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What do John Green, Elon Musk, Seth Godin and Elizabeth Gilbert have in common? They are innovative people with creative TED’s that can change the way we think!

Many people wonder if creativity is a skill that they have always had or if it is possible to improve it throughout life.

However, as you will realize, not only can it be exercised constantly.

It was thinking about this, and helping you to leverage this talent that already exists in you, that we list the main TED’s of creativity!

You will learn from authors, designers, scientists and entrepreneurs new ways to see originality.

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26 creativity TED’s to be inspired

We divided this post into three types of videos, from those under 10 minutes to the longest over 20 minutes.

This way, you can get organized and enjoy every free time to see motivating and inspiring content.

Videos up to 10 minutes

1. Secrets for learning a new language

Everyone hears that the sooner they start learning and studying a language, the better. However, this does not mean that doing so after a certain age is impossible.

Lýdia Machová shares, in this lecture, some tips on how to learn a new language on your own. With the secrets she shares, you’ll soon be called a polyglot!

2. How books can open your mind

Englishwoman Lisa Bu moved to the United States in search of a dream, but realized that nothing was as simple as she imagined. However, he found the inspiration in books to change his life!

Based on her own experience, she shares in her presentation how reading contributes to expanding your mind and directing your choices.

3. Do you want to become more creative? Go for a walk

Creativity doesn’t always come when we need it most, does it? Be it during the writing of a text, the layout of content or the preparation of a meeting. We can spend hours in front of a sheet of paper or computer without knowing how to start a project.

Have you ever thought about walking to get inspired? That’s what scientist Marily Oppezzo tells us. She explains why a walk is capable of enhancing creative ability and the way she realized it.

4. What makes something go viral?

Anyone’s dream, whether they are a content producer or a business owner, is to make their idea go viral. But what makes certain subjects so far reaching?

Buzzfeed publisher Dao Nguyen teaches the secrets of creating content that people love, in order to connect them to a business!

Videos up to 20 minutes

5. Fall in love with fear

Is a person afraid of heights able to work on the top floor of a skyscraper? And can an introvert speak to crowds? Can someone afraid of the stage perform for more than ten years on Broadway? It seems controversial, right?

It was what the actress, singer and author Sandra Joseph thought, before becoming a record as the main character and for the longest time acting on Broadway, as Christine Daaé of “The Phantom of the Opera”.

Based on her own learning and challenges, Sandra teaches us how it is possible to fall in love with your own fears and, thus, face them.

6. Do you need a new idea? Start at the limit of what is already known

Have you ever wondered how ideas come about? What needs to be done to appear in our minds? It certainly didn’t cross your mind that a mathematical method would be enough to explain this, but that’s what Vittorio Loreto shows in his presentation!

7. How great leaders inspire action

What motivates you to achieve your dreams and goals? Do you have someone as an influence on which you usually rely?

Simon Sinek decided to research and study because some leaders have the ability to inspire others, so that they seek to give the best possible in any situation, and what are their differentials.

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8. The surprising habits of original thinkers

Get out of your head the idea that the most creative people are successful in all initiatives and that they never fail.

As you will see in this and so many other creative TED’s, the ability to accept failure is one of the characteristics of those who have an original and innovative thinking!

Learn from the psychologist Adam Grant the main habits of those who are always having new ideas and revolutionizing the market!

9. Be a duck

The London Débora Alcantara has been building with the sisters a solid brand with several strands: the ORNA brand, the ORNA Café, the makeup line itself and courses aimed at teaching branding and entrepreneurship.

In her presentation, she shares why every entrepreneur is like a duck. Did you find this statement curious? So, check out how the brand mascot was a differentiator for the success of the strategy!

10. How frustrations can inspire creativity

Think of the most frustrating moment you have ever had. Now, try to remember what lessons this situation has brought you.

In Tim Harford’s presentation, you will realize that the problems that arise along the professional path should not be a trigger for discouragement, but rather the source from which you will draw strength to innovate and overcome yourself.

11. Fueling creativity

What does Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the best-selling “Eat, pray and love”, have to teach us about creativity?

She tries to demystify the idea that authors and people considered artists are already born “geniuses” of originality and encourages us to look for this talent that is in each of us.

12. Where good ideas come from

It was when the apple fell on Isaac Newton’s head that he had one of his most important and relevant insights: Theory of Universal Gravitation. But are these moments of originality always individual and unusual?

That is not what Steven Johnson believes. Check out the connection he makes between subjects and understand the point of view he presents in his speech.

13. How to build your creative confidence

Designer David Kelley got tired of hearing that in companies, teams were divided between groups considered creative and practical.

For him, what people usually lack is the confidence to be creative – and that is what he teaches in his presentation.

14. The power of breaks

Would you have the courage to get away from it all for a year, away from a stressful routine that hinders you from being able to reinvent yourself and have new ideas? That’s what designer Stefan Sagmeister does every seven years of intense work and content production.

Understand how breaks, whether they are as long as his, or the shortest during working hours, for example, can make a big difference in your life.

15. How art, technology and design form creative leaders

What is the relationship between art, technology and design? Do these areas have any relevance to the formation of creative and inspirational leaders? That’s what John Maeda, President of the Rhode Island School of Design, believes.

In his fun and interesting talk, he shows that the leader of the future needs to be prepared to deal with the challenges that are yet to come and how he has done throughout his career to overcome each obstacle.

16. Use design to renew ideas

This is one of the oldest TED’s of creativity in this post (1998), but also one of the most inspiring. Check out this true lesson given by graphic designer Milton Glaser, one of the most important names in the field.

17. Stories about creativity and games

Tim Brown is the CEO of IDEO.ORG and author of the book Design Thinking, which addresses the strategy aimed at finding innovative solutions and insights with a focus on people’s needs.

In his talk, he shares some interesting situations that demonstrate the relationship between creative thinking and games, which anyone can put into practice!

18. How to spread your ideas

Marketing expert Seth Godin will teach us in his presentation because some subjects are more prominent than others and what are the tactics that must be adopted to be able to spread your ideas to as many people as possible.

19. 4 lessons in creativity

Objective and to the point: Julie Burstein listed 4 creativity lessons that will help you deal with the challenges of pursuing innovation, what you should do when you doubt your own ability and get rid of frustrations when something doesn’t work like the expected.

20. My year of saying “yes” to everything

Gray’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to get away with murder: these are just a few productions that, in some way or another, have the powerful hand of Shonda Rhimes.

Anyone who sees her resounding success does not imagine that she was an introvert and that she has already lost several opportunities due to lack of courage and because she prefers to say no to challenges.

Tired of hiding in her home, she set out to say yes to everything that made her afraid: and it revolutionized her career and personal life!

21. The “nerdy” guide to learning anything online

Is there only one suitable place to learn? Is it possible to access new knowledge, for example, online?

The famous writer John Green demonstrates that online videos can be a strong source of consultation and learning, just find the right places to find out!

22. The art of first impressions – in design and in life

You know that expression: judge the book by its cover? Or: is the first impression that remains?

Book designer Chip Kidd is well accustomed to this kind of thing and it was because of his own experience that he realized the secret to reaching his target audience with some instant communication techniques.

23. Within the mind of a great procrastinator

Let him throw the first stone who never left to deliver something in the last minutes. But why are so many people in the habit of procrastinating? Theoretically, this is not beneficial and can even cause some anxiety.

In his captivating presentation, Tim Urban goes beyond the simple fact that we leave something for later and makes us think about what we are really avoiding.

Videos longer than 20 minutes

24. How Netflix changed entertainment and where it is headed

The way we consume video content today has been revolutionized with the arrival of Netflix, in which chat between TED curator Chris Anderson. Netflix co-founder and CEO, Reed Hastings, let’s understand better how the company works, its culture, what they take into account when referring movies to users and what has made the company a smash hit around the world.

25. To create and last for ages, we combine art and engineering

When did you realize what you would like to do for the rest of your life? Bran Ferren realized that he wanted to combine science, engineering, art and design in his future profession – this happened when he was nine years old, on a trip to the Pantheon in Rome.

The special effects creator shares his story with us and explains what makes something last for ages, becoming an inspiration.

26. The future we are creating … and digging

Elon Musk is a hot figure today. Its technological promises and controversial claims are noteworthy.

He tells Chris Anderson, chief curator of the TED conference, some of his ideas, how to make life on Mars possible, the excavations under Los Angeles and the news from Tesla.

Did you see how we have to put aside the old conception that not everyone is creative? Just knowing how to invest in the right strategies to leverage that talent that already exists in you. Even though he is asleep at the moment, now you know how to wake him up!

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