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Do you already know how to build your email list? Learn the best ways and see practical examples in the biggest internet guide on the topic.

Whenever we talk about lead generation, there is a question that worries and takes away the sleep of many Digital Marketing professionals and entrepreneurs: how to build an email list.

In addition, this point is also usually one of the parts where most people have difficulties.

While there is no cake recipe for creating an email list, you can easily find hundreds of sites with miracle recipes for success.

Although there is no such perfect step-by-step that works for any business, there are some paths that help you achieve success. And that’s what we’re going to talk about here.

With that in mind, we will help you understand the importance and also how to create your own email list.

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Why have an email list?

First of all, understanding how important this is will help us explain how to create your own list. After all, what’s the use of this post if you think the email died?

According to market studies, in 2015 the use of email broke records. To give you an idea of ​​how great this tool still is, last year more than 205 billion emails daily worldwide.

Considering a world population of 7 billion people, it would be as if every inhabitant on Earth sends almost 30 emails every day.

But, obviously, this number of users is not so high, so we can play this average of emails fired daily to the 100 or even 200 emails every day.

So far so good, I have already had a perfect sense of how much the use of email is still relevant for any business. Be it small, medium or large, working with people interested in your business, prospects and even customers via email is the easiest way to success.

Without your own mailing list, you will hardly be able to keep in touch with such people so that:

  • They develop more empathy and interest in your business or brand;
  • Be nourished with relevant content to help them walk in your sales funnel;
  • As customers, you have a direct and personal channel of communication with each of them.

The other main benefit of having your own email list

Certainly if you are reading this content, your online presence is already established or it is starting to develop. Right?

For this reason, more than certain, your company needs to have a page on social networks of preference to your audience. We will not be discussing how to choose the ideal social network for your business, for this, read this material on how to choose a social network for your company.

Being present in social networks is more than essential. There you can get in touch with people who are interested in your brand, content you produce and other reasons that can make someone follow your profile.

This is extremely relevant, but there is a small problem: whoever follows your company on social networks is not your contact.

Contrary to what some marketers believe, vanity metrics like number of likes on Facebook and followers on Instagram are not that important.

It is worth remembering that, only on Facebook, less than 5% of your followers are able to see the contents of your page in an organic way.

In any case, the point in question is not even this. What we mean is that a person who follows you on Facebook is not necessarily a lead for your business.

You don’t have vital information like:

  • Name;
  • Email;
  • Telephone;
  • City;
  • Company where you work.

Although all of this information is displayed on your followers’ Facebook, you are unable to export this list of people outside the social network.

Ultimately, your followers are not yours. They are from Facebook.

Did you understand where we want to go?

Where to start building your email list

Now that you understand that the most important point on this list is that it is completely yours, we can continue with the content of this guide.

Here at Websites Are Us we like to say that there are three basic steps for you to be able to create and increase the size of your email list. These are points that we have gone through and we continue to improve today.

You need to worry about:

  • Create a relevant offer;
  • Have a capture page (Landing Page);
  • Site and pages optimized for conversion.

Now we will explain each of these points in detail so that you understand the process step by step.

Create a relevant offer

This may be a somewhat complex step for some people. Creating a relevant offer can generate a lot of doubts and, above all, a tremendous fear of not having a magnificent idea that engages your audience.

First of all, stop and think about your business persona. The fictitious representation of the ideal customer of your business has problems just like us and, without a doubt, you can find out what the biggest pain of that person is.

Once you are able to identify this problem, the next step is to create the ideal content. It will not always come in the format of an ebook. This is also a bit of a confusing point for some people.

When we talk about relevant offers, keep in mind that in order to attract new visitors (increasing your email list can be considered the initial step of the sales funnel, the top of the funnel) you need content that catches the attention of the largest number of people :

What will dictate the ideal format for your offer will definitely be the main way your persona gets new information.

If she is a person who reads blogs and likes text format, perhaps ebooks and white papers are the answer.

If you are a person who likes to listen to content or view content on different media, webinars, podcasts and a video certification may be the best option.

At this point, there are a multitude of possibilities that you can test. What is worth stressing is: without knowing your persona and producing content that is relevant to them, possibly your offer will not bring any results.

So, before you even start writing, recording the video or planning a webinar, understand who your business persona is and what it needs.

Practical Guide for Content Disclosure

Have a capture page (Landing Page)

Once your offer is created, the next step is to create the ideal location for your offer to be promoted. In this case, we are talking about Landing Pages or capture pages.

The purpose of these pages is very clear: turn a visitor into a lead.

When thinking about landing pages, some points need to be clarified.

  • These pages have a single objective: to turn visitors into leads (worth repeating);
  • They are not intended to show your brand to the visitor;
  • They are not intended to make the visitor aware of your social networks;
  • Landing pages are not a place to present content that is not intended to increase page conversion;
  • Capture pages must be created with extreme care to convince the visitor to fill out your form, regardless of its size.

We like to expose the importance of these points for a few simple reasons. Many landing pages do not have an interesting conversion result for basic errors.

They end up having links that can take the visitor away from the page, or the copy of the content is not well worked and did not convince the user about the quality and how relevant that content can be for him.

Anyway, creating a landing page can be much more work than it looks.

The structure of a successful landing page

Now, let’s point-by-point explain some relevant parts of the ideal structure of a champion capture page:

  • Cover Image: You must indicate to the visitor the purpose of that page. Be it to sign up for a webinar, download an ebook or register for a certification;
  • Content: Titles, subtitles and all the rest of the content must convince the visitor to take the desired action. Almost 100% of the time, this action is to fill the form to receive the content in return;
  • Form: Although some people don’t like long forms, what will define the size of yours is your own need. In some cases we use forms from two fields, but the vast majority of ours have 6 fields. They are big, but for Websites Are Us it makes sense;
  • Thank you page: The thank you page is the next step – after conversion – that must be created together with the capture page. It is there that the user will receive the content or directions to take advantage of the offer that he has just obtained access to. Either receive an email, mark the date of the webinar on the calendar or click on a link to download the content.

If you fail to create any of the steps above, your page’s conversion rate (the metric that proves the results of your efforts) will be well below what you want.

What will define the best image, content or size of the form will depend solely and exclusively on the A / B tests you perform on your landing pages.

At the beginning of this post, we talked about improving the techniques that are made and remade. This is exactly what allows us to obtain expressive results with the increase of our email list.

We’re always testing improvement opportunities to find out if we can improve conversions for our capture pages.

Here are some examples of Websites Are Us landing pages:

e-mail list

e-mail list

e-mail list

Site and pages optimized for conversion

Another incredible source of capturing emails is independent of all that we’ve talked about so far. By making your pages optimized for conversion, that is, optimized to generate leads, you can increase (and a lot) the number of emails that arrive at your base.

Imagine that your company’s website, or corporate blog, already has a considerable amount of hits. In this example we will say that, monthly, its pages add up to 100 thousand hits.

In addition, you use an email capture tool like Hellobar, Summome, LeadIn and also have a newsletter subscription field on your website’s sidebar.

So far, how are you?

At the end of the month, its website had 100,000 accesses organically. Your site’s SEO is up to date, links are coming and zero cost traffic (organic traffic) starts to boost your lead generation.

How is it possible?

In this specific situation, your lead generation efforts, such as Pop-up and sidebar, are generating 5% conversion of visitors into leads. At the end of the month, this represents 5,000 new emails being generated organically for your business.

Do you know what is most interesting about this strategy? It is extremely real and achievable.

How to generate leads using Hellobar

Here at Websites Are Us, we use Hellobar on our three blogs., and

Use our affiliate link and receive 1 month free access Hello Bar. Just register here.

In each of our blogs, this email capture tool has a different format, with a different call and a different promise.

In the vast majority of cases, we are inviting the site visitor to register for our newsletter to receive firsthand the main content of the blog.

In the case of the Content Marketing blog, the pop-up appears instantly as soon as a new user accesses our domain:

e-mail list

This is the pop-up that appears on the user’s screen. The content aims to attract the visitor’s attention with an incredible promise, presenting a successful case of Websites Are Us.

This type of content can be optimized and tested for incredible results.

Are you curious to know what our conversion rate is with this pop-up?

e-mail list

We created this popup almost a year ago and have already performed several tests to find the best recipe. Currently, our conversion is 4.6% of visitor to lead.

Monthly, we have almost 500 thousand visitors per month. Then I leave the math to you to estimate how much we are generating monthly with this strategy.

Although Hellobar is a paid tool, it also has a free version, where you can use a similar strategy. The important thing is to find the tool that works best for you and the way that this pop-up will be displayed.

After almost a year of testing, we found that the format that generates the most results for WAU is the one that covers the entire screen. For your business it can be different and to find out, you need to test it yourself.

lead generation kit

19 strategies you can use to build and grow your email list

After going through the basics of a strategy for creating an email list, it’s time to get your hands dirty.

There is no shortage of strategies you can use to start your list from scratch and also grow your existing list.

Many of these tips may seem basic, but in most cases, they are details that we miss and, consequently, opportunities that we are missing.

1. Indication of Clients

Every customer in your business is a potential person to bring in new contacts. Word of mouth marketing has always been an extremely relevant strategy and you should use this to your advantage.

Whenever you close a contract with a new customer or make a product sale, communicate with the customer by email and ask if they would be interested in referring your product or service to someone they know.

You can be sure that at least one person will meet someone interested!

2. SEO

Do you remember the example we gave just now about how we generate leads for Websites Are Us through organic traffic?

Well, using search engine optimizations to your advantage can go far beyond just bringing traffic to your domain. It is extremely relevant to remember that traffic without conversion is a great way to not make your investment worthwhile in this strategy.

So, whenever you think about increasing traffic to your site, consider what can be done to generate leads: conversion sidebar, email capture tools, CTAs on the blog and so on.

SEO 2.0 Guide

3. Paid media (PPC)

Using media buying strategies can go far beyond promoting your final sales pages.

What happens in most cases is that some companies focus only on keywords, which represent the bottom of the sales funnel. That is, the keywords that link directly to the purchase action.

In this case, use both Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to promote landing pages of unique materials that you already have or that you have just created.

A great tip for this strategy is to use Facebook Ads’ customizable audiences to find people who have similar tastes and interests to others who are already in your base.

Here at Websites Are Us we use this strategy and have incredible results. You can test it!

4. Co-marketing

You can be sure that you are not the only person interested in increasing or creating your own email list. Know that right now there are people who are also reading this post and other content on the internet with the same goal as you.

How to use this to your advantage?

Find companies that have goals, personas and interests similar to yours. Become a partner of these companies and develop projects and offers together. This is called co-marketing and is one of the most amazing ways to get results with lead generation.

Almost any content format can be used for co-marketing. Websites Are Us always partners, at least once a month, in order to gain new leads and reach an audience that may not yet know our services.

Alignment is essential to the success of this strategy. To learn more about co-marketing, read this article.

5. Guest posting

Like the co-marketing partnership, exchanging guest posts is also a very interesting way to grow your email list.

Although this practice has a main focus on exchanging links, thinking about a Link Building strategy, guest posts can also help you generate leads.

Whenever you produce content that will be published on a blog different from yours, remember to look for partners that talk about similar topics or that are linked to yours (here the same rule of co-marketing applies).

When you publish an article on a different blog, the possibility of communicating with audiences that do not yet know you is much greater.

Therefore, whenever you publish an article on a third blog, remember to use CTAs that took you to a landing page with an offer or invite the reader to subscribe to your newsletter.

Complete Guide to Guest Blogging ebook

6. Create a Newsletter

One of the easiest ways to create your email list from scratch is through newsletters.

What is worth mentioning here is that we are not talking about a Submarino, Netshoes or RicardoEletro style newsletter (we have nothing against companies!).

e-mail list

Unlike what some companies usually do, newsletters should be a way to communicate with your leads. Do not necessarily use this channel only for promotion and offers.

The important point for your newsletter to be successful and for many people to be interested in it is simple: the content you share needs to be great.

If you already have a blog, even better!

Select the best content from your blog in a month and send it to the people in your base or those interested in the newsletter. So you can generate value for these people and also increase your blog’s email traffic.

Another point that needs to be discussed here is that, when creating your form for a newsletter, be very careful with the fields you will include for the conversion.

What I mean is this: a newsletter is not an offer that requires such a huge exchange with the user. This means that you do not need to include 5 fields for the person to register.

Ideally, you will only ask for the visitor’s email so that he can start receiving your monthly emails.

Seems too little?

Often, the user who accepts to sign up for your newsletter can be so far from making a purchase or hiring your service, that you may lose several contacts who, one day, may become a customer.

The newsletter is an incredible tool, because it keeps you in touch with people who can arouse interest in your service months after the first conversion.

Therefore, when creating your newsletter think about the following:

  • Create incredible content;
  • Share only the best posts, service or anything you wanted to promote;
  • Always remember to promote an offer. This offer will have a complete form, so you will have all the information for that user.

By doing this every month, consequently, that user can convert into a second offer and, thus, you will have all the information about him so that you can start working on it in your sales funnel.

newsletter guide

7. Give lectures and participate in events

As strange as it may seem, when you are in face-to-face events as a speaker – or just as an ordinary participant – you have a huge chance of generating leads.

As a speaker, you generate tremendous authority and you can be sure that anything you promote can produce good results. Whether promoting your blog, website, newsletter or even an offer that is relevant to that audience.

If you go to an event as a participant, put your networking skills into practice and exchange cards, talking to as many people as possible.

8. Create a survey

Since 2015, Websites Are Us started to focus a lot on creating research for the London market.

From explaining how content marketing has been accepted in the market, how technology companies use marketing tools or how educational institutions are adapting to recent changes in marketing.

Surveys are an incredible form of lead generation, as they generate a lot of authority for your business and are easily promoted by third parties.

They take a lot of work to create, but they are worth it!

In case you were curious, check out some of Websites Are Us research:

marketing research

Create an online challenge (promotion)

Who doesn’t like to win a prize?

And the award can be anything. A shirt, sticker, mug or a trip to Disney (that you can be sure everyone will want).

Either way, using sweepstakes, promotions and challenges is a great way to grow your email list. They have a much greater potential for viralization, since people are running for a prize and all they need to do is leave the email in return.

Simple, isn’t it?

9. Create more than one email subscription type

Newsletters are the most basic part of any email marketing strategy for growing an email list.

If you wanted to take this further, how about creating different types of signatures for your email list, which will directly target each person to the type of content they most want to receive via email?

A very interesting example of this is to create a list of people who would like to receive updates from your blog, another