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What is reach on Instagram and how to increase the visibility of your posts? In addition to quality content, you can use various features of the platform to increase visits to the profile. Discover the best tactics and see how a good strategy in this social network can boost your business.

Instagram has become a source of entertainment in the lives of thousands of Brazilians, who access the social network every day to create, share and enjoy visual content. Consequently, it has also become a target for companies that want to increase digital visibility.

Nowadays, there are several resources of the platform itself to help the accounts that use it to connect with the public.

Instagram for Business is widely used to generate leads, increase brand value and drive sales. But to extract all this potential, it is necessary to develop a strategy to reach the potential customers of the brand.

Therefore, having a good reach is essential to achieve the goal of making money on Instagram. After all, the more users who know your profile, the greater the number of people interested in your business and your solution.

Want to know the best techniques to gain more views? So come with us!

In this post, you will discover:

What is Instagram reach?

Before starting to talk about strategy, let’s first make clear the concept of this metric.

Reach is the total number of users who viewed your content

That is, the reach metric measures the size of the audience that saw any of your publications on the social network.

These views can be both from an audience that you are not yet connected to and your own network of followers. For that reason, by gaining more followers, you naturally increase the chances of improving reach.

It is important to keep this concept in mind, as it ends up being quite confused with another growth metric on Instagram: impressions.

The same user can have multiple impressions about their content, which would not affect the reach metric. This is because, unlike reach, impressions do not count the number of users. Resuming:

The impression count measures the number of times the content was served

How about a practical example?

Let’s say that during the week, you published some posts and recorded videos. As a result, you have reached the following numbers, which can be accessed in the “Information” option in your account menu.

reach on Instagram

The platform graph showed that, in the last 7 days, its content was viewed by 636 users, but the number of impressions was almost eight times higher! This means that some of these people saw at least one of your posts more than once, either by actively searching for your profile or as a result of the Instagram algorithm.

As in this example, you will notice over time that it is normal for the number of impressions to be much higher than the reach. This difference will be even greater if your posts are frequent, which increases the chance of being seen and shared by your followers.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that these metrics are only available on Instagram for Business. But it is very simple and quick to change your personal profile into a business profile following this step by step.

How to have a good reach on Instagram?

It is no use just creating a profile on the social network and hoping that people will arrive organically without much dedication. You need to know how to attract your audience.

Keeping the strategy constant, you will start to notice the improvement of the reach metric in the short and medium term and, consequently, an impact on your business objective in the long term. But to obtain these results faster, there are some fundamental tactics already used by the top influencers in the network.

In the topics below, we’ve listed the 9 tips you need to know and get started today. Check out!

1. Produce quality content on a recurring basis

Instagram users are always looking for more content to consume and fill their free time. They want to read about their hobbies, learn skills, solve personal and professional problems, overcome challenges and seek entertainment.

For this reason, even with the strong competition from famous profiles, there will always be space for those who understand the public and offer what they need. So, the basic step for a successful strategy is to offer quality content constantly.

You need to be clear who your persona is to create useful content for them. If the content clarifies doubts and resolves some pain, eventually it will produce results in terms of reach. He will be praised, watched, shared, quoted, and will grow his profile.

Good content requires creativity, and good frequency requires planning. To ensure that these two points are adequate, it is useful to use an editorial calendar.

2. Keep Stories always active

Instagram Stories is a resource for posting texts, images and videos that are available for viewing for just one day. It seems little, doesn’t it?

But that is exactly why it is so important to your strategy. As it is a more spontaneous, stripped and temporal type of content, it is the best way to express the brand’s voice. In addition, it ends up helping your brand to connect with the public in a more humane way than feed posts.

This makes your audience more loyal, increases the time your brand is exposed to followers and the chances of the content being forwarded to other users.

The content posted in Stories is located right at the top of the application. Whenever your account has a Story recorded in the last 24 hours, the profile photo receives an attractive colored outline, which ends up increasing the chances of other users clicking on your profile.

In addition, it is possible to separate this type of media by theme and leave them permanently highlighted in your profile. In fact, we’ll talk more about this feature in the next tip!

3. Use the highlights

The highlights of the Stories allow the content already posted in this format to be fixed in the user’s profile. Therefore, stories that have already expired within 24 hours can be retrieved and accessed indefinitely by visitors to your profile.

This is extremely relevant for professional profiles as it helps to provide more details about the products and credibility about the brand. And, of course, it helps improve reach if the content posted is really useful to your potential audience.

For example, if you have a company profile in the field of dentistry, you can create instructional videos teaching the best techniques for brushing and cleaning teeth and their importance.

In addition to attesting to your teaching skills and knowledge as a dentist, your followers can share the content with friends and family on Instagram. Like this, people outside your network will know your profile.

See how it makes sense?

4. Make live streams

Lives are another feature created by Instagram that benefits both users and companies. With it, you can record live videos of up to an hour to discuss something with your followers.

Unlike Stories, which are more one-sided, this video format is highly interactive, as users can post comments that will be seen by you and the rest of the audience. So it’s an excellent way to engage followers to improve branding.

In addition, Lives has a powerful feature to boost reach: it is possible to invite other users to the live conversation.

As such, the broadcast will be notified not only to your followers, but also to all followers of the other account. You can invite, for example, one of your customers to share a story, or call a business partner.

The partnership, in this case, is beneficial for both sides, especially if the companies have similar personas.

That way, your Live will receive many more visitors, who will not only increase your reach but can also become the target audience for any of your paid ads.

In the next topic, we’ll explain this ad tactic a little better to improve reach!

5. Create ads

If your budget is more flexible, it’s interesting to start working with Instagram Ads as well.

To do this, you must already have a Facebook Ads Manager account. On this platform, you will be able to create stories or sponsored posts that will appear to the public you target when creating the campaign. This audience can be personalized based on aspects of their followers or demographic and behavioral data of users.

This way, you will be easily boosting your account reach in the short term and reaching people who are not in your network but could become customers.

In addition, you can create a personalized engagement audience based on the people who watched your video. This includes videos from Feed, Stories or even on Facebook. By using remarketing in this way, you can reach an audience that has had brief contact with your content in the past.

To create a Custom Audience for involvement, access your audiences, click on “Create Audience” and select Custom Audience. As a follower, click on “Involvement” and “Video”.

The manager will then show you content type options, such as “People who have watched at least 10 seconds of your video”, and give you the option to select which videos you want to use.

6. Make use of hashtags

Hashtag (#) is a way to monitor specific expressions or words that have to do with the post.

Using popular hashtags that are related to an event or some social network trend can help your post appear in the “Explore” section of Instagram.

But beware: this feature must be used without exaggeration and strategically so as not to negatively affect the user experience and actually generate results.

7. Learn the best times

Find out which days of the week and times your followers are most active!

To do this, you can access the “Public” section in the “Information” option in your account menu. At the bottom of the page, you can see the average number of times your followers access Instagram on a typical day and the days of the week with the most activity.

Reach on Instagram.

In addition, you can consult our post with the best posting times on social networks to have a parameter on how to organize yourself to improve the reach of publications.

8. Promote the account on other channels

You don’t need to just use the Instagram platform itself to increase visits.

Take advantage of the other social networks your audience uses to recommend that your followers access your content on Instagram. This disclosure can also be made by email, on the company’s website, on your business card or in pamphlets, for example.

The possibilities are endless, just use your creativity to your advantage! You can also encourage people who start to follow your profile using strategies like special promotions and sweepstakes.

9. Fancy in appearance

For being a social focused on visual content, aesthetics is very relevant to the success of an Instagram profile.

Carelessness in appearance can lessen your account’s potential to attract new followers or be recommended by them. Therefore, post quality photos, use creative angles and appropriate image size.

A beautiful layout or a good standardized organization in the feed can attract the attention of your followers, generate more likes, engagement and shares, that is, an engagement that will be positive for the reach of your brand.

In addition, good images and videos attract new followers and stand out in the exploration feed.

How to track Instagram reach?

The only way to know if the tactics you’ve applied are working is to monitor and analyze these metrics regularly. Make constant improvements and try to make changes, then monitor a little more.

During the article, we show some examples of reports that Instagram provides for business profiles. This is where you will follow the reach. Assess the days and weeks that your reach was highest and see which strategy had the most impact.

In addition to the reach metric itself, you should keep an eye out for other Instagram reporting metrics such as number of followers and shares. It is a way of understanding how to improve your posts and give the audience what matters to them.

Don’t forget to leave everything on a spreadsheet or use the tools to keep up with the growth.

The goal of Instagram as an application is to increase users’ usage time more and more, and for this reason, the algorithm will always give visibility to accounts and publications with greater engagement or with more user interactions. Want to know how to take advantage of this idea?

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