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Building customer loyalty and making a brand relevant in the digital landscape should be the goals of any manager today. Thus, thinking about your brand’s communication strategy with consumers is fundamental and, therefore, Brand Voice is a concept that you must pay attention to.

One of the great challenges for companies after globalization and the advancement of technology is to stand out among so many competitors.

Allied to that, the consumer is increasingly demanding and wants to be impacted only by what interests him. Thus, loyalty becomes an even more complex task.

However, there are some strategies that can create a closer relationship between brand and consumer. One of them is Inbound Marketing, which aims to produce relevant content so that the customer sees your company as a reference in the segment.

To make this idea even more efficient, the concept of Brand Voice emerges. Defining a tone of voice to be used by Branding on communication platforms, such as social networks, is a big plus to get even closer to your consumers.

How about, then, knowing more about this concept, how to apply it in your company and its benefits? Follow us!

What is Brand Voice and why is it important?

For the consumer to feel at ease when relating to your brand, it is crucial that you know who you want to impact. Only then, it will be possible to define the correct tone of voice to communicate in a way that strengthens the relationship between your company and the consumer.

This is exactly the meaning of Brand Voice, which is about structuring the way your brand will relate on social networks and other points of contact.

This is also true when we talk about Content Marketing and what will be the style of writing in the blog texts. Thus, the tendency is for increase user engagement and convey your company’s values ​​in a natural way.

All of this contributes to customer loyalty, who will come to understand the behavior of your brand and identify with that type of communication.

It is not by chance that the consumer wants to know the positioning and the values ​​defended by the companies and, without a doubt, this is the best way to meet the demand. By adopting a well-defined type of language and the personality of your brand in the communication channels, the customer gets to know it better.

If Brand Voice is planned correctly, the chances of convincing your customer to trust your organization are greater, as well as sales possibilities.

If you want to make your strategies more accurate and invest your resources better when it comes to Marketing, establishing a Brand Voice makes all the difference. By applying this concept correctly, the benefits for your company will be many and your brand tends to stand out in the digital scene.

What are the benefits of getting your brand voice right?

Creating a voice for your brand is a need whose importance grows every day. So that you do not think twice before producing your company’s Brand Voice, we have separated some of the benefits below by agreeing on the type of communication you will maintain with the consumer!

Differentiation of the brand in the market

The popularity of tools and strategies grows all the time and, therefore, standing out in the market is also more difficult.

No wonder, the Content Trends 2019 survey shows that strengthening brand recognition (72.5%) and generating engagement (68.6%) are the main objectives of those who apply Content Marketing strategies.

With the correct application of a Brand Voice, you start to stand out in the eyes of the customer, with your own and exclusive communication. As a result, a language style that fits what the consumer is looking for will make your brand more relevant within the market.

More accurate marketing strategies

The form of communication between company and consumers is an increasingly relevant factor. There is no point in producing a blog post without the language being adequate to what the user you want to attract expects.

That’s what happens when you adopt a more relaxed tone of voice if your persona is an experienced lawyer – it won’t work.

By setting a tone of voice for your brand, your communication strategies tend to become more efficient, because you will know exactly how to talk to the consumer, ensuring that the actions will, in fact, be accurate in pursuit of the stipulated objectives.

Increased consumer loyalty

Being sure that the consumer trusts your brand and will always prioritize it, even with so many competitors, is the dream of any manager. With the approach and the establishment of a closer relationship, the customer will feel more comfortable when entrusting their resources to the company.

Thus, the chances of loyalty are greater, with the trust established between the two parties. Content will not just be thrown at consumers, as Brand Voice’s goal is to always offer the best consumer experience.

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What are the most important steps to create the Brand Voice?

Now that you know what Brand Voice is and what are the benefits of applying it to your Digital Marketing strategy, it’s time to put the idea into practice.

In this sense, we have listed the most important steps for you to use the concept correctly and to reap the benefits you have just experienced. Check it out below!

Align with your target audience

The tone of voice and the type of language used in your communication strategy must be aligned with your target audience. After all, you are not going to use the same strategy to relate to a younger audience when trying to talk to managers of multinationals, right?

Define a persona

By analyzing in detail the audience you intend to reach, you will have the necessary information to further improve your knowledge about who you want to impact. When creating a persona, you can further target and customize content production, generating more effective results.

Choose the right communication channels

There is no point in wanting to shoot everywhere when it comes to Digital Marketing strategies. It’s critical that you target your campaigns and actions by defining the right channels to communicate.

A LinkedIn strategy can work better with one audience, while email marketing can be more efficient with another.

Create a tone tone table

Creating a pitch chart to guide your brand’s language style can also be important. Think of three words that represent your company and complete the table with a description of each one – what to do and what not to do. With this, you can always have a reference at hand.

Humanize your brand

Getting the idea that your brand has feelings, values ​​and a type of behavior is very important. Thus, the user starts to identify and recognize in the brands the same characteristics. It is an excellent way to bring the consumer closer to your company.

Use Brand Voice in content production

Then, you need to know how to apply Brand Voice to the content produced by your company. Whether producing content for the blog or communicating on the Instagram page. Adopt the language for the different types of communication you will have with your consumer.

What is the relationship between Brand Persona and Brand Voice?

When we talk about Brand Voice, it is important to complement the strategy with a character that can represent your brand, that is, a Brand Persona. It is a semi-skilled profile that will give your company a “face”, Ensuring that contact with users is made in a more natural and humanized way.

After all, today’s consumer doesn’t just want to buy a service and / or product. He wants to feel valued by brands. By creating a Brand Persona and having a consistent Brand Voice, you facilitate this approach, making the consumer feel comfortable when relating to the company.

Brand Voice is thus an excellent way to make your Inbound Marketing strategies more efficient. By increasing engagement with your consumer and adopting language that matches the profile and behavior of the audience you plan to impact, the tendency is to achieve even better results.

As you already know everything about Brand Voice and we emphasize the importance of combining this concept with that of Brand Persona, how about making your experience even more complete? Just check out our article on the subject and you will better understand the power of personifying your brand values!