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ThemeForest is the perfect place to find the template you need for your website, e-commerce or blog. There are themes for every need, while delivering functionality and suitability for an optimized browsing experience.

Developing and managing websites on WordPress is a task that is part of the routine of many Marketing professionals. Among the needs in creating and maintaining a website, its design – that is, the appearance of its interface – is fundamental. For that, finding the right template is a challenge, but the choice can be made easier with the help of Theme Forest.

The ideal theme is one that is able to deliver not only the right and appropriate look to the project, but also one that be functional and favor the browsing experience. There are thousands of alternatives that can make a WordPress site the way you need it, and many of them are available on ThemeForest!

In this post we will talk more about this platform and its offers of templates for websites in WordPress. In the content we will cover the following topics:

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What is ThemeForest and how does it work?

ThemeForest is an online platform that offers thousands of theme options for WordPress and works since 2008. The proposal is to be a real template bank for those who need a new design for a project that will start, or even with the idea of ​​redesigning an existing website / blog.

Simple and practical, ThemeForest offers its website with several category filters, which facilitates the task of finding the appropriate theme. It is important to note that these templates are paid, once the user purchases the package with the code, support and everything that is necessary. However, the values ​​vary, which democratizes the platform a lot.

On the home page, the site says that users can find themes starting at $ 2, however, the first model offers vary a lot, but always starting at $ 19. Of course, anyone looking for a low-cost option can make a more detailed search and with filters that show only templates within this price parameter.

The search for templates

Navigation on the site is very intuitive and simple, just keep an eye on the categories available. When selecting the section of templates for WordPress, the user first finds the division by categories. It separates themes into different classes, such as:

These are just a few of the broad range of topic categorization. The idea of ​​the site is to separate this way just to make it easier for the searcher. For example, whoever wants to find a theme for an e-commerce has their own needs in the template. In this case, it needs specific navigation, that is, it is important that it is functional for the purpose.

ThemeForest also divides its offer into categories such as the best of the week, the most interesting under $ 40, the best selling, on the rise etc. These categories are just highlights shown to facilitate at least the initial search. The thousands of available themes can be deeply explored, just a little patience!

Information about templates

When clicking on each template the user will open the page related to it. It contains all the basic and main information needed to find out about the theme’s features, support validity, user reviews, compatibility with WordPress tools and versions, license value, license extension, among other important data and features.

On the page the user also sees the presentation that the developer made for the theme, showing snapshots of the layout and other relevant information. In practice, when entering this page, it is possible to view everything that is necessary before making the purchase.

What are the best templates found on the site?

The offer of templates for WordPress on ThemeForest is really big and this can generate doubts when choosing the best theme. Naturally, each project has specific needs, especially regarding the purpose.

Regardless of whether it is for a Content Marketing strategy, to build a blog or is an institutional website – something fundamental in any scenario in Digital Marketing – there is always the right template. ThemeForest itself makes selections with the main themes, so it is possible to indicate what is on the rise or what has been selling the most lately.

To help in this choice we have separated 4 themes of the most different styles that can be useful for your strategy. Check out!

Good Space

O Good Space is a template that presents itself as a responsive and minimalist theme, basically. These characteristics justify its success and the indication in this list, since they are widely sought. Minimalism has long been an interface trend sought in web design, while responsiveness is essential to the browsing experience.

The template has some other attractive features, such as the configuration with the click and drag system, making the construction of the pages much easier. In addition, it also features more than 450 sources available to design the site, in addition to already being a model with SEO optimizations. The cost of the regular Good Space license is $ 52.


O template Avada it is nothing less than the best selling option at all times on ThemeForest – and this is already quite a reference to stay tuned!

The main reason for this great adhesion is that Avada was designed to suit any website purpose in WordPress. Therefore, the theme is good for both a blog and an e-commerce, for example.

More than 550 thousand users joined Avada, which has its license for US $ 60, and were able to enjoy some very important benefits for the design of a website such as:

  • intuitive and very visual editor;
  • more than 300 previous page options;
  • SEO optimization;
  • complete responsiveness for access on any platform;
  • 6 premium plugins included;
  • professional support;
  • available in any language.


O Bridge is a template aimed at those who develop works in the field of creativity or need a sophisticated and modern layout. Its appearance adds the main elements and concepts currently used, such as minimalism and the enhancement of blank spaces.

These characteristics make Bridge the ideal choice for design projects, photography, fashion or for brands in general that have this modern approach and that values ​​aesthetics.

The theme is responsive and functional for any purpose, which makes it an even more interesting option. The template costs $ 59 and the optional extended support is $ 17.63.


O Salient it is more of a template in the category of those that allow a choice for various purposes, which makes it versatile and one of the most acclaimed by users. Responsiveness is also another feature, which makes it even more attractive.

In its 11th edition, the theme brings more than 285 possibilities for layouts to develop projects of the most different types.

One of the highlights of Salient is the depth of changes and settings that the theme allows the user. There are more than 525 options, which makes the result of the work satisfactory and personalized. Another highlight is the speed of the sites that use Salient, which directly impacts SEO and favors page ranking.

How to apply ThemeForest templates in WordPress?

When purchased, the template will be available for download. However, you do not download the finished file, since it is in “.zip” format. The installer is WordPress himself, so it is necessary to carry out the process from the panel of the website platform you already use to manage.

Access the WordPress dashboard

The first step is access the WordPress dashboard. There you will find, in the options bar on the left side, the “Appearance” section. When you click, you will be exposed to other sub-sections, one of them being the “Theme”, which is exactly the one you must access to change the template of your website.

Select the new template

In your WordPress templates screen there will be some of the options that are already installed. You need to click on the “+” symbol at the bottom of the page, or on the “Add new” button at the top. This option will open your computer’s traditional file explorer window.

At this point, you need to locate the template file, since you already downloaded it when you made the purchase. This file needs to be extracted and, when this is done, you will certainly find a folder with the template files.

Within it there will be another folder with the name of the template in the extension “.zip”, this being the file that must be selected to proceed with the installation. At the end, just click on “Activate” and the process is complete. The name of the template will now appear in the WordPress sidebar.

Developing websites is a challenge that needs to be faced thinking about what is important to the user who will access it.

More than an inviting appearance, it is important that the chosen template is designed to add more functionality and preserve the browsing experience. ThemeForest is the right place to find options that are right for those needs!

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