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The alternatives to MailChimp serve different companies, with different realities. They are solutions capable of delivering the same functionality, with lower prices and less impact for small and medium-sized companies. If the tool has become limited to your scalability needs and goals, this post is for you!

An email marketing strategy can bring good results to your company, especially in efforts to nurture your leads. For this, specialized software is essential and, although it is the most traditional, it has increasingly increased the search for alternatives to MailChimp.

The reason is simple: costs and breadth of functionality do not always meet the reality of every company. A management, production and automation solution for triggering emails should be efficient within what the marketing need, fulfilling some basic requirements of the strategy.

If MailChimp no longer serves your company as it should and has a very high cost, looking for alternatives is the best way out. Looking for suggestions? We have a few to follow. Check out!

MailChimp, its features and when it is no longer the best option

It is undeniable that MailChimp is one of the most interesting email marketing automation tools on the market and, at some point, it may have already been useful for you.

Practical, with a very simple interface and good features, it is indispensable for beginners. Every company practically starts its email marketing strategy with this solution, but the trend is to increase the volume of demand.

In its free version, MailChimp allows you to trigger up to 12 thousand free emails per month, for a base of up to 2 thousand contacts. In addition, the solution also supports different message design templates, automates triggering for different segmentation lists, and other extremely useful features.

However, companies with greater needs cannot scale with the free version of MailChimp. The larger the base of contacts and the need to send emails per month, the greater the cost of the tool in the paid version. In addition, MaiChimp recently started to pay some of its features that, in the past, were free.

These changes served to turn on the warning signal for digital marketers. After all, until when is it really interesting to depend on a great but limited tool? If your business has grown and has specific needs regarding email marketing strategies, perhaps MailChimp will no longer be able to deliver full effectiveness.

What to consider when thinking about an alternative to MailChimp

The possible alternatives to MailChimp will be found in abundance in the market, after all, email marketing is a very recurring and important strategy. However, before choosing the best solution, considering some minimum requirements allows for a correct decision.

When considering mainly the functionalities, this solution must meet the customer’s needs, within their basic demands and the reality of their activity.

In addition, there are other more general points, but they are equally important for the best use of the solution. Below you will learn about some of them and better understand why it is essential to evaluate these requirements. See what they are!

Competitive price

Cost is the first point to assess when looking for alternatives to MailChimp. As much as these values ​​vary according to the use and the range of features, there are always more accessible alternatives.

This ensures that the company will have a quality platform that meets its demands and is within the financial reality of the business.

Positive user feedback

It is always very important to research users who use this solution. These people are trained to report if the experience is being positive and if the results obtained are within the expected. Listen to as many users as you can, check the ratings on social networks, and then draw your conclusions.

Small and medium business plans

Another very relevant point is regarding plans for smaller companies. It is very common for these platforms to offer cheaper options, always related to proportional use. This adaptation is of great help for small business owners to have competent solutions that fit the marketing budget.

The 10 alternatives to MailChimp

How about checking out some good suggestions for alternatives to MailChimp? Next, check out our list with varied solutions, from some more robust and more costly to those cheaper and considered options with great cost-benefit for beginners.

1. EasySendy Drip

EasySendy Drip is one of the good alternatives that bring a very attractive cost-benefit ratio. In numbers, your $ 14.00 plan allows you to send 50,000 monthly emails in a mailing of up to 5,000 people. This is a good number for midsize companies, working properly.

As for operation, the platform is very simple and does not have an interface that generates any kind of doubts or complications. Among its outstanding features, EasySendy Drip has integration with Amazon SES, Send Grid and MailGun.

2. Mailerlite

With extensive feedback from large customers, Mailerlite is a tool that surprises you all the time, starting with values. Your solution for up to 5,000 subscribers, with unlimited shots, costs US $ 10.00 per month, while a similar plan is in the $ 50 range at MailChimp.

Prices like this always generate questions, but you don’t have to worry: Mailerlite has a proven efficiency, with good email delivery rates. If you want to test, go ahead! Mailerlite offers a trial period in which you can check email marketing metrics.

3. Campayn

For entrepreneurs who are starting a business now, Campayn is one of the best alternatives to MailChimp. In this case, the search is always the same: a solution that offers a reduced service, but sufficient for the demands and that does all this at very affordable prices.

The values ​​surprise and show how interesting an option is: 20,000 monthly emails for up to 2,000 contacts are simply the settings of the free plan! A business in the beginning will probably suit this very well. If you need more, paid plans start from $ 10.00.

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4. Campaign Monitor

One of the best known alternatives, Campaign Monitor is one of the most popular and versatile email marketing automation solutions. From small to large companies, all are able to use this solution in plans that meet the demand for shots and fit well with financial realities.

On this platform, the user is able to build trigger flows in a simple way, planning newsletters on interfaces in the “click and drag” scheme. The basic plan costs US $ 9.00 and allows up to 2,500 emails to be fired. All of this in a solution that works in the cloud and offers several template options.

5. iContact

Another great alternative for small and medium entrepreneurs, iContact gives support for all phases of an email marketing strategy, such as the development of the flow of shots, the segmentation of the contents, management of mailing and also the realization of A / B tests.

So many features and support, however, make iContact have a slightly higher price than the others in the category: $ 14 monthly for up to 500 users. This cost is worth considering, but users can be sure that the platform is quite complete and affordable.

6. Sendy

Sendy is a practical and very cheap platform. You install on your own server and, from then on, start sending your emails through Amazon SES. The price does not vary according to the number of subscribers in the database and the value is even frightening: $ 1.00 for 10,000 monthly emails.

Usability is great and practical. You paste your message in the Sendy text box, send it to your base, and then you can access all the metrics related to those shots. There are many number options to check and analyze, even if the platform is a little more limited.

7. ConvertKit

If it is necessary to work with emails with greater graphic appeal in your demands, when it comes to design, ConvertKit is one of the best alternatives to MailChimp. Its developers classify the solution as an alternative on the market designed for creative professionals who work in this area.

The cheapest plan is US $ 29.00 per thousand subscribers, thanks to this very specific segmentation for those who will use it. On the other hand, the functionality is very high and helps a lot of people who don’t have so much time to lose developing nutrition flows. With good templates and a practical process, it is possible to segment and shoot in a few minutes.

8. MailPoet

The main highlight of MailPoet is that it is a WordPress plugin. In practice, this means that you can manage email shots from within your website platform dashboard. This brings a lot of practicality and functionality in everyday life, without having to change screens all the time.

In view of this important competitive differential, MailPoet brings values ​​and plan possibilities that are also very interesting and aimed at all types of companies. There is a free plan for 2 thousand subscribers, which makes it even easier to use!

9. AWeber

One of the most faithful alternatives to MailChimp, AWeber is excellent and has all the functionality expected for an email marketing solution. From segmentation to template options, the user lacks nothing – not even the affiliate links, which MailChimp does not allow.

If this is a characteristic of your business, you will certainly be able to enjoy a great competitive advantage and a service totally adapted to your reality. The plans, however, are not among the cheapest: the initial costs $ 19.00 for up to 500 subscribers.

10. TinyLetter

TinyLetter is a subproject of MailChimp and, therefore, works very similar to the solution that gave rise to it. The big difference is that it is completely free. This alone attracts many different realities, especially when it comes to start-ups.

It is not as powerful and does not have such extensive functionality, but it is very competent in what it proposes to do. TinyLetter can even be a good alternative to adapt to the reality of an email solution.

As you saw, there are several alternatives to MailChimp! Each of them has technical differentials and values ​​that generate competitiveness and form an extremely interesting range of options for companies of all sizes.

Now, take advantage and learn how to reactivate your leads through Email Marketing!