Find out which are the 12 best website creators on the market – WAU

Until recently, anyone wishing to have a website needed help from people with specific knowledge and could pay a high price for the service. Today, website creators provide everything you need to get your page up and running more easily and with excellent value for money!

Finding good website creators can be a challenge today, not because of the scarcity or lack of quality, but precisely because the options for good services are wide.

What makes the difference in this choice is knowing which of these tools will actually deliver what your business needs. Among the different types of sites, certain creators offer more specialized support.

Institutional websites, blogs and e-commerces are the main formats and, for each of them, there are specific requirements. The creators help to, in addition to developing the page, configure them so that they are synchronized with automation tools and other important services.

That makes the routine of management and operation of the sites to be optimized according to the demands of business.

In the midst of this scenario, we separated some of the best options on the market among website creators. Continue reading to meet them!

1. WAU Stage

rock stage

With the Websites Are Us brand seal, WAU Stage is the company’s website creation solution. So, you can already imagine how much its configuration options are totally result oriented, right?

Digital Marketing is one of the focuses, ensuring that the customer has access to the main metrics they need to increasingly optimize the work on their website.

The focus of WAU Stage is to help companies develop standardized blogs, with an inviting interface and fully adapted to the standards of IF THE ideals.

It works on WordPress, which ensures simplified configuration, operation and monitoring in everyday life. An attraction strategy has everything to bring great results with the use of this creator.

WAU Stage is a complete platform, also hosting blogs. In addition to the basic functionalities, you will find conversion plugins that help to optimize the entry of leads, making them generate results within the Inbound Marketing strategy of your business.


It is common, at least in the beginning, to look for website creators that have a free version. This period allows for testing or prolonged use for those starting a business. goes against that, but don’t think it’s a bad thing. While it does not have a free version, it is concerned with being a website creator with one of the best prices possible.

Of course, the low cost also limits some of its functions. What is clear is that is an alternative for those at the beginning of a project.

Because it is cheaper, some limitations are imposed, such as a maximum of five pages in the economic value plan. In addition, the website builder does not allow ads to be served.

So for companies or projects that don’t need anything as complex, or are just starting out, works very well.

With him, you can have your own domain with a URL and a very attractive website, all with the possibility of creating pages through WordPress.

3. Mozello


A small company, but that manages to deliver competent website creation services, in different languages ​​and best of all: free of charge.

Mozello is still little known, but due to this free advantage, it is increasingly being a choice. For blog and e-commerce projects it serves well, even with its limitations.

Of course, there are ads, which guarantees to offer website creators free of charge, but even in that Mozello stands out.

The advertising in question is limited to a link about the company, positioned at the bottom of the pages. Discreet, his presence does not convey an idea of ​​something unprofessional to the user who accesses it.

In addition to the basics of website creation, Mozello offers some good options for SEO settings and also a 500 MB space for free storage.

4. Gator by HostGator

Gator by HostGator

The name HostGator is very common for those who have already sought hosting for websites or even have already been informed about the subject.

One of the largest companies in the world in the segment, a great reference, it also operates with website creation tools, in this case, Gator.

If you need a complete platform that allows depth and detail when bringing medium-sized projects to life, certainly, Gator will meet all expectations and needs.

The platform works in a PaaS system, that is, all online, which guarantees frequent updates, avoiding any problem with your website.

As for functionalities, Gator has a simple and intuitive interface so that you can create your website without any difficulties. The customization of more than 200 theme designs can be done by anyone.

Gator, however, does not have free options. You pay for the service, but you have great configuration options and complete customization.

5. Wix


For sure, you already know Wix, since the company invests heavily in advertising, even on TV.

If you’ve ever thought about how to create a website, research has already taken you to Wix. It is one of the main website creators in the market, with users who choose it for different reasons.

The main attraction of Wix is ​​its ease to create a website in a short time and with a beautiful and functional interface. It has a huge selection of themes and images that you can choose for your project.

These options ensure that you create an interesting user interface, especially, well aligned with your company. Configuring each of these templates is very easy, since everything is done in the “click and drag” style.

You can also install a series of applications on your website, all with interesting functions for managing your project. They help to make the site administration routine easier and more optimized.

The best option to use Wix is ​​to have a paid plan, since the free one does not allow you to have your own URL, in addition to having very visible advertising.

6. Webnode


Another great low-cost alternative, the Webnode website creator is not yet as popular, but it can be an interesting choice for smaller projects.

The intention is to help small businesses have access to a tool with great themes that work well, but without having a major impact on the marketing budget.

Despite its lower and cheaper plan, Webnode also has its free version, this much more restricted and with advertising.

Those who start with the free license can upgrade and gain all the features that are in the contracted plan.

With the paid plan, it is also possible to have your URL personalized, something that makes a difference in the professionalism of your website.

One of the cons of using Webnode is the lack of configuration and optimization options for e-commerce. It also leaves something to be desired in the details of SEO aimed at blogging, which practically limits its use for institutional sites.

Still, there are good templates to choose from, all designed for easy navigation and suitable for mobile.

7. Weebly


Weebly is among the category of website creators who value ease when starting their new project.

Especially if you want to develop your e-commerce, these features are even more practical and intuitive.

The idea is that, with its internal guide, the user can create your electronic store quickly and start your activities.

On Weebly you can find some plans, including the business version, the most suitable for those who want to use the platform for an e-commerce.

As much as it is a little more expensive, in addition to having more resources, it also does not impact the value of sales. In a normal account, there is a 3% fee for each transaction made on the website.

Overall, we can place Weebly among the best website creators today. Its template options are wide and easy to configure.

The tool also has the App Center, where you can download functionality and site administration applications. If you need changes in SEO, they are easily made within the operation.

8. Uol Host

Uol Host

National and with a great seal, UOL Host is one of the most relevant national website creators that are worth betting on.

Its entire operating structure has Yola as its starting point, a tool that follows the main ranking parameters that Google currently uses.

Thus, creating your website with UOL Host is a guarantee of SEO adjustments.

What stands out most at UOL Host are its services linked to the paid account, but with a focus on institutional sites.

The subscriber can use up to five e-mail accounts, each with 12 GB of cash, something that is very relevant.

Another important point is the 24-hour support offered on several channels. For large sites, having a guaranteed service makes all the difference.

However, if you intend to create a blog or an online store, the UOL Host website creator is not the most recommended. The tool’s focus is really on the simplest sites, which can be used by companies in the presentation proposal, that is, institutional.

However, despite this limitation, the product sold is very competent and useful.

9. Shopify


Another giant among website builders, O Shopify is a leader when it comes to e-commerce. Electronic stores always opt for the resources of this company, since it worked to specialize in the category.

If you usually buy online, you must have already made a transaction on this platform, since it has more than 1 million active users.

All online, the Shopify tool is complete and allows you to create your product inventory, always with detailed catalog options.

You also get access to the sales metrics for each item, understanding the level of sales and visualization of each item in a simple way.

In addition, there are great design options to give your company the face of the online store!

One point that can scare you is the prices. As a leader in the e-commerce segment, the values ​​are higher than those of competitors.

However, if you need a large online store, with ample inventory and working well, Shopify is a must.

By using it, you can also activate Shopify Payments to receive sales for your online store!

10. SiteBuilder


Do you need your website as soon as possible and do not want to have to break your head to bring it to life?

SiteBuilder follows this line: easy operation and result in a short time! The best part is that it serves any project, whether institutional, blog or even e-commerce.

Any attractive and easy to navigate online environment can be built without any difficulty.

In the “click and drag” scheme, it is possible to choose the different themes, buttons and any other visual resource to enhance the design of the pages.

There are great templates that can make this job a lot faster and give your site a “face”. You don’t have to worry about navigation, as any model you choose is designed to be responsive.

Once created, your website has a lot to show for the important metrics on SEO and Digital Marketing.

SiteBuilder does not fail in that sense, bringing a panel with everything you need to know, not limited to visit metrics, which is essential for those who have blogs and electronic stores.

11. Squarespace


Another among the world giants, Squarespace is a high performance solution for those who need sites with large capacity. Not only does it work well, but also be ready to grow at any time.

THE scalability is the great differentiator for your customers, that is, it is the certainty that the site will be able to follow the company, even if it expands its needs.

Among the most renowned website creators, Squarespace stands out a lot when it comes to design.

The templates and interface configuration possibilities are very good, helping to create modern, engaging websites that generate a lot of approval from visitors.

The best thing is that all this structuring is done with one of the most intuitive operations on the market.

If you want a large e-commerce, certainly, Squarespace will be able to deliver results, thanks to the completely complete management interface.

Your support for development is very competent, in addition to allowing you to start an online store integrated with an institutional website.

12. GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy Website Builder

Another hosting giant that also has a very competent tool is GoDaddy, with GoDaddy Website Builder.

Naturally, the service needed to keep your site active in a web location is already included, so just work to bring your project to life. Without mysteries, the creation tool follows other successful formulas with simple configuration formats.

In this service the user has the possibility of inserting photos from the Getty Photografy image bank, which helps to illustrate the sites much better.

Another big difference, this in the mechanical part of building websites, is the possibility to work directly from any platform. You can use a tablet or even a smartphone to build the website!

Although solid and competent, the Go Daddy builder is not very flexible and somewhat limited for more complex projects. You guarantee quality on your site, but you don’t have access to so many different resources, in general.

There are great website creators on the market and you will certainly find the one that best fits the main factor of choice: what you want for your company! Always remember to evaluate the features and services that are associated with what you hire.

If your idea is to implement a Content Marketing strategy, attracting more users through a blog, surely WAU Stage is the best choice. Learn more about the service!