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If you still have doubts about the importance of Black Friday for the London retail, see the data from E-bit / Nielsen: sales volume in 2017 reached R $ 2.4 billion, which represented a 16% growth in volumes registered in 2016. Organized by Proxy Media, with support from E-Commerce Brasil and […]

If you still have doubts about the importance of Black Friday for the London retail, see the data from E-bit / Nielsen: sales volume in 2017 reached R $ 2.4 billion, which represented a growth of 16% in relation to the volumes registered in 2016.

Organized by Proxy Media, with support from E-Commerce London and ABCOMM, the award involving settlement was born from the creation of the Black Friday platform for Truth, designed to guide consumers in the search for the best purchase conditions during settlement.

We will explain in this post how the mechanics of the platform work, give more details about the Black Friday Truth Award and also present practical tips on how companies can take better advantage of the date. Follow!

What is the Real Black Friday platform?

Created in 2014, the Black Friday for Real platform was born to facilitate the online shopping experience of consumers during the Black Friday period.

At the time, settlement started to gain more strength in London, but there was a problem: the lack of confidence of the London consumer, generated by the non-commitment of e-commerce with the purpose of the event, which is to offer special conditions to customers.

To encourage good practices, Proxy Media created the platform to register companies interested in participating in the event. To participate, they sign a term of agreement, agreeing to:

  • offer real discounts;
  • communicate clearly with the public;
  • provide good service.

In addition to participating in an initiative that aims to honor the event, which is good for the entire e-commerce ecosystem, there is another important advantage for stores: yet another channel for publicizing offers, since the platform sends the selected offers to customers registered on the platform.

And with an important detail, the consumer knows that he is receiving something from a company that, in a way, has already been endorsed, which can be an important differential in a period of so much information about “must-see discounts”.

To increase the participation of the public, who must register on the website to receive offers, forms of incentives were created, such as the drawing of cash prizes that can be used to pay for purchases made during the promotion.

The figures accumulated so far show that the initiative has been successful: in 3 years, more than 300 thousand people have already registered on the platform, which had 1 million hits in the period.

How did the Black Friday Prize for Truth come about?

Based on the good results obtained, in 2017 Proxy Media, with the support of E-Commerce Brasil and ABCOMM, decided to increase the initiative, creating the Black Friday Truth Award.

The objective is to honor companies that have endeavored to comply with good practices, increasingly improving the actions taken during the promotional date.


To better organize the store analysis process, the award has 12 categories:

  • Food and Health;
  • Babies and Toys;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Electronics and Informatics;
  • Home appliances;
  • Sports;
  • Telephony;
  • Fashion;
  • Furniture;
  • Books, films and games;
  • Pharmacies;
  • Travels.

The judgement

The winners are chosen in two phases: a jury formed by professionals indicates the finalists and, from there, the list is submitted to the public vote.

In this case, this jury is invited to evaluation of stores considering price, delivery, service and ease of purchase.

In 2017, 44 stores were nominated and, in the end, 5 companies were honored in each category, at an event that brought together professionals from different areas of the e-commerce segment.

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Truth Black Friday Award: the 2018 edition

For 2018, in its second edition, the Black Friday Truth Award has some news. In addition to the trophies delivered to the most voted stores in each category, one of them will be the big winner, receiving the title of “Best Black Friday in London”.

The date of the event’s party is already set: November 27, just a few days after Black Friday. The idea is that professionals can have a day to celebrate good results and relax after so much work.

Those who work in this area know that preparing for the event requires organization. In fact, this is a keyword to take advantage of the sale potential generated by the sale. We have separated some tips on the subject for the next topic.

How to prepare to sell more on Black Friday?

Plan yourself!

Whoever wants to get ahead of the competition needs to organize in advance, hence the importance of planning.

If we are talking about a period in which people are more likely to buy, such as Black Friday or Christmas, it is important to carefully evaluate all aspects of the business, in order to meet the demands.

This involves a more careful study from the choice of products to be promoted, to the communication part.

Think about it: there is little point in organizing the house for the party if you do not send the invitations on time.

Improvisation does not work well for these situations. Remember that any negotiation with suppliers, for example, can be more successful if they have more time to serve you.

Be transparent

One of consumers’ recurring complaints regarding Black Friday in London refers to misleading advertising. The company makes an offer, but does not clarify the purchase conditions or even tries to deceive the customer.

Don’t fall into that trap. It may be that it gets a sale or another, but strategies of this type do not leave a good “legacy” for the brand, that is, they do not contribute to the strengthening of its reputation.

Analyze in advance what type of product can be used as a decoy, what the best conditions can offer and work to guarantee it.

Take care of the operation

Especially in the case of e-commerce, it is essential that your platform works at 100% of its capacity. For this, perform tests, evaluate access conditions, ensure that you will be able to offer the best possible experience for customers.

The customer service for the period also needs to be properly dimensioned. The consumer will need information, so make sure he has no trouble getting it.

Sale done, do not neglect delivery. This is another recurring problem, so make sure your customers are aware of deadlines and, in case of problems, contact us to let you know.

Monitor everything!

One of the advantages of digital platforms is the possibility to follow everything that happens in the sales process, in real time.

In addition to monitoring everything to avoid possible problems, remember that information about Black Friday can help you develop your future strategies.

Sales in the period are important, but an event of this type can be of great help to those who need to increase the number of customers served by the store and also obtain good results in other e-commerce KPIs.

But this work will only be effective if you can capture the data and, of course, analyze it later, turning the numbers into insights for your Marketing and communication strategies.

It is not every day that we have the chance to increase platform traffic, so this is not an opportunity that can be missed. However, for it to work, be careful, define in advance what you are going to monitor and for what purpose.

For this, do not leave this job for the last hour. The tools need to be tested in advance and it is also necessary to carefully evaluate what type of information will be most relevant for the projects carried out following the event.

How can Black Friday help your business?

Ready to take advantage of Black Friday to boost your business results? Remember that retail offers multiply during the promotional date (good, since that’s the main idea of ​​the event) and that, therefore, it is important to transmit maximum security to the consumer.

When organizing the actions, try to work to solve some recurring doubts on the part of the client: is it an honest company? Is the offer really advantageous? Will I be able to receive the product?

Communication plays an important role in this story, especially if it is worked out in advance and with well-defined objectives. Yes, this is a favorable period for promoting sales, but keep in mind the need to turn the occasional customer into a loyal brand customer.

The person may have searched the store due to a special offer, however, if he knows how to take advantage of the contact, it is possible to establish a more lasting relationship.

One of the merits of the Black Friday Truth Award is precisely this: helping companies to understand how important it is to adopt good practices during the promotion period, since it is from there that brands can work on behalf of their reputation.

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