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The tools for YouTube are fundamental in the daily life of content producers. They allow you to manage channels and optimize the reach of your videos. From keyword analysis to monetization, the impacts of these resources are diverse for those who want to professionalize strategies and gain visibility.

It is no longer news that video marketing has great potential to bring good results. In this scenario, the tools for YouTube provide the necessary support for an effective strategy to be developed. This ensures that the content produced will have a real impact for the brand.

A channel can develop further, gaining a lot of visibility on the Web and even making a profit if it is optimized. For this, strategy planning software is indispensable.

In this post, we’ll show you the top 15 tools and why they’re so important.


The impact and what these tools are for

YouTube is much more capable of reaching people than you might think. Proof of this is precisely the theme of this content: optimization tools! There is always the possibility of making a channel better prepared to attract users and, above all, engaging them with the content.

In practice, these tools for YouTube are capable of leave a more professional, flashy and strategically ready channel to receive visitors. For those looking to professionalize the production of video content, it is essential to be found easier, follow the results of the channel and, who knows, monetize.

Below, we’ve separated the main categories of tools for YouTube for you. Better understand what the software from these divisions will be able to bring to your video content strategy!

Keyword analysis

The keyword is already a well-known element within digital marketing and needs no introduction. Just as it is in content and on websites, it is also on YouTube videos. They have the same ability to capture an audience from Google searches.

Support tools help you analyze which keywords are performing most interestingly on YouTube. Thus, the most searched terms can be inserted in the title, video description, tags and other strategic points.

Competition analysis

We know that you are always keeping an eye on your competitors, after all, the market is competitive! However, it is possible to do this analysis in even more detail, which allows you to really compete for space and overcome other channels. Competitor analysis tools provide good support for this!

These software bring more detailed data on how other channels have performed. Among this information, there are notes on days and times when they register more hits and interactions, for example.

We recommend that you always keep an eye on competitors with these tools!

Traffic tracking

Traffic is another very important metric. So it becomes one of the most relevant tools for YouTube within the strategy.

In general, the videos of a channel are part of an Inbound Marketing practice, that is, of attraction of users. Because of this, monitoring traffic is essential.

These tools help to have more concrete data on the number of daily visitors to your YouTube channel, detailing these accesses, as well as showing how long these people have been on and how much they have interacted with the videos.


Making money from a YouTube channel is a possibility that should always be considered. Naturally, to achieve this, it is necessary to produce content that stands out and draws the attention of your audience and persona. If you are on this path, monetization tools will help you raise funds the right way.

With more and more news in this segment, YouTube has made available tools that support financial funding. Possibilities of monthly subscription, sale of products related to the channel and gain by volume of accesses. All of this within YouTube and with website support.

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15 best tools for YouTube

1. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is one of the most practical, simple, friendly and effective tools for YouTube in seeking to improve a channel. It is free and works as a Chrome extension, without the need to download software.

The main function of the tool is test everything before using: titles, descriptions, YouTube tags, video preview thumbnails and other details. Thus, it is possible to know in advance which will have the best performance in front of the user.

TubeBuddy also schedules video uploads, as well as allows you to schedule their removal from certain lists. It even helps to compare your channel to that of competitors, based on ratings. These and many other features are worth taking advantage of!

2. Social Blade

Social Blade is part of the YouTube tools category with a strategic focus rather than a functional, everyday one. It is basically aimed at analyzing channel metrics, and is also useful for platforms like Twitch.

It allows a deep analysis on the performance of your channel, showing different levels of statistics that support your evaluation. In addition, Social Blade brings the same results as its competitors on YouTube.

Another great feature is to understand well with whom you dispute space in the segment. The tool shows who owns the channels, that is, whether they are users, agencies or major brands. There are many other possibilities besides these!

3. YouTube Studio

Official platform tool, YouTube Studio is totally geared towards creators! We highly recommend this solution to anyone who is getting started on the channel and wants it to be within the main standards of the platform.

For those who already have an active channel, the tool helps manage basic and common details needed in everyday life. The main highlight is that it is an app, that is, all necessary changes can be made remotely, on the smartphone.

There, you can also respond to comments on videos, access the upload pages and follow the basic metrics that YouTube offers. All of this is brought together in a simple, practical and indispensable app for anyone who has a channel.

4. Woobox

Woobox is one of the tools for YouTube that support integration between platforms, something indispensable in the era of digital transformation.

In practice, it helps the user to adapt content to be viewed in other social networks, like Facebook. As a result, this possibility increases the audience and traffic of visitors to your YouTube channel. All channel content is now available with easy access on Facebook, without the need to leave the social network.

This facility has the positive impact of dispensing with redirection. This increases engagement and facilitates user navigation. You can customize an access guide to make Facebook viewing more attractive, highlighting the videos you want.

5. Bitly

Let’s talk a little more about platform integration! Bitly brings an extremely simple solution, but one that has a great positive impact. Its function is generate shortened links, reducing the size of those long and full of numbers and letters.

The first impact is to make them simpler, which, visually, are much more user friendly. This makes them more attractive, even serving as an incentive for sharing.

In general everything is more organized on your pages and facilitates this integration between platforms. Shorter links can also be tracked more easily – do not forget!

6. Pixlr

Think of your user when you enter the YouTube home. It has dozens of video preview boxes, the famous thumbnails. The decision to access those that seem most attractive is almost automatic.

Pixlr becomes one of the most important tools for YouTube, as it supports the creation of these thumbnails. In this job, you can get more attractive previews.

Besides create high quality previews, Pixlr also helps in the editing phase, adding images within its contents. It is a functional tool with broad support for important steps.

7. Tubular Insights

Another totally strategic tool, Tubular Insights revolves around good tips for your videos to perform well. Those insights come based on Google search optimization, making your content more visible.

In practice, this platform tracks videos from different platforms and offers its analysis on the main trends. They are experts ready to offer advice to content producers so they can perform better on their YouTube channels.

8. Google Keyword Planner

Google’s widely known tool, Keyword Planner also extends its functionality for keyword search to YouTube. There, it is possible to have a complete return on performance for millions of terms, so you can use them strategically on your channel.

Each of these words will be shown with relevant statistics and data that will support very valuable insights. We say that Keyword Planner needs to be at any cost in your routine! It is indispensable for the success of your channel.

9. Camtasia

Camtasia is one of the most targeted YouTube tools out there, and its function is simple: record your computer screen. Easy, let’s explain how this can be useful! If you have a tutorial channel, or need to generate this content at some point, recording the screen will be essential.

This helps to illustrate to your audience what step-by-step is needed to carry out what you are teaching. This makes the video much more impactful and interesting, which is essential to attract more users. Camtasia also allows you to make edits that help the tutorial to be more assertive.

10. vidlQ

Knowing who your audience is is essential to produce content that is increasingly aligned with this audience. VidlQ provides the necessary support for this, thanks to its wide functionalities that facilitate the identification of video metrics.

It helps you know exactly who is watching your videos, using location data, age group, among others. It also helps to manage comments and identify influencers among users. As a result, your videos can be increasingly targeted.

11. Hootsuite

You may not know what it works for, but you’ve certainly heard or read the name Hootsuite somewhere! One of the main tools for YouTube, it offers good channel management options, including for accounts that are run by major media agencies.

There, you can schedule uploads, track metrics and even generate good reports to identify points for improvement and effective performance in the channel.

We recommend Hootsuite for large teams that need to take care of important channel accounts!

12. YouTube Analytics

The official YouTube tool for metrics couldn’t be missing from this list! YouTube Analytics offers the your channel results in a way that is easy to understand and in real time, something very interesting for those who work strategically.

It also provides reports from different perspectives, such as revenue, watch time and interaction. This allows a complete observation of everything that happens on the channel, following this performance in the favorite period of time.

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13. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is another one of those famous tools that you’ve certainly heard of. The proposal for content producers is capture ads for your YouTube channels. This advertising is generated automatically and is served by these advertisers on your videos.

Adsense is a tool for all Google accounts that can capture advertising payments for ads. Therefore, users are able to view all their income in this tool, having everything separate, including with a session only for ads on YouTube.

14. YouTube Channel Memberships

Channel Memberships is a tool associated with a possibility on YouTube that brought great earning opportunities for content producers. These are member programs in which subscribers pay a monthly fee to access exclusive content, which is not published openly on the channel.

This is one of the most profitable ways to monetize YouTube, as it works as a exclusive offer program for subscribers. However, only channels that have more than 30,000 members can participate in this monetization scheme, in addition to other criteria that YouTube does not disclose.

15. 3Play Media

The internet does not impose barriers on content producers and that means that your video can be watched by people all over the world. In practice, how can someone who doesn’t understand London watch and understand what you say in the videos? 3Play Media brings the simple solution to this: subtitles!

It is a tool that offers captions, transcription and audio description for any content you upload to YouTube.

More than making your videos understandable to an international audience, this is also an accessibility feature. So, nobody is excluded from what you produce!

We have separated the best tools for YouTube in this list, and you need to know more about each of these software. How to do this? Starting to use them right now!

Video is hot and can make a big difference for your company! Check out a manual to use them in your Content Marketing strategy!

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