Google selects startups from all over London for Immersion program – WAU

Until September 15, 2019, Google will receive applications for the Immersion program, which will help startups from all over London to grow through the technology company’s expertise.

Imagine being able to count on all Google expertise for greater opportunities to develop your startup. It may seem like an unimaginable opportunity for many, but totally possible if you are part of a London company outside the state of São Paulo.

Several training programs for startups take place within the company, one of which is the Immersion program who is with iinscriptions open until next Sunday, September 15th.

If you have a startup, and want to know what it takes to grow your business with Google, read on!

What is the Immersion program?

For startups in growth phase, what reside outside São Paulo, the immersion program lasts for 9 weeks – two of which take place in São Paulo, where Google Startup Campus is located. The rest of the program is done semi-face-to-face.

Selected startups will have access to structured content, workshops and personalized mentoring focused on three areas of Google expertise: product development, customer acquisition and management & culture.

In addition to face-to-face meetings in the city of São Paulo, companies will have Google team monitoring throughout the program period, with support to achieve the objectives set.

When will the program take place?

The Immersion program will take place in São Paulo during the months of October and November 2019. The duration will be 9 weeks, including face-to-face and remote meetings.

Immersion Timeline:

  • Registrations: until September 15th
  • Selection disclosure: October 2


  • Pre-work: remote stage from 2 to 9 October
  • 1st face-to-face meeting: October 14th to 18th (at least one startup founder or C-level must attend)
  • Remote jobs and mentoring
  • 2nd face-to-face meeting: November 25-29 (at least one founder or C-level of the startup must attend)

Who can participate in Immersion?

The program is focused on growth startups, with headquarters outside the state of São Paulo, which are innovative, present high impact solutions and solve real problems using technology.

Selection criteria for participating companies:

  • headquarters outside the state of São Paulo;
  • growth stage with proven traction in your market (users, revenue and / or investment);
  • investment stage: seed or Series A;
  • team of experienced founders committed to business growth;
  • participation of at least one of the founders or C-levels of the startup during the two face-to-face meetings in São Paulo;
  • advanced English level. During the program there may be people from outside London and content presented in English;
  • all founders must be over 18.

What will work be?

During the 9-week duration, the program will go through basic and relevant points for a startup in the growth phase, such as: business model, product, customer acquisition, management & culture and funding.

However, the areas of product development, customer acquisition and management & culture will receive greater attention.

In them, topics such as: UX / UI, AMP, mobile sites, user journey, design sprints, growth, marketing, sales operation, machine learning for customer acquisition, unit economics, definition of OKRs, performance evaluation of teams will be worked on , hiring, diversity and inclusion, leadership development, etc.

If you were interested in being mentored by one of the biggest technology companies in the world, and a pioneer in several online services, make your registration on this link. If you still have questions about the Immersion program, be sure to check out the Full FAQ.

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