used and are used to. It has some limitations that you must take into account before deciding whether to change or not. One thing is certain: the launch of Go only proves that the videos are here to stay.

Since it’s like that, you want to get into the video marketing game to win, right? So, learn now how to create a complete YouTube marketing strategy!

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