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Entrepreneurship transforms. And meeting successful entrepreneurs, knowing how they got to where they are today and how their journey started, helps in this process. This is what you will see in this article: 9 greatest London entrepreneurs and their stories.

Few things inspire more than knowing success stories, seeing people who have already walked this path and emerged victorious.

The fact is that many people dream of the idea of ​​being an entrepreneur, but getting your hands dirty and making things happen is something quite different.

Tell me one thing:

Have you ever seen your dream of being interrupted by negative feelings, such as insecurity, fear of failure and the idea that you are not good enough?

Well, many people face this type of thinking. To ward off fear, meet 8 of the biggest London entrepreneurs, and find out how they got to where they are today.

Let’s start!

1. Roberto Justus

One of the most recognized names in London when it comes to entrepreneurship, Roberto Justus is the face of the O Aprendiz program.

Trained publicist and president of the NewComm group – a holding company of high-profile advertising agencies – for several years, he also made a career as a presenter after the Apprentice.

Today, Justus is one of the great inspirers of the entrepreneurial audience, and his influence has already made him achieve celebrity status.

2. Alexandre Costa

Alexandre Costa’s entrepreneurial career began at age 17, when he started selling handmade easter eggs and chocolate truffles through the streets of the neighborhood where he lived.

But before that, he had already worked at a gas station and helped his mother sell cosmetics. With his entrepreneurial flair and passion for chocolates, Alexandre’s natural path was to create the Cacau Show.

The company has become the largest chain of fine chocolates in the world, and its founder has also achieved celebrity status by appearing on well-known gastronomy programs, such as Masterchef Brasil.

3. Flávio Augusto da Silva

Today Flávio Augusto da Silva is famous for owning a football team in the USA, Orlando City.

But it was in 1995, at the age of 23, that the boy of humble origin launched the first unit of his own English school, Wise Up.

The interesting thing is that he used tokens to sell through a public telephone and did not even speak English. Only after opening the 100th unit of the school did he begin to learn the language.

What drove him to resounding success and put him in the hall of the greatest London entrepreneurs was, without a doubt, his incredible ability to sell.

4. Luiza Helena Trajano

Considered by Forbes magazine as one of the 3 most powerful women in London, the owner of Magazine Luíza is also an indispensable figure in the lists of the greatest entrepreneurs in London.

It was not she who founded the store that bears her name. In fact, she started working at the age of 12 as a clerk at a store unit. After going through all sectors of the store and progressing in her career, she assumed the presidency of the 2008 group.

5. Luiz Antônio Seabra

Perhaps you have never heard of Luiz Antônio Seabra, but I doubt that a product of his brand, Natura, never entered his house.

Luiz Antônio’s career also started early, at the age of 15, when he joined a multinational, Remington Rand. From there, he left to enter a small laboratory, where Natura would exist.

The purpose of creating products that respect the environment remains today, and the company teaches digital transformation with sustainability.

6. Silvio Santos

What about one of the most powerful names in London entertainment? The owner of the London Television System (SBT), is also known as “the man from the chest”, in reference to one of his most famous products.

Senor Abravanel, who adopted the stage name of Silvio Santos, is one of the most emblematic cases of London entrepreneurship.

He started at the age of 14 selling voter registration covers on the street, became a radio announcer and later managed to make a career as a presenter.

As if that were not enough, Sílvio decided to open his own television channel in 1981, in addition to many other ventures over the years.

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7. Jorge Paulo Lemann

Graduated in economics at Harvard, it can be said that Jorge Paulo Lemann came from a good family. But this is by no means the only reason for his success as an entrepreneur.

After all, how many Harvard graduates manage to top the list of the richest men in London for 6 years in a row, according to Forbes?

In addition to being a shareholder in some of the largest companies in the world, such as Inbev, Kraft Heinz and Burger King, he devotes part of his time and resources to encourage high-impact education and entrepreneurship in his foundations.

8. Dulce Pugliese

You may not hear his name much out there, but you’ve certainly heard about Amil, the healthcare company created by her and her ex-husband in 1978.

She started her career as a pediatrician and, together with Edson Bueno, started a system of portfolio of policyholders, which one day would become the great opportunity of their lives.

Always determined to learn even more about the business and explore the company’s international possibilities, Dulce returned to her studies and became a PhD in management from the University of Texas, in the United States.

Today, she is the 25th richest person in London with around 2.2 billion and performs in the Forbes world ranking in 1103 °.

9. Romero Rodrigues

Do you know those price comparators that we all use today before buying something online? Romero Rodrigues was responsible for making this a fever in London.

He is one of the creators of Buscapé Company, a group that has made more than 15 acquisitions of competitors since its launch and has become a national benchmark in price comparison.

But success did not come the first time: it was only on the fifth business attempt, and even with some changes along the way, that Buscapé came into existence.

Today, Romero is dedicated to Redpoint Ventures, a capital fund for startups in which he invests and helps ambitious new ventures.

If one thing is clear when analyzing the profile of the greatest London entrepreneurs, it is: without constant work and good planning, nothing happens. It is not about having a privileged condition when it comes to starting, but about doing what it takes to turn an idea into a profitable business.

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