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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the name of the solution that allows companies to manage and control their relationship with their customers. There are many competent software on the market and, among them, that of Oracle stands out. However, before adopting it, it is essential to know more about the characteristics of the solution.

Oracle is a renowned company and very well known worldwide in the IT sector. Your solution data base it has been bringing a solid alternative for years and a reference in the market.

Among its main features, CRM is the one that is most relevant and highlighted in view of the current demands of companies. Managing customers generates engagement and business opportunities.

Understanding more about Oracle and its role as a CRM solution is essential to have the best direction when choosing this platform.

In this post, you will have a broader view of the company, its history in the market and how it emerged as one of the giants in administrative solutions. See also the pros and cons of those who choose their CRM solution!

The importance of a CRM for companies

Managing the relationship with customers has been a fundamental demand for companies. It is not enough to want to sell, it is necessary to be close to them to offer something more suitable.

CRM is the tool that helps companies have more useful content about their consumers, by doing so on a single platform. In it, everything is centralized and focused on a more objective relationship.

In the CRM tools, it is possible to have a history of consumer contacts with the company, their purchases, their interests and all their data. Based on this, offers, advertising campaigns marketing and the entire relationship of the company is based on a.

In this way, there are greater chances of engagement, since the accuracy of all this activity increases considerably. When a company knows its customer’s preferences, the relationship moves towards loyalty.

This makes it clear how CRM has a fundamental proposal in the current context of relationship with the public. In this case, Oracle is one of those solutions, which allows you to optimize this contact, so that it generates more business opportunities.

The development of Oracle and its solutions

Oracle is one of the largest database, software and hardware solutions companies in the world. Its database is one of the best known and it is shown to be more efficient in this relationship between client and server.

The beginning of its history as a CRM giant began in 1998, when the company officially launched a division focused on these solutions. From then on, the proposal was to be the biggest.

In 2006, Oracle acquired the company Siebel Systems, until then one of its major rivals in the CRM market. With this important step, development and reaching the top of the market came naturally. With that, Oracle started to work on the launch of several solutions, each one with a market direction.

It is precisely this breadth of the company’s actions that makes it so comprehensive and considered a reference. For all types of business activities, there is a solution and CRM system from Oracle that perfectly meets the demands of the business.

Oracle works with some main solutions that bring important functionalities for the performance of companies. Among the main ones, there are 3 categories of services.


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1. On Demand (SaaS)

The On Demand category consists of cloud solutions, where the user accesses directly through a connection to the web, with a monthly subscription.

Precisely because it has this service platform delivery feature, it is considered a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Its operation is very simple, mainly, due to all use taking place through an internet browser.

2. Social CRM

Oracle’s Social CRM has been in the market for over 10 years. Even though it is a simpler tool, it brings the proposal to offer solutions aimed at traditional companies. With it, you can:

  • detect and qualify leads;
  • make good sales campaigns based on customer data;
  • gather general information for the company’s departments.

3. PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM

PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM is the broadest of the family. It is a set of useful solutions for the daily life of companies in general or even entrepreneurs. This line emerged when Oracle acquired PeopleSoft and, along with it, its entire software proposal.

The Pros of Oracle CRM

Knowing Oracle more deeply is important to understand how it can be relevant to the business. Before hiring a CRM solution, knowing more about what it delivers makes all the difference.

Next, check out the main highlights considered as the great advantages of Oracle and learn how they can be useful in the daily lives of companies.

Centralization of information control

Oracle’s CRM brings the important functionality of centralize absolutely all customer information in one place. This brings more productivity to the service, commercial and other sectors that will have access to this data.

In a simple way, any necessary consultation can be made through the registration of this consumer within the Oracle environment. Without the use of this tool, spreadsheets and other outdated resources would be needed to organize relevant information.

In Oracle, in a dynamic and intuitive way, ample data is associated with the customer’s name. When accessing, it is possible to find not only name, address and general information, but also the history of purchases, calls and offers already made to that person.

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Evaluation of all types of contacts

The contacts that the customer makes with the business are important and should be recorded for future analysis. On these occasions, relevant perceptions are detected by the company, which generates indicators that make it possible to understand from the quality of its services to the preferences of a customer.

For this, however, it is necessary to evaluate all the paths used for this communication. Email, call center, chatbots and any other important feature is fully integrated with Oracle CRM, including the social networks.

In these spaces, there are more and more requests, which also generates relevant content that needs to be evaluated by companies. With this broad integration, Oracle stands out in the market, since no perception is lost due to the service channel.

Lead Qualification

Qualifying leads is a crucial job in understanding who can really bring good business opportunities in the future. A company will collect data from potential stakeholders in droves, as it is part of the job.

However, out of all that volume, filtering what can actually lead to conversions is critical. It is precisely this work that can be found efficiently with Oracle CRM.

Through resources that allow a deeper analysis, qualified leads are properly highlighted among other contacts that have no potential to generate business. From there, these leads can be guided through the next steps of the sales funnel, in search of results.

Cloud Solution

Currently, cloud solutions are a strong trend that bring real and concrete benefits to users. Oracle CRM is not left out, having all its operation executed in software that does not require installation on a physical peripheral.

With this, all necessary activity with the platform is facilitated, gaining more agility and, mainly, remote access.

Cloud access gives you the ability to use it anytime, from anywhere. In times of such intense and flexible routines, being able to use CRM from anywhere is an interesting highlight. Oracle’s competitors have also invested in this possibility, which reinforces the need for competitiveness.

The cons of Oracle CRM

As everything is not perfect, even a prominent CRM like Oracle has some points that can weigh negatively against it. Get to know better which features may not be the most interesting of this solution and understand the reasons.

High cost

All this offer of features and precise and comprehensive solutions comes at a price that, for some, may be too high.

Oracle CRM plans are charged in dollars and, in addition, they also have a monthly cost that is not very interesting for small businessesBeginning entrepreneurs, for example, also have a demand for customer qualification and control, but for them, the price of the solution can weigh in their pocket.

This issue makes Oracle CRM more focused on medium and large companies. Depending on the revenue of the business, this value is not a really impacting cost, especially when considering everything it offers. As it is a limiting factor for users, it is possible to consider price as a factor that weighs against the solution.

English only support

Despite its global operations, Oracle is a company of American origin and base. With that, English is of course your primary language.

The problem is that it is the only one, from the platform to the service. As much as it is increasingly common for companies to have employees who speak the language, this can be a problem in solving various questions.

Support in London, for example, makes communication clearer and more objective. This possibility is not delivered by Oracle, so companies must assess whether it could be a long-term problem.

The final view on Oracle CRM

An overview is always important before hitting the hammer on a solution. You have seen in detail some of the main highlights of the company and what can be said is that they are really effective.

These are competitive advantages that allow you to take advantage of the main advantages of a CRM with total breadth and objectivity. In short, Oracle CRM delivers what is expected of it.

As for the disadvantages, it is essential to evaluate, first, how they impact certain business.

Small businesses may not cope well with the cost and the inflexibility of the language, precisely because of the limited economic and human resources. However, large companies will not see price problems and will certainly have professionals fluent in English.

Oracle is a reference and its CRM follows this path. Knowing better its characteristics and its impact on the market is essential before considering it as a sure choice!

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