Google launches data-based tool for journalists – WAU

Seeking to “build a stronger future for journalism”, Google announces a new tool, aimed at news producers.

Google has just launched a new tool for newspaper newsrooms. The great need, at the moment, is to strengthen the content and recover the economic dynamics of the media.

A year ago, we witnessed a new way of positioning large data companies. Thus, a credibility problem arose. Google promptly launched a tool focused on producing news media.

Called the Google News Initiative, the idea is to “build a stronger future for journalism”, helping to use the metrics generated by the analysis tools, to increase the number of subscription income.

This week, the search engine launched its latest novelty: Realtime Content Insight.

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Google News Initiative

Google News Initiative emerged as a way to face the credibility and trust crisis that digital companies have suffered in recent years. Fake news, election scandals, data manipulation, misinformation, etc.

In this way, Google placed authority at the center by associating the journalism industry’s seal of quality. The company not only opens up new monetization possibilities for the media, but also promotes the qualification of the generated content.

Initiative tools

Now let’s talk about the tools that make up this project, starting with the two that already existed.

NCI – News Consumer Insights

It is a way to help publishers create viable businesses, working with Google Analytics focused on subscriptions. With this tool it is possible to discover:

  • who are the most valuable readers for a website;
  • what is the most effective way to reach them;
  • how to create a loyal user base;
  • how to promote engagement among readers.
  • how to convert users into subscribers who pay for qualified content and valuable information.

For this, the tool uses the funnel concept, dividing users into four types:

  1. occasional readers;
  2. loyal readers;
  3. brand lovers and their editorial line
  4. subscribers.

Studying the data, and scoring the readers, information is provided to move them through the funnel.

DMB – Data Maturity Benchmark

It is a tool for engagement and monetization of the site’s audience. It creates a diagnosis so that you know where a content channel is located, with respect to the maturity of the data, and that it generates reports so that editors know what steps they should take to move forward.

The idea is to take advantage of every opportunity to generate value, promote commitment and increase direct payment relationships.

RCI – Realtime Content Insights

And, to finish off the big news, the new Google product provides real-time information that helps newspaper managers to know which articles are the most popular and which are the current topic trends among their audience.

To use it is very simple: it is necessary to log into the Google account and authorize the tool to use the Google Analytics data.

The idea is to qualify the decisions that are made regarding the creation and distribution of content, to attract more subscribers.

From this, it will be possible to monitor the performance of the contents in real time, in addition to the following benefits:

  • identify which articles on the site are trending;
  • know where visitors come from;
  • define territorially, through geolocation, trends;
  • visualize and work the data on a practical and beautifully designed desktop.

With this new tool, Google had the ability to create an alternative to the media crisis while strengthening and qualifying the content economy.

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