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What to look for in a work phone / computer is always a question of who is about to make the purchase. This decision depends on factors ranging from performance geared to the segment in which it operates to the cost-benefit involved.

The search for new support tools in everyday life always raises the basic question: what to look for in a cell phone / work computer?

These are, basically, the most common electronics to the routine in the age of digital transformation and provide support for different tasks, regardless of the activity performed.

However, to be really useful at work, cell phones and computers need to meet some basic requirements.

Cost-benefit, no doubt, should be the basis for that choice! The amount you pay must be fair and compatible with the features available on these two devices.

In addition to the price within your reality, there are many other functions, qualities and specific features that will be most useful for different segments in your work area.

The purpose of this content is to help you choose the best phone and computer for work! We will show you what you should consider before choosing each one. Check out!

The ideal computer for your needs

The computer has been the main working tool of modern working models for some decades. It does not matter your professional activity, whether it is marketing, sales or finance: it will always be useful in any demand.

For some areas, the computer needs to be used only for management tasks, that is, running work systems, varied software and making other simple demands, such as texts and access to emails.

On the other hand, there are activities in which the computer is much more required and, without it, it is impossible to even start the day’s tasks.

For workers in more technical areas, the machines need to be powerful and prepared for the activity, as in design and audiovisual. Those who work in these areas know that the investment is greater, since performance is very demanding.

The choice of a suitable computer involves first understanding what your need is in relation to the use of the machine in your daily work. Are you going to run high-performance, machine-demanding software? If so, your search is more technical and specific.

Now, if your usage routine is more basic, the focus will be on an efficient computer that does the job, without exaggeration.

To guide your choice, check out some topics that will guide your decisions! They will propose reflections and the best direction in the evaluation of each characteristic that you need to consider.

The choice between desktop or notebook

This is always a very important choice, but today, it is no longer related to performance. It is possible to find extremely powerful notebooks, even in a much smaller physical structure.

The question is really the size and mobility that each type of machine allows, and how it impacts the professional’s routine. After all, you will need this computer in the office or at home.

For remote workers who like freedom, a notebook can be a good alternative. Thus, it is possible to work from anywhere without losing mobility.

The desktop is a good option if the computer is used only in the office. Still, it is important to consider whether you adapt to a notebook for more technical activities that require a larger screen and a different level of comfort.

The need for computer performance

Performance is one of the main characteristics when it comes to what to look for in a cell / work computer. The demand for fast machines is unanimous, capable of running basic day-to-day software and never let you down, but there are different types of work and each requires a level of performance.

What are your most common tasks? If you only read and write emails and documents, operate on basic management systems, and surf the internet and social networks, a mediocre computer is enough. This will have a lesser impact on the cost you will pay for it.

If you work on more complex activities that require more of the machine, do not hesitate to consider alternatives that are powerful enough, even if this represents a larger investment.

The important thing is that your choice of computer is completely adequate to what you need, delivering the expected performance.

The cost-benefit

Prepare the pocket for the necessary investment! You do not need and should not seek the most expensive option on the market, hoping that it will bring you the best option.

Your decision needs to be balanced and compatible with both your needs and your finances. Think about a choice that results in a good cost-benefit ratio, that is, that comes out at an interesting value when you purchase it.

Always list basic points, such as performance, design, everyday utility, quality and functionality. Given these bases, look for a computer that can deliver all or most of these features for the most interesting price possible.

This analysis will ensure that you choose a computer at a fair price, that is, not too expensive being the best on the market, not too cheap and below what you need. Cost-effectiveness values ​​a purchase where the value justifies what you have in return.

The best computers at the moment

How about checking out some of the best work computer options available on the market today? Among the different options you can consider, the main ones are:

  • Samsung Essentials E30: interesting cost-benefit for those working with more basic systems and tasks;
  • Dell i1567: powerful, this is an alternative for programmers and IT professionals who need more performance;
  • Lenovo Ideapad 330: ideal for those who work with audiovisual and need power on the video card;
  • MacBook Pro Retina 13 ”: champion in performance, this machine is for years of excellent performance for any type of professional activity.

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The best cell phone choice for your daily work

When looking for what to look for in a cell / work computer, for sure, you thought about a powerful and modern smartphone, right?

Cell phones are excellent tools for professional support in different operating segments today. Of course, you will not use a cell phone to edit a large and complex video, much less to program an application. Still, smartphones offer a number of possibilities.

From emails, with fast support to respond to demands, even the access of systems that have versions in applications, the devices can and must play an important role in professional routine.

They are the best solution for the daily routine where the worker is always on the move.

Another type of use of great importance today is social networks. Companies have their Digital Marketing strategies increasingly linked to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or actions to gain followers on Instagram.

Having a cell phone capable of meeting these demands makes all the difference. What to know what to look for in him? Check it out below!

The cost-benefit

Here, the same basis of thought holds. Cost-effectiveness is one of the main points about what to look for in a cell phone / work computer. You need the smartphone that brings together the most important features for your daily life and that has the most interesting price.

It is worth mentioning the extra attention you should have with cell phones! The smartphone market brings news all the time, but they do not always represent real concrete advances to your needs. Stay tuned to the specifications and don’t get carried away just by advertising.

Performance on common tasks

Today, a smartphone needs to have enough to not let you down on a performance level. Reading emails, accessing basic applications and business systems, conducting surveys, and replying to messages are some of the most basic tasks.

If the device cannot deliver this at a high level, disregard the possibility that it is your choice for the job. There are different options on the market and, of course, each has a focus. See which device is developed with a greater appeal for your type of activity.

Some work almost like notebooks, and this can be interesting when it comes to performance. However, if you work with media and fanpage, your focus is different and your search is for different characteristics on the smartphone.

Quality when producing audiovisual content

The new phones have powerful cameras that replace even professional equipment.

High resolution photos and 4K videos these are some of the characteristics that are extremely valuable for those who work with visual content or manage corporate social media accounts. Good cameras make all the difference and guarantee a phone with outstanding performance at a professional level.

If you need to make stories for Instagram, for example, your choice should be for a device that has a high performance camera.

The same goes for when your clients’ or even your company’s accounts need to be updated daily with photos and video records. In this case, look for devices that have a greater focus on this line.

The best choices of the moment

The smartphone options on the market are really many, but we have separated some of the best ones for different proposals below:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9: the best in the market when it comes to everyday corporate work, working like a real computer, with excellent performance;
  • Asus Zenfone 5 Pro: great cost-benefit ratio that serves very well both in terms of performance for corporate tasks and quality in audiovisual cameras;
  • iPhone 8 Plus: with more attractive price in 2019, the 8 Plus has a very high performance camera, good processor and a prominent screen. It is the best alternative also in cost-benefit, since Apple’s Generation X is still very expensive and little ahead in performance.

Now you know what to look for in a work phone / computer! Always focus on delivering performance in relation to your work reality and value a choice based on cost-effectiveness. This will guarantee a successful acquisition that will be justified in the long run!

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