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LinkedIn’s Top Voices is a list that shows you the best profiles to follow on the corporate social network. In this article, we’ll show you which names were selected and the reasons why you should follow them right now.

Recently, the Top Voices members of LinkedIn. This list presents the best profiles to follow on the corporate social network.

To define the nominees, LinkedIn followed criteria such as engagement and content quality.

From now on, you will know which names were chosen by the LinkedIn team, in addition to all the information about the award.

Continue reading the article and discover the profiles that are part of the list.

What is LinkedIn’s Top Voices?

Top Voices is an annual list released by LinkedIn. It shows who were the people who stood out on the social network.

The list is a great opportunity for you to meet new people and learn from the best content that is published on the social network.

The Top Voices list is quite diverse. It has professionals from various sectors. Among which: technology, Digital Marketing, Copywriting and Human Resources.

The professionals selected by Top Voices gained prominence through their articles, publications and videos.

Regardless of their area of ​​expertise, everyone has a lot of knowledge to share with users.

So, it is worth following them to learn more about different subjects.

How does LinkedIn’s Top Voices work?

Top Voices shows LinkedIn users what their ideal profiles to follow on the social network.

The list is released every year and uses the LinkedIn algorithm as a basis to find out who were the most engaged people on the social network.

In addition, the LinkedIn team of editors does a manual analysis of the content to assess the quality of the text.

This evaluation format allows the list to be quite varied. To get an idea, you can find professors, Marketing Analysts, entrepreneurs and journalists.

The profiles on the list were able to engage the audience with important and current content.

The topics on career, female leadership and writing tips were one of the most talked about subjects on LinkedIn.

Who are the Brazilians nominated by LinkedIn’s Top Voices?

Now that you know what LinkedIn’s Top Voices is and how it works, how about getting to know the list of the best LinkedIn profiles to follow on the social network?

Come on?

Adelane Rodrigues

The first name on our list is the language consultant, Adelane Rodrigues. She has a Master’s degree in Letters from the Federal University of Piauí.

Rodrigues gained prominence in the list because teaches readers what are the best techniques for improving the writing process.

The language consultant also encourages the participation of her followers with debates about college and the labor market.

Ale Santos

The gamification teacher addresses several interesting subjects on his LinkedIn page.

He talks about the participation of black people in the job market and ideas about the world of hip hop.

Ale Santos is also an expert in Storytelling.

Alice Saved

Another interesting profile on our list is the professor of entrepreneurship at PUC SP, Alice Salvo.

The teacher publishes several articles on the labor market. The most common themes are Startups, entrepreneurship and career.

Alice Salvo initiates interesting discussions such as unemployment in our country and the anxiety crisis.

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Amanda Graciano

She is an Acceleration Manager at Liga Ventures and publishes articles on innovation, entrepreneurship, inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Amanda has already published articles on her page learnings that she acquired as a manager and the difficulty we have in making important decisions in our lives.

Ana Fontes

The President of the Rede Mulher Empreendedora Institute (RME) makes publications on various subjects on her LinkedIn.

It addresses topics such as female leadership, representativeness and gender, entrepreneurship and startups.

One of the most interesting posts by Ana Fontes is the one entitled Wonder Woman: the superheroine who takes care of everything? I do not want.”

In it, it demystifies that old idea that it takes care of all tasks and shows how people can organize their routine in the best way.

The publication had more than 400 likes and almost 50 comments.

Andrea Schwarz

The LinkedIn Top Voices list has one more woman. Andrea Schwarz is the CEO and founder of iigual.

She recounts the backstage of her life as a woman in a wheelchair. In addition, it addresses topics such as inclusion of people with disabilities.

Schwarz has a habit of writing content about the fight for equal rights.

Bruna Cosenza

If you want to learn more about career, human behavior or relationships, we recommend following the profile of Bruna Cosenza.

Cosenza teaches you how to take care of time, how to be a good writer, how to charge yourself less and even how to get on LinkedIn’s Top Voices list.

Diego Cidada

The young Founder of Academia do Universitário publishes in his profile subjects about the relationship between companies and interns.

He addresses themes for college students and shows how organizations must deal with interns on a daily basis.

Cidada posts articles on career planning, home office and organization.

Dimitri Vieira

The next name on the list is the house, Dimitri Vieira.

Websites Are Us’s Digital Marketing analyst joined LinkedIn’s Top Voices list because of shared tips on writing, creativity, personal marketing and career.

Dimitri is also a professor of the Personal Marketing Course on LinkedIn, at the University of Websites Are Us.

Douglas Gomide

Douglas Gomide is the expert on social networks.

It presents the main market trends and what are the most efficient strategies to achieve the goals on social networks.

Elisa Tawil

The founder of Mulheres do Imobiliário addresses issues related to the rise of female leadership and gender equity in the labor market. The articles focus on the real estate sector.

The most interesting thing is that Elisa uses examples from her life to promote conversations on LinkedIn.

Felipe Fialho

Felipe Fialho is a Developer at Cubo Itaú and creator of the Front – End BR.

Fialho talks about career, networking and quality of life. The content is aimed at developers and technology professionals.

Developing also has experiences about his life as a speaker and situations he never imagined he would go through in his history.

Fernando Meligeni

Fernando is a speaker and talks about the sport’s experiences in his life. It shows how physical activities helped with feedback and teamwork.

Geraldo Rufino

Geraldo Rufino is Chairman of the Board at JR Diesel.

Rufino is a former resident of a landfill and shows his followers – always in high spirits – ways to achieve motivation and changes in life.

Junior Borneli

Junior is Founder of StartS. He shares his knowledge of innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and management.

Its contents have a lot of originality and strong opinions on the subjects.

Luana Génot

She is Founder and Executive Director of IDBR.

Luana addresses several issues about diversity. She also tells the backstage of her training on this topic.

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Maira Reis

Maira Reis is Founder of The activist publishes content about best strategies for the LGBT + world.

Its main mission is to make companies create more inclusive environments, preventing LGBTphobia from growing in the corporate market.

Maite Schneider

Maite is CO-founder of Transempregos. It also addresses issues of inclusion and diversity in the labor market.

She disseminates texts with an optimistic tone to inspire others to promote an equal environment in organizations.

Monique Evelle

Evelle publishes articles on innovation, organizational culture and entrepreneurship.

In one of her most recent articles, she shows what she learned about organizational culture from a negative experience in a company.

The content had more than 600 likes and almost 50 comments.

Naiara Bertão

The Valor Investe reporter shares knowledge about women’s empowerment, career for women, entrepreneurship and the universe of startups.

Naiara publishes subjects that directly impact women’s lives, such as Impostor Syndrome, attitudes to improve finances, self-esteem and time management.

Raíra Venturieri

Journalist Raíra Venturieri teaches her followers how to work more efficiently with the home office, how to deal with the difficulties of creative work and what the behind the scenes of content production on the Internet are.

Rodnei Silva

Copywriter specializes in several subjects such as: writing, storytelling, content production.

Rodnei Silva also publishes interesting advice that he received throughout his career.

Rodrigo Focaccio

Rodrigo is a communication and entrepreneurship consultant.

He is quite eclectic about his publications.

To give you an idea, Rodrigo writes about football, art, politics, pop culture and history.

Samuel Gomes

The art director at Agência Responsa shares content about his experiences in the job market as a black and gay man.

In his articles, Samuel teaches how to deal with the frustrations and envy of others, the reality of prejudice and the background of interviews and lectures.

Thiago Romariz

The last name on our list is Thiago Romariz.

He is head of content and public relations at EBANX.

Thiago publishes content about technologies and how these transformations impact our work routine.

The list of Top Voices from LinkedIn it is quite eclectic. There are professionals from various segments.

Diversity is also present with men and women among those selected.

These profiles are worth following, as everyone has a lesson in life.

How to become a LinkedIn Top Voices?

LinkedIn’s Top Voices members have many similar characteristics.

They publish content frequently, address topics that generate debate, participate in conversations with their followers, are original and seek knowledge.

In addition, they are concerned with SEO rules for LinkedIn and the best writing techniques to persuade the audience.

At first glance, these recommendations may seem complicated. But practice makes perfect.

So start posting your ideas on LinkedIn right now. Gradually, you will begin to understand who your persona is and how to relate to followers in the best way.

Now that you know the LinkedIn Top Voices, we recommend following the profiles that were selected by the social network. That way, it will be easier to seek inspiration for the production of content.

If you want to be a LinkedIn Top Voices next year, download our marketing material on LinkedIn and learn how to have a champion profile on this social network.