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The highlights of Stories help to fix important information and records for those who follow the profile. The better the use of this resource, the more engagement can be obtained. By the end of this post, you will know how to do this, in addition to knowing the advantages and brands that make good use of the resource!

Instagram brings new functionality every day to make the user experience richer and more productive for both ordinary users and businesses.

The highlights of Stories were one of those last changes and are already a success among those who use the platform, thanks to the strategic possibilities that the functionality provides.

The function is not limited to large accounts, which is a very interesting advantage for users who have a social pastime in the app.

Even for these people, using the tool can be really cool to highlight remarkable moments in everyday life or even specific events. For companies, the highlights are even more strategic in communicating with the public.

In this post, we’ll show you how this feature can be used! Better understand how the highlights of Stories work, what their advantages are and how companies can take advantage of their full potential!

What are the highlights of Stories?

Instagram Stories is nothing new for those who are already used to the social network, being a high consumption model. What was a feature today is an increasingly concrete option for sharing content.

In figures, it is possible to understand this better: about 300 million users post videos and photos that last 24 hours.

Given these results, Instagram has developed a way to increase the duration and engagement of this content, even making them last the same time.

The highlight of Stories allows the media already posted in this model to be fixed in the user’s profile. Therefore, stories that have already passed the 24 hours can be retrieved and posted permanently.

The concept for the average user

This was the solution that Instagram found to make temporary posts more relevant, without them being lost by users after one day.

For ordinary users this means redeeming that photo or video that looks really cool and needs to last more than 24 hours.

Another point considered by Instagram is the original concept of Stories, which proposes to record important moments, but that are not necessarily posted on the profile.

The highlight provides the chance to highlight which moments were important and deserve special attention, like the records of a trip or that unforgettable show!

The impact generated for companies

Companies already have Stories as an important element of their marketing strategy, promoting more intimate moments and using this area for CTAs.

The highlights of Stories appear as a new field of information fixation, being an extension of the bio, but with another level of data richness.

When it comes to a professional profile, this functionality gains even more importance, as long as it is used in the best possible way.

In practice, using this feature represents a stronger relationship between the brand and the public, with the enhancement of information, highlighting products and other data that are of strategic importance.

What are the advantages of this functionality?

Stories Highlights

The highlights of Stories quickly became a very important strategic resource for companies. The space is highlighted just below the page bio, which reinforces the visibility of these records.

Combining this positioning with the fact that the consumption of stories has grown a lot, commercial profiles have a great way to communicate with your audience!

Next, see what the advantages are and how brands can use this feature to put communication and marketing strategies into practice!

Highlight company information

The highlights of Stories can serve as a great place to give more information about the company, functioning as the “About”That most institutional websites have.

There, the company can position the data it wants, from a text that speaks more about the business activities to those that are more specific, such as address and other contact information.

In addition to these more basic indications, specific information about the company’s functioning can be shared.

A good way to use highlights is as a real message board about business activities, always with information that is really relevant to the public.

Will your company operate at different times of the holiday? Make a story about it and leave it in the profile highlights!

Show products, catalogs and menus

The highlight is also widely used to highlight the company’s products and services, something always sought by the user who follows the commercial profiles.

One of the most strategic examples of use is restaurants and food delivery shops. The highlights of Stories serve as real menus of the establishments, informing the prices of each item that the house serves.

This proposed use caters for businesses of all kinds, such as fashion retailers. Highlights can be created with the brand’s entire winter collection, for example.

At WAU’s Instagram we use it to publicize new offers, content Marketing tips, brand news and the Digital Marketing universe.

Instagram Stories

Thus, in a prominent session, the user can check all the pieces in the collection. It is also possible to include links in these stories, directing to e-commerce.

Highlight testimonials and feedbacks

Evaluations are of great importance nowadays, being a basis of consultation for any user who buys online or researches a business.

For companies, making use of these positive assessments is show the public why they should trust your services or products. When using highlights, these feedbacks are in a place of good visibility for new visitors.

With each new positive evaluation, the story evaluation session can be updated, generating even more material to confirm the company’s credibility.

Show campaigns and actions

Advertising campaigns are important communication and engagement resources for brands. The actions taken on Instagram have gained momentum and many of them are shared by stories.

This is a very positive strategy with great results, since the number of users who consume the media in this session grows every day. The company can run the campaign and keep it on your profile!

When using Stories highlight, videos and posts of the action are saved and can be accessed at any time by new visitors.

If it’s a campaign using a hashtag, for example, in stories, there may be a monitoring how this action is taking place, thanks to the possibility to update the featured session whenever new content is posted.

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Offer tutorials on products and services

Many companies also have in their activities the need to educate the public on how to use their solutions.

It is like the good old instruction manual, however, fully adapted to the era of digital transformation. Stories can be made in tutorial formats, in explanatory videos or any other type of material that has the idea of educate the public about a product.

Once recorded or photographed, these tutorials no longer need to be lost and can now be permanently featured.

It is enough for the company to indicate a specific session for this and, whenever necessary, it can remind its followers that there is a highlight only with the function of being this tutorial or a digital instruction manual.

How to highlight stories?

Selecting Stories highlights is very easy and anyone can do it. There are basically two ways to achieve this, the first being directly from your current stories, that is, posted in the last 24 hours. Another possibility is to access your recent media history.

Highlighting what is currently active

  • open the story and click highlight (heart icon);
  • click “+” to create a new session or select an existing one in which the story will be highlighted.

Creating new highlights from your history

To do this, just go to the main profile page and click on the “+” icon, with the rating “New”. Your latest stories will appear, and then you can select which ones will enter the new featured session.

Making covers for highlights

If you have already tested our instructions for creating a new highlight, you may have seen that it is possible to create covers to insert in sessions. This is essential to attract attention and give a more professional look to the page, especially when they are company profiles.

One of the most common ways to use highlights is generate small layouts with minimalist icons related to the theme of that session.

The best tool for doing this is Canva. There, you get a great selection of these icons, being able to choose the institutional color of the company for the background of this layout.

However, it is possible to use the company’s brand or any other type of image. If this is your option, do not forget to develop in the required image format for this space: 1080 x 1920 px.

Which brands make good use of this feature?

Companies from different segments have already used Stories highlights to communicate with their audience. Some use it in a way that deserves more attention and can inspire you to use the same sessions, highlighting important information.

Also, note the icons they use on the covers of the highlights. This has a lot of impact on the reader and makes a difference to win their attention. Want a tip from who to check? So, be sure to take a look at the stories of these companies:

  • Starbucks Brasil: focus on new stores and its menu;
  • Nike: videos from your featured campaigns;
  • Apple: mini-documentaries filmed with the brand’s cell phone cameras.

With creativity and a good strategic use, the highlights of Stories can yield interesting and informative sessions for your audience! You now know more about this functionality and are ready to use it in your business.

Enjoy and learn more with our complete marketing ebook on Instagram Stories!