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What would marketing and technology professionals with very different experiences have to say, telling stories lived in the most varied contexts? You can find this out on Medium’s best blogs, where even Google and Facebook professionals publish their reports and opinions.

Have you ever thought of a platform that brings together various texts on the most diverse subjects, written by people from different corners of the world, and through which it was still possible to follow various publications?

It looks wonderful, right? The good news is that you don’t even have to imagine, because that platform already exists: it’s oMedium!

A mix of blog and social network, the platform, although not so popular, has attracted more and more people from the areas of marketing and technology, for its potential to share and aggregate knowledge and experiences through quality content from engaged and competent professionals. .

If you work in marketing and do not follow publications there, this is a good time to start, because we organize a selection of the 25 best Medium blogs to follow. Check them all out!

1. The Mission

With more than half a million followers, The Mission covers a wide range of subjects within the technology, marketing and startups market. The content, which has a good frequency, includes tips, hacks or even reflections.

Within the context of the publication, it is also possible to check content about personal and professional growth of people in the market.

The Mission

In addition to text posts, The Mission has a Podcast and a newsletter. The publication accepts user submissions, but has well-defined requirements.

2. Buffer Stories

Buffer is one of the biggest management tools for social networks and has a publication on Medium, Buffer Stories, in addition to the company’s blog. This is a very interesting point: the blog and the publication on Medium have different contents, since the focus of each one is different.

At Medium, the company gathers content from its employees about corporate culture, inclusion, leadership, career and reflections on the marketing market for its 36,000 followers. As in the case of Marketing Hackers, we have access to various points of view on everyday market issues.

3. Marketing and Growth Hacking

With almost 60 thousand followers, Marketing and Growth Hacking is one of Medium’s main publications in this market.

The contents are shared with a high frequency, and a positive differential for those who seek valuable insights for the work routine is that the contents focus a lot on the practical side, bringing hacks, tips and tutorials.

Marketing and Growth Hacking

The themes include SEO, copywriting, storytelling, conversion, email marketing, design, social networks and several other essential topics for those in the digital marketing market.

4. GrowthHackers Blog

Despite not receiving updates since last year, the GrowthHackers Blog remains a valuable publication for marketers.

With over 50 thousand followers, she is linked to GrowthHackers, company specializing in delivering growth hacking tactics to other companies.

As they are experts at what they do, the contents of the company’s employees bring extremely useful information and tips to marketers. In addition, the amount of content there is high. Be sure to check it out!

5. Predict

As its name suggests, oPredict is a publication dedicated to sharing content about the future of technology.

This includes publications on consumer trends and platform changes, as well as insights into new technologies such as speech recognition and artificial intelligence.

With 3,800 followers, the publication deserves to be followed by technology fans and those who want to think about the possibilities that the future can offer.

6. Noteworthy

ONoteworthy is the blog doJournal, an organization application. He is a good example of how several companies bet on Medium to create a blog, since this is the company’s only content platform.

And the strategy seems to work well: the publication has 33,000 followers. The themes cover several areas of digital marketing, such as customer success, projects and SEO.

7. Authority Magazine

Although Authority Magazine is not a publication specifically geared to marketing or technology, it needs to be on that list. And the reason can be understood with the first paragraph of the definition that the magazine itself elaborated:

“Authority Magazine, a Medium publication, is devoted to sharing interesting‘ series of interviews ’with people who are authorities in Business, Movies, Sports and Technology.”

The publication does not focus on a specific topic, but asks relevant questions to authorities in different areas, bringing different points of view of influential people on the same topic.

Medium: Authority Magazine's best blogs

Often, these interviews have relevant people from the technology market, in addition to bringing important reflections to professionals in the sector.

8. ART + Marketing

As the name suggests, Art + Marketing is a publication dedicated to dealing with themes that touch marketing and that can be related to visual arts. Thus, the contents have a design-oriented footprint, and vary between informative, educational content or even reflections on the area.

The publication has 87,000 followers.

9. Google Developers

With 90,000 followers, Google Developers is a publication written by Google engineers. The focus is, of course, the technology in the processes and products of the search engine giant.

10. Google Design

This is another publication from Google employees, this time the designers, who share lessons about UX, material design, motion design and other related areas. In addition, they are also shared personal and professional learning stories and career tips for professionals in the field.

The page has more than 140,000 followers and provides valuable insights into the work at Google.

11. Facebook Design

“Experiences from the people designing products billions of people use every day”.

With this definition of the publication’s header, it is easy to understand how interesting it is to follow the stories created by Facebook designers, which are followed by 67 thousand Medium users.

The reports on the Facebook Design page bring learning situations from social network professionals, especially about user experience and content creation. Thus, topics such as virtual reality, storytelling and navigation are addressed.

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12. UX Collective

OUX Collective is undoubtedly one of the main references when it comes to user experience, and the publication is followed by 255 thousand users on Medium.

The proposal is to curate and gather the best content about UX made by several people, and the publication’s motto is “Learn from the community, give back to the community” (something like: “Learn from the community, return your learning to the community”).

With this, the publication manages to bring very interesting content with real learning, that is, based on the experiences of professionals in the area. These learnings are mainly related to the daily lives of those working with UX, with practical tips, reflections on features, among others.

13. Hacker Noon

With 443 thousand followers, Hacker Noon works with the same collaborative spirit as UX Collective, bringing content from several technology professionals.

The topics covered are varied and include applications, artificial intelligence, mobile experience, social networks, machine learning, data science, and so on. This publication is another that will always bring valuable perspectives on the future of technology, being important for professionals in all areas.

14. The Startup

The Startup page has 441 thousand followers and, as its name suggests, is a publication about the universe of startups.

The publication’s topics include financial and planning tips for entrepreneurs, reflections on the workplace and technology, sharing experiences and life stories and much more.

15. Towards Data Science

Digital marketing is increasingly oriented by data, which is essential for any strategy that aims to succeed. With that in mind ,Towards Data Science, which has 170,000 followers, is valuable to professionals in the field.

Shared content explores topics such as data analysis, machine learning and predictive analysis.

16. Airbnb Engineering and Data Science

One of the most beloved companies today, Airbnb, constantly works with tests to improve usability and, of course, conversion rates on the platform.

The daily learnings of this practice are shared by the company’s employees in this publication of Medium, which has 78 thousand followers.

With real stories and examples, the contents are about user experience, knowledge graphs, machine learning, attendance, among other topics relevant to technology and marketing professionals.

17. Netflix TechBlog

Netflix is ​​a reference in several subjects, such as dialogue on social networks, user experience and, of course, technology. And so another publication created by employees is born: it is the Netflix TechBlog, which has 69 thousand followers.

From real experiences and changes made to the platform, employees share event tracing content, data-based decisions, A / B tests, anomaly detection, interface optimizations etc.

Medium's best blogs: Netflix TechBlog

18. Startup Grind

OStartup Grind is largest independent startup community, and Medium was the platform chosen to create the blog, which already has 376 thousand followers.

The contents deal with pertinent topics from the universe of marketing and technology aimed at entrepreneurs, and vary between practical tips, tutorials and reflections on the universe of startups.

19. Product Hunt

The Product Hunt is a space for sharing news and opinions between technology enthusiasts. This Medium blog, which has 172,000 followers, is where the community posts learning and news from the area, in addition to reflections on the world of technology.

Medium's best blogs: Product Hunt

20. JavaScript Scene

With 77,000 followers, JavaScript Scene is maintained by its editor, Eric Elliot. In it, content is published specially focused on teaching JS, from tutorials to tips and hacks.

Another interesting point is that the contents are based on real experiences. Thus, they become very useful for anyone who wants to be inside the JS universe.

21. FreeCodeCamp

OfreeCodeCamp has 546 thousand followers and this success is not by chance: it is the blog of a community / platform that teaches, free of charge, HTML, JavaScript, DataBase and other things from the programming universe.

On Medium, the content posted focuses on reflections on aspects of programming, from career to security issues, for example. Advanced tips and experiences from community members are also posted.

22. Chatbots Magazine

What oschatbots are one of the most promising service resources, you probably already know.

In view of their importance for digital marketing and the potential for development in technology, Chatbots Magazine becomes an interesting publication for professionals in both markets.

With 46 thousand followers, the contents of the publication vary between reflections, learnings, tips and tutorials on conversational marketing, artificial intelligence, voice recognition, UX and so on.

23. IoT For All

OIoT For All, as its name implies, is about the Internet of Things, with the main focus on how technology can make the world a better place for all people.

In this sense, content about technology is published for different areas and realities, showing a real concern with the impact that different solutions can bring to real situations. In addition to aspects about the IoT itself, the concern is to bring applicability to different markets.

Medium's best blogs: IoT For All

With 49 thousand followers, the publication is the result of the work of Leverege employees, a company specialized in offering technology solutions.

24. The Happy Startup School

The Happy Startup School has 72 thousand followers and the focus is on bringing content that promotes reflections on real situations in the universe of startups, both for the entrepreneur and for the people who work in the area.

The interesting point of this publication is that it contains content with reflections and tips on common situations among market professionals, being a lighter but valuable reading.

25. Financial Times

OFinancial Times is a news portal that, on Medium, is dedicated to sharing to 20 thousand followers relevant news about technology, marketing and politics, in addition to frequently bringing opinion articles and tips.

With this list, it will be much easier to follow relevant stories on Medium about marketing, technology, growth, personal development and have quality content gathered in your application.

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