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Public relations actions are a set of strategies whose main objective is to build the relationship between a brand and its audience. When well developed, in addition to consolidating a company’s reputation, they retain and delight the public.

Public relations actions are fundamental in the communication strategy of a company – and the practice is not new.

The act of building trust and a genuine relationship with the client must be one of the main pillars of organizations, and the best way to do this is by developing a good action plan.

Thus, you reach an audience that surpasses the concept of customer, becoming a defender and promoter of the brand!

Here, you will learn what are the best public relations actions and how to apply them in any business. Follow us!

What does a public relations do?

The public relations profession has been around the world for a long time. It is estimated that the study started in the early twentieth century, but researchers found evidence of practices in the area in the midst of the Chinese aristocracy. That is, thousands of years ago!

The context for the development of PR practices came from the strong industrialization that was taking place in the United States. Workers’ movements created more and more awareness about their role in industries, at the same time that the general public began to take an interest in companies and the image that they passed on to society.

In other words: the need was created to work on the reputation of a business for decrease negative impressions and increase positive visibility organization or products offered.

As a result, criteria such as transparency and honesty were prioritized by the public relations offices that were beginning to emerge.

The relationship with the press was also developed from that time, since the media began to be seen as a kind of “powerful weapon” to build or end the entire history of a business.

Years have passed, but the essence of the profession remains the same: a public relations function is to develop relationship strategies with the public, be it press, employees, government agencies or customers, for example.

The essence of the RP’s work is to look for ways to convey the best – and most timely, in some cases – company image. Thus, aspects of reputation are built daily.

What are public relations actions their importance?

Now that you have understood the essence of the profession, it is time to go a little deeper into the concepts.

For the relationship between the organization and the public to be consolidated, it is necessary to outline strategies and action plans that enable all the points that should be worked on.

Think about the following situation: a company in the dog food business wants to position itself as an ally of conscious adoption movements.

That is the idea and, behind it, there are a series of objectives articulated not only by the PR, but by the board, marketing team and strategic communication, for example.

After deciding issues of positioning, vision and values ​​of the organization, it is time to develop public relations actions able to synthesize and transmit the pillars to the interested public.

The main points that define the importance of the strategy are:

  • greater (and better) relationship with the press;
  • increased public confidence;
  • control over possible crises;
  • improvement in the company’s reputation;
  • greater transparency;
  • possibility of reaching an audience not yet imagined.

It is important to emphasize that all these (and the rest) benefits of the action end up generating, in the end, sales and conversions worthy of enchantment and loyalty.

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What are and how to carry out the best strategies?

Now is the time to learn about some of the best strategies that make up public relations actions. In addition to seeing them in practice, you will be able to understand the function and benefits of each.

Press release

The press release is one of the most traditional strategies in a public relations action and can exist at many different moments in an organization, such as:

  • product launch;
  • brand positioning (or repositioning);
  • crises, accidents or scandals involving the company;
  • other notable events, such as inaugurations or closings;
  • dissemination of campaigns;
  • ads in general.

We can imagine it as a kind of news story. In other words: it is necessary to build rich content that makes sense and is able to capture the attention of the press – it is, precisely, the target audience of this material.

When sending the release to a media outlet, the expectation is that he will be interested in what was disclosed and want to know more about it. The expected consequence is that some disclosure will happen within that media channel.

As mentioned, the content follows the good practices of journalistic writing, so be sure to include the following information.

  • Who?
  • What?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • How?
  • Why?

In addition to the format facilitating the work of understanding the journalist – after all, he will contact the information in a hierarchical manner, knowing the most important points first – there are cases in which the media publishes the release in full.

Crisis management

The digital transformation has meant that, today, dealing with crises in a business is a much more difficult task than it was in the past.

In the past, when there was a scandal with a company, for example, information could take a few days to reach the hands of a journalist and be broadcast on TV, radio or in print. Thus, the PR gained time to prepare and start a crisis management process.

Nowadays, with the technological advancement that has benefited the mainstream media with live broadcasts in HD and instant relationship with journalists from all over the world, the citizen himself has very powerful resources in his hands. In other words: it is a matter of minutes before a “scoop” is leaked on social networks.

Therefore, crisis management is one of the most important points in a public relations action. To create good planning, first list all possible negative scenarios that your company could experience in the year.

When a crisis scenario can be predicted, the entire communication sector precedes important materials such as the release mentioned above. In addition, it makes due alignment with lawyers (when necessary), management and other employees. Time is also gained to plan crisis management on social networks.

In cases of unforeseen crisis, the important thing is to remain calm and not divulge hasty information. This is the example of Loja Três, which faced a gigantic crisis in relation to complaints of fatophobia, racism and other relevant social surveys.

The first release released by the brand was completely wrong and, instead of positioning itself in a controlled manner, focused on defending the integrity of the accused, without demonstrating principles of empathy for the public.

Relationship with the public

We can divide the relationship action into specific aspects:

  • internal public (employees, service providers, directors);
  • external public (customers, fans of the page on social networks, leads);
  • press.

It is very important that all these audiences are duly attended and respected. When one of them is unhappy, make sure that the scenario of possible crises begins to appear.

Good ways to build a good relationship are based on networking, developing open channels for suggestions, criticism or praise (nowadays, focus on social networks), partnerships or strategic actions.

Content production

Yes, Content Marketing and public relations actions have a lot more points in common than you think.

The PR will hardly be responsible for writing the articles of a business blog, but the whole strategy should be built from the work of positioning the brand.

Channels such as social networks, insertions / publications in the press and the blog itself are part of a public relations management strategy.


Event marketing is a strategy that is also part of the responsibility of the PR. These moments are responsible for helping in the development of several pillars of a good relationship with the public, such as:

  • possibility of seeing a new product live;
  • networking generation;
  • greater chances of insertion in the media;
  • rich content for social networks.

The event, in turn, is usually publicized through a release sent to the press and other important contacts. One way to make the invitation more interesting is through a press kit strategy, which we will discuss below.

Press kit

The press kit, also called the press kit in London, is a set of objects that have a similar purpose to the release: launch a product, publicize a campaign or position the brand, for example.

The release is one of several elements that must be included in the kit, since he will be responsible for presenting all the material, strategy and purpose of that shipment.

See some items that usually make up the press kit:

  • the product in question or voucher for the services offered by the company, when applicable;
  • release;
  • a box or envelope for shipping. Ideally, they should be creative and talk to the campaign in question;
  • gifts or gifts related to the action: it is important to know that it is they who, most of the time, attract the attention of the recipient.

Press office

Press office offices – or sectors – will always have a PR on the team. She is the responsible for creating a bridge between communication channels and the company.

In other words: the points inserted in public relations actions are within a larger spectrum, responsible for directing all content to that channel that makes the most sense.

In addition, the consultancy is largely responsible for cultivating good practices in relations with the press – and can also develop social media and image management.

When we place transparency and relationship with the public within the priorities of a company, be sure that the benefits can be realized in the first days after the start of a successful action.

As an entrepreneur, analyst or even intern, put yourself in the customer position: how would you like to relate to your favorite brand? The greater the humanization, the better the satisfaction!

Now that you know the importance of public relations actions for your business, you probably understood that one of the main benefits of the strategy is the increase in public loyalty.

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