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Video content has already proved to be essential in digital strategies. Following this line, LinkedIn launched a live streaming tool.

This is probably the first time you’ve heard about the LinkedIn Live, and do you know why? Because this is the last launch of the most famous corporate network in the world.

LinkedIn is a different platform: a B2B network that allows us to relate between companies. Its objective is precious and specific: the professional development.

And it is not just for you to send a resume and wait for a job, but for networking, evaluating ideas, studying the market, promoting training, etc.

We went through the height of video production and playback and streaming services and LinkedIn was able to follow that. Follow us to learn more about LinkedIn Live!

The LinkedIn Live proposal

The proposal is clear: offer a live streaming service that allows you to broadcast videos and events in real time.

The objective is the same as any idea of ​​product development: adding value to the experience. And in the case of the corporate world, this has many possibilities.

From conferences between branches of different companies in various parts of the world, through training seminars to audits.

The possibility to broadcast live increases the engagement of usersbecause they can participate in more interactive dynamics. This will enrich them as professionals, while facilitating the business process.

The social network

The increase in the number of entrepreneurs created the need to promote professional bonds, instead of constant awareness.

It is not about socializing our emotions or sharing our states and opinions, but about find the best business opportunities and personal growth. And for that, LinkedIn offers a more formal and serious context than other networks.

The Beta Mystery

LinkedIn Live, however, is on Beta phase. That is, undergoing experimentation. But we know that, in its form, it will be very different from the services offered by other platforms.

The difference will be in its usage code, focused on the profile of users and business utilities.

See other points:

  • it will not be for the transmission of personal content;
  • it will not have the horizontal paradigm of social networks, but it will be based on positions, functions and hierarchies;
  • it will not focus on the user’s emotional, but on their ability to integrate into a personal development project.

The partners

Such a bold launch, however, requires a good technical structure to ensure a pleasant user experience.

Therefore, LinkedIn will have the presence of other tools known in the market for audiovisual resources.

And, to reinforce authority on the topic, nothing better than having the best partners, such as:

  • Wirecast: the main video mixing software, created by Telestream, to guarantee quality.
  • Switcher Studio: for multi-screen conferences (with up to 9 simultaneous screens);
  • Wowza Media System: speed, streaming anywhere in the world in less than three seconds;
  • Socialive: to make life easier for users and to easily create live streams on a professional level;
  • to sell better, the live “one-stop-shop” platform for brands and retailers;
  • Microsoft: the icing on the cake, more than a partner, the owner of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Live promises to be a quality step for the business world. Forgive us Mark Zuckerberg, but Bill Gates is calling us. So don’t wait any longer! Create your LinkedIn profile today and start developing your career.

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