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Check out which are the 25 best books on Digital Marketing for you to read in 2019!

Companies have long understood the importance of marketing and devote a good part of their investments to this area. However, like the customer, marketing has also evolved and today this relationship is a little more complex.

While in the past advertisements had more simplistic intentions, such as reaching the largest possible audience and extolling the qualities of services or products, these tactics are no longer as effective today.

People are no longer passive in this process and began to seek not only information about what they want to consume, but also to understand the relationship that the brand has with its target audience and the world in general.

Marketing then ceased to be generic and became precise: it is essential to please individuals who are increasingly demanding and less faithful.

And within this context, the internet has a primary role, as it is the favorite means of research for almost the entire planet and it is through search engines, blogs and social networks that much of the information is passed on.

We thus arrived at the era of Digital Marketing: more effective, dynamic and accurate.

It is practically impossible to achieve success in such a competitive market without mastering this noble aspect of advertising.

So do you want to change this reality and become an expert on the subject?

Then check out our list and find out which are the best Digital Marketing books you can read:

Author: Seth Godin

The book deals especially with a fundamental tool of Digital Marketing: email marketing. It addresses the efficiency of the method and stresses the value of having the consumer’s explicit permission to receive advertising, such as newsletters and the like. It is a “business to consumer” relationship, but part of the customer, who initiates contact according to what he wants. It has been said for some time that this strategy would fall out of favor, but the truth is that it proves to be more efficient than ever. Check out a summary of the book here.

Author: Philip Kotler

Considered the pope of modern marketing by 12 out of 10 professionals, Philip Kotler shows in Marketing 3.0 how to deal with the characteristics and functions of our current version of marketing, where the rules are the New Age Technology (read: internet ).

And then, for that, the book talks specifically about contemporary marketing and what’s to come in the coming years. It deals with the main factor that led to this change in the way advertising is done: the evolution of the client. In this new reality, the marketer needs to stay connected with the new consumer trends and meet the new ideals and desires of the potential buyer.

Check out this Marketing 3.0 summary.

3.The Digital Marketing Bible

Author: Cláudio Torres

We know that not every book like “the bible of something” tends to be interesting. But that is not the case with The Digital Marketing Bible. And the reason is simple: its author, Cláudio Torres, is a guy who really knows the subject.

Digital Marketing columnist for major websites such as iMasters and Cidade do Marketing, and also a Master in Systems at USP and a postgraduate degree in Marketing in Sweden, Torres is one of the great names in web marketing in London and shows in his book some of the greatest teachings he has learned over the years on strategies, actions, tools and media for the internet.

Author: Joe Pulizzi

It shows the importance of taking into account the target audience to reach more consumers. It helps to develop strategies and create “tailored” messages on social media, Google and what is most essential in the large network. The author is a real strategist and a big name on the topic in North America. Check out a summary of the book here.

5. Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts in Your Organization

Author: Olivier Blanchard

The book helps you use technology to increase your relationship with the customer. It shows the best practices, strategies, executions, plans, analysis and several variables of Digital Marketing, especially on social networks. It is a volume that promises to provide practical solutions to attract followers and define metrics to help your brand gain more value.

Author: Jonah Berger

A best seller in the United States, this book tries to show the reasons why something becomes popular or not. The author has dedicated the last decade to trying to unravel why some stories go viral, why some items are bestsellers and shows that there is a science behind social transmission. In addition, it tells inspiring cases and shows how you can make your product work.

Author: Chris Anderson

Although the concept of the Long Tail – which in short is the transformation of a market focused on mass products and services to a market centered on niches – is nothing new (after all, it has been studied since the 1940s!), It was thanks to article and, mainly, to the book by journalist Chris Anderson, former editor of Wired magazine, that the term became popular.

And it is no less. Considered one of the Digital Marketing bibles, this 2006 book points out not only the importance of niche markets for the economy, but also shows how they can and should be exploited by actions on the internet.

Today, 10 years after its launch, we can already find the classic Long Tail in digital, printed and even in HQ!

8. The Social Media Revolution

Author: André Telles

You can’t think about Digital Marketing without thinking about social networks. They are an important part of the reality of almost everyone’s life and this strongly influences the way in which they consume. The author intelligently shows how to use them in favor of his results and gives interesting examples, such as that of the American president elected with the help of these media, Barack Obama.

9. Definitive guide to email marketing

Author: DJ Waldow and Jason Falls

The definitive work on this essential money-making tactic: email marketing. Not only does it have a very good return, it is practically free. It teaches you how to create the most attractive messages for your target audience and talks about ways to integrate this tool with social networks.

10. Audience: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans and Followers

Author: Jeff Rohrs

Mandatory reading for those working with advertising or content marketing. The book talks about the production of relevant themes, but the focus is on how much companies are effectively taking advantage of the opportunity to develop their media. The most famous platforms are mentioned (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube, among others) and the potential of attracting consumers and maintaining an audience for each one is analyzed in detail. In addition, the author gives tips to marketers from agencies and companies.

11. Dataclysm: Who we are when we think no one is seeing

Author: Christian Rudder

digital marketing books

Also responsible for OkCupid, one of the biggest social networking sites on the internet back in the mid-2000s, Christian Rudder made his literary debut in 2014 with this “Dataclisma: Who are we when we think no one is watching”, a book where he uses some data from your old project to show the reader how people’s behavior on the internet works – and how that behavior is sometimes quite different from what people say they actually have.

Available in both digital and printed formats.

12. Content Inc

Author: Joe Pulizzi

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Look at Joe Pulizzi here again!

Creator of the Content Marketing Institute, one of the largest content marketing training companies in the world, Pulizzi shows in Content Inc (which we can translate as Content SA) how he set up his company and how he applied all the knowledge of Digital Marketing to make it a huge success in just 6 steps that the reader can try to follow.

Still no translation into London (but available in English in Kindle format on Amazon).


Author: Gary Vaynerchuk

Until a few years ago the traditional media (read TV, radio and magazines) was a kind of ring in which companies punched publicity punches in the audience through invasive and forced advertisements. And at a time when the diversity of channels was not the best, there was little left for the public to do but take all these scams.

Only then came the internet and Digital Marketing and all that changed. Now, any company that wants to do well in the market needs to entertain and be useful to the public and not just fight with it.

At least, that’s what Russian Gary Vaynerchuk teaches in Knockout.

14.A / B Testing: The Most Powerful Way to Turn Clicks Into Customers

Author: Dan Siroker

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During the 2008 presidential race, Barack Obama managed to increase the amount of donations for his campaign by more than 40% through something relatively simple: an A / B test done on your website which pointed out which text, photo and even action button color generated the most results.

Did you like this case? Well then you will love it A / B Testing: The Most Powerful Way to Turn Clicks Into Customers, a book written by Dan Siroker, responsible for taking this test of the Obama campaign, where the author shows not only the importance of A / B testing for any Digital Marketing action as well as some tips on how to do this on your own website.

For those interested, chapter 3 (where the author talks about some success stories, such as Netflix, ABC and Digg) is available for free download on the Optimizely.

15.The signal and noise

Author: Nate Silver

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Working with Digital Marketing is working with information. And this is quite obvious. However, how to filter the good information, which can indicate a good path for your business strategy, in a hurry like that?

This is what the statistician Nate Silver tries to teach in The Sign and the noise, one of the most important Digital Marketing books published here in London by the Intrinsic publisher and that shows how we can interpret data and information in a really useful way for our companies and even for personal life.

16.Remote: Office Not Required

Author: Jason Fried

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Working with Digital Marketing often means working remotely – especially when your city does not have good programmers, designers, copywriters or planners. And for these cases, knowing how to operate and organize tasks remotely is more than important.

That’s where Remote: Office Not Required comes in, a new book by Jason Fried, co-founder of 37signals, the company responsible for the Basecamp platform, and also the author of the best-selling Re-Work. In it, Fried teaches not only how it is possible to work perfectly on the Home Office model but also how to use digital platforms to optimize work and sell their products on the internet without needing a physical office.


Author: Mark J. Penn

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One of those responsible for the communication strategy of the Hillary Clinton campaign to the United States government, Mark J. Penn is also the author of Microtendências, a 2008 book where he addresses a very interesting topic (mainly for those who create marketing campaigns with an eye on Analytics numbers): micro trends.

For the author, any marketing professional, whether on or offline, needs to be aware of these micro-behaviors of small groups that, often, end up later impacting the opinions and actions of other larger groups.

However, as Mark makes clear in the book, it is necessary to pay attention to some details in order to identify what is a trend and what is only a passing thing.

18. Don’t make me think !: a common sense approach to usability on the web

Author: Steve Krug

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Considered one of the most important Digital Marketing books for web designers, programmers and planners, Steve Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think, shows the importance of creating pages for the internet where the user doesn’t have to think too much when browsing through them through good elements of interaction.

And those who think that there is only design involved are very wrong! For a website to be really easy to navigate, Krug points out the need to build good texts for all screens, perform A / B tests and also invest in good programmers who can make projects light and easy to access on any device .

Already available in a version updated by the author himself in printed and digital format.

19. Meatball Sundae

Author: Seth Godin

Very important for any marketing professional, Sundae de Almôndegas, also by the guru Seth Godin, speaks precisely of how Digital Marketing is not suitable for every type of business or every type of company.

Well, according to Godin, one of the most important aspects for those who work with Digital Marketing planning is precisely to understand when a company really has to profit from the web and, if not, if it is possible to reinvent it so that it profits in fact with the internet at another time.

Very suitable especially for those who work with extremely high ticket customers or even governmental ones.

20. Content Rules

Author: Ann Handley

“Content is king”. Perhaps this phrase is just not beaten more than “2016 is the year of mobile” and “the internet is the world wide web”. However, this does not mean that it is not true.

And it is precisely about the fact that content is the king of today that the book Rules of Content speaks. How to Create Great Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, e-Books, Webinars (and More) that Attract Customers and Boost Your Business, a true manual in which author Ann Handley shows you how to use (good) content to do new business and how to big brands like Coca-Cola, HBO and Netflix have used this in favor of their brands.

Available in London, in digital and printed format.

21.Shared Economy

Author: Robin Chase

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There was no Airbnb or Uber for 15 years. However, there in the United States already existed Zipcar, a system for sharing and renting cars that in 2014 was purchased for 500 million dollars. In cash!

For in Shared Economy, a book written by the American Robin Chase (founder of Zipcar), the author tells not only the story of this company created by her, but also studies the participation of society in this new economic model and how collaborative platforms and Digital Marketing specialists can profit and take advantage of its features.

Author: Eric Ries

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You know that kind of book that when it is released it is so successful that it ends up becoming a reference for the medium? This is the case of The Lean Startup by entrepreneur Eric Ries.

In it, Reis – who really made a career in Silicon Valley and was no boy from Vale -, shows how he learned some lessons in entrepreneurship and how to make a business (digital or not) through research and testing, create new and innovative businesses, prototype and execute as soon as possible.

Now, it is important to make one thing clear: for the author, most innovations today come from small and medium-sized companies, not from large ones. That is why this book is so important even for those who are just starting out or just wanting to undertake.

An interesting addendum: In 2015, Eric Ries created a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for the production of a new book called The Leader’s Guide, aimed directly at entrepreneurs, managers and directors of companies. A campaign that far exceeded the amount requested and should put this new work in stores soon.

23.Free – free, the future of prices

Author: Chris Anderson

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Newspapers with free internet access, free applications, free systems, in a world where everything is free how is it possible for a company to make money? This is exactly what Chris Anderson (the one with the Long Tail) tries to show in Free: free: the future of prices, a book from 2008 and with just over 280 pages where the journalist points out not only cases of brands that got along, even “giving” some services for free, as well as ways to profit from a model he calls freemium – when something is offered for free but people pay to have some additional features.

A work very suitable for those who work with the internet and still don’t understand how to really make money from the web.

24. Thanks for Marketing

Author: Vitor Peçanha

The book by Vitor Peçanha, one of the founders of Websites Are Us, addresses the expansion of Content Marketing strategies and how they have consolidated themselves in the market.

With this in mind, the author has put together a set of techniques and best practices for the success of a content strategy and relies on his years of experience in the area to describe each of these aspects clearly and objectively.

Author: Anthony D. Williams and Don Tapscott

digital marketing books

Like the case of Robin Chase’s book, Wikinomics, Wikinomics, by Anthony D. Williams and Don Tapscott is focused on something extremely useful and important for Digital Marketing professionals: the collaborative economy.

Using well-known examples, such as Linux and Wikipedia, the authors present several cases of companies and projects that did well when using collaborative systems to generate revenue and innovation, besides, of course, pointing out ways for marketers to take advantage of this model of production to create more immersive and inspiring campaigns and promotions for your customers.

These are the indispensable books for those who want to know more about Digital Marketing. They are intelligent titles, which can add up a lot in terms of content and constantly improve the results obtained in the areas of advertising and relationship.

Don’t miss the chance to read them: