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Investing in sales techniques courses is a great practice if you are looking for professional qualification. With them, in addition to developing skills and gaining knowledge, you have the opportunity to network with other salespeople and experts in the field.

Many believe that natural talent is the main requirement for becoming a good salesperson.

Although some people are more apt than others, this idea is not true.

A sales professional, like any other, can improve his skills in two ways: experience and study.

While the first requires some practice time in the area, the second can be covered at any time.

With a sales techniques course, it is possible, besides learning new skills, update the knowledge you already carry with you.

It is important, however, to understand which is the best course for your profile.

We have prepared this article to guide your decision. In addition to presenting the points that must be taken into account in your choice, we will list the 9 best training courses for salespeople.

How to choose the best course for you?

If you are looking for a sales technique course, it means that you have taken the initiative to invest in yourself.

Thus, as with any type of investment, it is necessary to analyze options, compare pros and cons and make an assertive decision. However, before anything else, there is the definition of your goal.

Start by identifying the areas you need to improve most. According to each methodology, some options may be more incisive in teaching a specific skill than others.

If your goal is to develop greater persuasive power, for example, look for establishments that work with that focus.

Another variable that must be taken into account is the degree of knowledge. If you are a professional already established in the sales market, you should look for more specialized training.

If your intention is to learn more basic techniques for the exercise of the profession, it is important to give preference to courses with a broader approach.

Finally, be sure to look for references before choosing the best one for you. Knowing how other people’s experience was is an efficient way to filter out a large number of alternatives.

What are the 9 best sales techniques courses?

Once you have defined your goal and understood the type of course you want, it is time to look at the various possibilities and decide which one best suits your profile.

To help on this journey, we have compiled a list of the 9 best sales techniques courses. Check it out below!

1. Training of Sales Professionals

Offered by the National Sales Institute, the FPV is a course that prides itself on presenting a methodology that is unique in London.

During certification, participants build, in practice, a tactical sales plan. The entire process is carried out using the method and tools provided by the Institute.

In the end, students are expected to master 4 pillars considered essential to the profession:

  • result indicators;
  • sales process;
  • sales competence;
  • motivational factors.

The FPV is paid and must be completed in person. To participate, it is important to check the dates and register in advance.

2. Professional Sales Management

Another course taken by the National Sales Institute, GPV is also paid and in person. In this training, in addition to the tactical plan, participants develop a strategic sales plan.

In comparison with FPV, this alternative presents a more focused approach to salesperson management. At the end, each registrant receives individual feedback directly from the advisors.

Among the tools included in the curriculum are the sales funnel, action plans and skills mapping.

Different management models are also taught, with results as the main focus. Other points covered are:

  • organizational climate;
  • training and team building;
  • recruiting and selecting salespeople;
  • creation of incentive campaigns.

3. Sales Force Management

If being in person is an obstacle for you, don’t be discouraged. The course Sales Force Management, offered by Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FDG), is offered online. In addition to making the student’s experience more flexible, it stimulates the search for knowledge and optimizes the relationship of those involved.

The course is geared towards team managers, focusing on analyzing and discussing strategies for implementing policies in sales channels.

In addition, this alternative seeks to enable managers to integrate the means of distribution with the variables of the marketing mix.

In a scenario where the alignment between the marketing and sales sectors is increasingly fundamental, this methodology proves to be a very attractive option.

4. FDG Sales Course

If you like the idea of ​​studying at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), which is considered one of the best business schools in the country, but do not want an online course, this option is for you. The Sales Techniques Course at FGV is entirely in person.

Of short duration, this is an alternative more geared to people seeking practical knowledge about the area.

By studying the profile of successful salespeople and identifying the most common flaws in the profession, the material provided promotes professional development and qualification.

5. Successful Negotiations: essential strategies and skills

If you don’t know Coursera yet, you’re wasting your time. The platform offers online courses in the most varied areas, often free of charge. This is the case with Success Negotiations.

Translated into London, the study material is all developed and made available by the University of Michigan, in the United States.

By participating, you will receive a holistic introduction to the skills needed to be a successful negotiator.

For this, the advisors present and debate what they consider the 4 stages of a business transaction:

  • planning;
  • negotiation;
  • contract creation;
  • performance of the contract.

At each stage, the main issues that arise in a professional’s daily life are analyzed.

To this end, interactive videos lasting 5 to 20 minutes are used, which contain a small knowledge test at the end.

They can be watched at once or spaced up to a week apart.

6. Complete Sales Course

Another very interesting online course platform is Udemy. One of the options available is the Complete Sales Course, taught by professor Alessio Alionço, who has experience in companies such as Tim, Coca-Cola, Ambev, among others.

As the name suggests, the curriculum of the classes aims to address all factors in the sales area, from prospecting customers to closing the deal. Although it is not a rule, the content is more recommended for members of the B2B market.

7. Sebrae sales techniques course

Sebrae developed a very cool project called “Programa Varejo Fácil“. These are online classes with the objective of training the participant and generating competitive advantages, especially for micro and small businesses.

The idea is that students learn to properly conduct a sales process, including customer knowledge and loyalty. The other certifications offered by the project are aimed at managing the store’s look and the sale price formation.

8. Inbound Sales

The Inbound Sales course, offered by Hubspot Academy, is one of the best known in the commercial environment.

So, even though it warns that the material is all in English, we couldn’t leave it out of the list.

Online and completely free, the classes aim at the development of sales techniques involved in the inbound marketing, that focuses on attracting and approaching leads.

Through a very practical methodology, the participant learns how to identify potential customers, establish a connection with them, explore their needs and make them move towards decision making.

Presentation techniques and tips for sales calls are also part of the content.


Aimed at startups and technology companies, this is a course offered by Websites Are Us in a very simple and innovative way. Just sign up and all material is sent by email, completely free of charge.

Subjects covered include the importance of the sales process and tips for managing time and money. In addition, participants learn efficient practices to close more deals and, thus, boost the lead conversion rate.

The applied concepts serve different markets, while maintaining a focus on inside sales and B2B activities.

Remotely or in person, participating in a training course is an experience that should be part of your plans.

The benefits are not limited to your professional qualification and the content discussed in class. The knowledge gained from exchanging experiences with colleagues and teachers is invaluable.

Of course, it is important that you make the investment safely, convinced of the best option for you.

In addition to looking for references, it is important to understand the alternative best suited to your profile and goals. After reading this list of the 9 best selling techniques courses, we hope that your decision will be made easier.

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