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Investing only in evergreen content may not be the key to success. Want to discover new strategies for your blog? Meet the buzz content!

I imagine you’ve heard that you should always prioritize evergreen content. But is this an unquestionable truth?

Evergreen content has unquestionable advantages, but we are always looking for new ways to innovate here at WAU to achieve a steady increase in traffic from the largest digital marketing blog in London.

For that to happen, strategy, involvement and creativity are needed.

In our various attempts to reach a new source of constant traffic, we have discovered a strategy: buzz content.

Buzz content is content that generates high traffic at the time of disclosure, but does not generate organic results in search engines over time.

And then, the question remains: is it really worth investing in buzz content?

Well, I’ll explain everything about it with real numbers from our strategy so that we can reach a conclusion at the end of the text.

What is Buzz Content?

Buzz Content is content produced with the objective of generating buzz around some subject, that is, having people talking about it.

The main characteristic of buzz content is that it is momentary: it explores a current and / or different subject that engages people during a specific period.

The main types of buzz content are:

  • trending topics;
  • humorous;
  • News.

Shall we better understand each of them?

Trending Topics

They are contents that take advantage of a specific subject at a specific time to approach it in a manner relevant to the persona’s niche.

Imagine the launch of a movie or the new season of a series, for example. These events generate great expectations in people.

If the film (or series) is related to your persona’s universe, why not produce content that addresses it from the perspective of your market?

We, for example, have a wonderful Game of Thrones quiz, which links the series (theme of interest to our persona) with marketing! We provoke our persona to respond and discover who she is in the “game of thrones of marketing”.

Game of Thrones Quiz

Every time a new season of the series is released, we post this content on social media and it generates a very good engagement.


The humorous posts bring some subject of the persona’s daily life in a funny and light way, so that she feels represented there.

We all have issues that we talk about every day, including in our job market. Treating these subjects in a different and humorous way generates an identification of people with their content.

An example is our Email Marketing Reactions post. Marketers constantly access our blog and many of them work daily with email marketing and know the difficulties, challenges and achievements that this strategy involves.

By doing this type of post, we managed to gather these feelings, bringing a more relaxed way for the professional to identify with his activities.

Email marketing reactions

These posts also generate positive engagement, bringing traffic to the blog.


News is content aimed at informing your persona about relevant news in the market or concerning subjects that are of interest to her.

As its function is really to bring news, it doesn’t have to be long content: the objective here is to inform subjects that can help you and change your professional routine.

We can bring as an example a news we made about Facebook having limited 17 types of posts to become ads. Many marketers invest in Facebook ads and this news is sure to make a difference in their daily activities.

Thus, with this news, we managed to arouse the interest of these people and, consequently, achieve our goal of generating traffic.

Buzz Content X Evergreen Content

Buzz Content is very interesting for several reasons, but I imagine you might think: but shouldn’t I invest in evergreen content?

The answer is yes, but it can also be depends. Before answering this question, let’s understand the specifics of each one, make a real analysis of the numbers of Content Marketing and, in the end, I present my conclusions.

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content, which we translate into London as perennial content, is content that will always be relevant, because it is a topic that does not lose importance over time and does not face significant seasonality.

An example? Publicity.

Advertising is an area of ​​knowledge, performance and study. It has been a relevant topic for a long time and it will hardly stop being.

So it is very interesting to have posts on evergreen subjects related to your area of ​​expertise.

They will take a long time to rank, but if optimized for SEO, they will get better positions and bring more and more traffic.

Both strategies will have positive points. While evergreen content will be able to bring constant and growing traffic to the strategy, buzz content will generate traffic spikes with the advantage of increasing brand awareness.

Now it’s time to better understand this strategy with real examples from our blog. Come on?

Our experience with news content

In this post I will explore the buzz content mainly addressing news, which was the type of buzz we invested the most here, but the trending topics and humorous posts will also be addressed.

Here at WAU we share our objectives, goals and work in quarters. Thus, in the third quarter of 2017 we produced 21 news items that brought more than 40,000 sessions to our blog.

This is equivalent to an average of our most accessed posts, which are all evergreen content.

Of course, it took 21 stories to bring traffic to a post. In contrast, the news is quickly produced, taking no more than an hour to be on the air.

The main feature of all these news is that they generate traffic spikes, which is exactly the purpose of each one. After all, this type of content has exactly the objective of generating a buzz at the time of its publication.

It is important to note that this is not healthy for the entire content marketing strategy. But, when properly applied, these contents will bring several benefits to your strategy.

Our numbers

Let’s get to it: we brought our numbers up close from the analytics dashboard to show the real results of our news.

News: Accounts verified on WhatsApp: discover this news for your company

Analytics accounts verified on WhatsApp

This news had a total traffic of 1,232 hits. Note that it had a traffic spike at the time of its disclosure and then hardly received any more hits.

News: Facebook will prevent 17 types of ads from seeing Ads: check out which ones

Analytics Facebook limits ads

This news brought almost 9 thousand visits to our blog! And a very interesting factor of it was that it was published on Friday and contributed to one of the best weekends on the blog.

News: Google launches 18 free specializations in London to prepare you for the market

Analytics Google Primer Free Specializations

This news brought almost 32 thousand hits since the day of its publication. It is the only one in this post that I preferred not only to collect the third quarter figures, but of everything, to show more significantly its impact.

Okay, but so what?

These numbers are interesting, but what is the real benefit of them?

Here at WAU we don’t believe in traffic for traffic! All content must have a purpose, so let’s show the main buzz content.

Benefits of investing in Buzz Content (mainly in news)

1. Increase engagement on social networks

The main channel for disseminating buzz content is social networks.

Although email is excellent in many ways, social networks are more immediate and are where, in fact, buzz can be generated, since that is where we find a large volume of people willing to talk about a topic.

The constant production of relevant and attention-grabbing content ends up generating a growing engagement in social.

In our third quarter of 2017 here at WAU, the top 5 engagement posts were all news:

posts with more sharing rock content q3 2017

This is extremely important, as it brings positive impacts to engagement as a whole, that is, it impacts our entire page and makes other posts also receive more clicks and shares.

In addition, this causes the traffic coming to the social media blog to increase more and more.

Social Traffic Analytics

The graph above refers to traffic coming from social networks in the third quarter. The red arrows, which point to traffic spikes, are related to the publication of some type of buzz content.

It is noticeable how this type of content impacts blog traffic, especially when compared to days when there was no publication of buzz content.

2. Generate more traffic

As we have already said, these contents generate traffic spikes that, over time, enhance the acquisition through social and still bring consolidated visits to the blog.

However, it is not just the blog that benefits from this type of content!

Here at WAU, in addition to Content Marketing, we have 4 other blogs: Saia do Lugar, Websites Are Us Community, Websites Are Us Intelligence, Growth Hackers (our channel on Medium) and Content Marketing. In addition to them, we still have several rich materials.

When publishing buzz content, we also generate traffic for these channels, especially when we make a CTA that leads to them.

In the case of rich materials, this can generate several leads of interest, in case they get to download some material.

As an example, take this news that we produced about the verified accounts on WhatsApp.

Our CTA was for a Saia do Lugar post on Marketing on WhatsApp. This resulted in a spike in traffic on this content that positively impacted the blog, see:

leave the place marketing on whatsapp

The next benefits to follow are mainly news.

3. Be a reference

Currently, my main references to know the current market of technology and marketing are:

What we try to do in Content Marketing is also to be a reliable and essential information channel for those who read us.

This is not our main goal! In fact, our blog has the main objective of generating revenue for WAU.

But, within a content marketing strategy, several other points can (and should) be explored.

We need to be concerned with educating the market and offering valuable information. From the moment we realize that our personas are interested in news content in the area, we want to be committed to meeting this demand and consolidating ourselves as a reference in the market.

This still generates a positive view of our brand, since we are bringing relevant, useful and timely content to our persona. Thus, it will increasingly recognize us as a useful and reliable source of information.

4. News can become evergreen content

Many contents that are initially produced as news, for bringing an innovation or a new platform, will be updated to later become a content on that topic.

Got confused? It’s all right! I’ll explain better.

A news initially brings a new fact. We don’t know much about it yet: how it will work, what resources are available, good practices to be applied. We only know of its existence and some more information.

Over time, this novelty becomes used by the market and we can better identify everything about it.

Thus, there is a need to update the post and put everything we know that can help our persona.

A great example of this is our post about Search Console. At first, this content was posted as news to announce that Webmaster Tools had been renamed Google Search Console and would have some news.

Then, with the importance of using this tool in digital marketing and SEO and thinking about the relevance of this topic, we updated the text and produced a complete guide on the tool.

But then it would not be enough to make the guide a while later, instead of publishing the news and updating later?

Well, it can be done and does not bring any problems. But when we publish a news story, we are already ahead in the search engines and are able to rank easier for that topic.

In addition, when that term starts to be more searched, its content will be the most accessed.

After all, is it worth investing in buzz content?

Before answering that question, I need to state that you should invest in evergreen content if you are devising a content marketing strategy.

Evergreen content is who will win leads from SEO-optimized content and allow you to work with them through the sales funnel.

Having that clear, I say that it is very worthwhile to invest also in buzz content.

If you are willing to produce news in your area, address a trending topic or produce fun content about your area, you can reap wonderful results.

As we have already shown, with them you will increase the engagement of your brand in social and bring relevant themes to your persona, with which she can relate.

In addition, you will cause a positive perception of your brand, increase the authority of your blog and generate a considerable volume of traffic.

For this reason, evergreen content and buzz content work very well together and, within the possibilities, use both in your strategy: the first as the foundation and the second as the decoy.

So, prepared to produce content like this to delight and engage your readers?

If you have any questions regarding the strategy, leave your comment and I will be happy to answer it!

Bonus: How to make news?

We talked so much about news in this post that I couldn’t help ending it with a quick tutorial on how to make good news without spending a lot of time!

I am not going to teach you how to make a news professionally and worthy of printing the cover of a newspaper. In that case, it is best to actually take a journalism course.

I’m going to teach what works for us here at WAU to be able to produce so much news content without spending a lot of time and bringing incredible results.

1. Always be attentive

Find the references of your area and follow them on Twitter, access the newsletter and, mainly, access the website every day! So, you will always know the news first hand.

Also, always be on the lookout for what’s new. Often, we notice small changes in social networks, for example, and we can already produce content from that.

2. Find out as much as you can about the news topic

Found a topic that is news? Now is the time to find out everything you can about it.

Find several references, read the official statement of the novelty (whenever we produce a news on Facebook or Instagram, for example, we check if the blog of these networks announced something on the subject), look for tweets from people who have already had access to the novelty, use the novelty if it’s already available to you, anyway: collect as much information as you can.

This is essential for you to write a news item properly and have more control over the subject than anyone else, producing the best possible content on that topic.

3. Produce content by highlighting the most relevant points

The key to a news story is that it shows quickly and easily to readers what is new, why it is important, to whom it will be available, how it can be used and the impacts it can cause.

Of course, you can (and should) highlight other points according to the relevance of each of them, but it is essential that the reader is able to identify what the impact of that novelty on your life.

4. Create a good headline and a good call

A news item, to really bring engagement, needs to have a good title and a good call.

This is because the person will only enter your content if you understand the immediacy of that situation.

Therefore, highlight the main points of the news and make it intrigue the reader, so that he wants to know more about the subject. In addition, it is essential that he understands that this is a novelty and that it demands your attention at that moment.

If possible for you, also create an eye-catching image. You can, for example, use an image related to the theme and apply a Canva filter with “News”, pointing out the importance of that content right away.

5. Promote on social networks

This is the final step, but it is what guarantees that people will find your content, since in that case, they will not search for the subject on Google.

On the contrary, social networks will show the reader the urgency of that theme. And this is how buzz is generated: urgency, novelty and sharing.

If you want to publicize your content with mastery, learn with our ebook: Practical guide for content dissemination.

Practical guide for content dissemination

Very simple, right?

Investing in buzz content is no big deal!

In addition to producing news (which, as you have seen, is very calm), you can encourage your team members to write about topics that they like, relating them to your company’s area of ​​activity, or addressing a recent topic under a different optics.

I hope this content has helped you and inspires you to always innovate and seek new ways to succeed for your blog!

To the next!