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Knowing how to delete Facebook account is something increasingly sought after. The social network has lost credibility and is perhaps no longer interesting. There are many factors that have contributed to this and they need to be discussed. Understand the reasons and see how to delete your account!

Why have so many people been looking lately for information about how to delete Facebook account? If, for some time, it was the main social network used, today, the creation of Mark Zuckerberg is not so successful, and the reasons are several.

From security breaches to fake news, everything can be a reason why this platform is no longer interesting for its users.

At times when productivity it can also be affected by the excessive use of networks, many choose to end their participation on Facebook. Although it is a choice based on an ultimatum, for many people, it is essential to do it that way.

In this post, you’ll better understand why Facebook is being left out. Understand the different motivations and the current scenario, and also how to delete a profile.

Why are so many people leaving Facebook?

If the title of this post appealed to you, don’t feel alone: ​​many people have also been looking to know how to delete Facebook account.

In London, Datafolha has already drawn attention to a data that links the warning signal: the country’s user base had one 5% drop in the last 17 months. It may seem an insignificant number, but it is important to consider that London is the 3rd country with the largest presence of users on the social network.

Thus, this 5% becomes a large number, which generates an important impact on the platform and, above all, opens space for discussions about what has motivated this decision.

When assessing this issue, it is always important to draw a parallel between Facebook’s initial purpose and what level it is currently on.

At the time, it was a website that connected people in a large network of friends and family. There, links, videos, photos and text posts could be shared. At the time, it was a natural transition for anyone using Orkut.

It turns out that today, this has divided space with other features and, in particular, many problems. Business profiles have grown uncontrollably and it is understandable, after all, the platform is free and companies are the main source of income.

In the timeline, photos and posts from friends started to give space to publicity driven by several companies.

This is just the tip of an iceberg that has driven many sailors from the seas captained by Mark Zuckerberg, responsible for creating the site and who, recently, was involved in controversies. Next, check out some perspectives that help to understand the fall of Facebook users.

The social network may not be as secure anymore

Tue Dice personal exposed is a compelling reason to want to know how to delete a Facebook account. Unfortunately, the social network has been involved more than once in cases like this, admitting flaws in its security protocols, with exposure of preference information, navigation and other important data related to users.

In the most serious case, in 2016, 50 million people had their information improperly captured by Cambridge Analytica, a company hired by the Donald Trump campaign, then a candidate for the presidency of the U.S.

The data were used as the basis for segmenting campaigns and posts targeted at these people, with the intention of reaching them in an optimized way. This helped Trump boost his popularity and win the elections.

Naturally, this and the other occasions of data leak helped to undermine users’ confidence in the security parameters of the Zuckerberg network. Being at risk is one of the factors that have kept users away.

Overuse impairs productivity

Not directly linked to Facebook, this factor is very important and has a great impact on people’s daily lives.

Spending too much time on social media it is a practice that many are unable to abandon and this is definitely a difficult cycle to be abandoned. As a result, productivity is greatly impaired, whether at work or in personal life.

It is undeniable that Facebook is and has always been an interesting platform with many attractions, but not everyone knows enjoy it in a way healthy.

Some people have developed harmful habits when using the platform, spending more time on it than they should. As much as it is almost a dependency, some realized in time how harmful it is.

Given that, there are already many people leaving Facebook to live! There are healthier activities to be practiced and, mainly, the time of use needs to be managed in the best way. For many, the best option is to stop using the social network instead.

Exposure is a bad factor

Finding out how to delete Facebook account can also be a solution to not expose yourself more on social networks.

Of course, it depends on each one and having a profile does not necessarily mean having to open your life on the Web, but it doesn’t always work like that, since simple opinion in a post can represent exposure.

Having to deal with this is not something well understood by anyone and, from the perception of this fact, insecurity can take over.

It really pays to be on the verge of exposing yourself or be in evidence even without that intention? Users start to have this perception and, when they understand that it is something that does not depend only on them, they close themselves to it.

Advertising has more space than it should

How could a free platform support itself? In its beginning, Facebook went through many questions like this and, although it seemed very interesting to have this access without costs, it is natural that this has a “price”, even if it does not come out of the pocket of the common user.

Facebook changed the way it worked a lot when it started, well, monetize. Sustaining the social network would be impossible without advertising.

The immense user base is a full plate for the network to charge for companies to serve sponsored posts and social media campaigns, since the broad reach is definitely guaranteed.

However, this had consequences for the experience of using the platform. Often sponsored posts take up too much space on people’s timelines, making a simple sidebar scroll totally experience artificial and a far cry from the concept of social networking.

Fake news made the environment unsustainable

Facebook has also become a source of information, thanks to the stabilization of many communication vehicles there.

However, everything has a bad part when it comes to the internet, and in this case, the side effect came through a flood of false information being shared. From the mildest, linked to montage videos, to the serious ones, related to the country’s political issues.

Fake news has become a serious problem and has mobilized Facebook in favor of tools to assist in reporting profiles and pages that propagate this information within the social network.

Still, it is difficult to fully control this practice, and this has been one of the most concrete and justifiable reasons for seeking to know how to delete a Facebook account.

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How to close an account on mobile and computer?

Well, if your decision to leave the social network is final, know that it is possible to delete Facebook account. You can do this directly from a personal computer or using a mobile device, such as a cell phone or a tablet.

Next, see a step by step!

On the computer

Open Facebook on your computer and, on the home page, in the top bar, click the last option on the right, illustrated by a downward facing arrow.

Then, go to the option “settings”And will automatically open a window with the“General”Selected.

how to delete facebook account

Click in “Manage Account”And then“Deactivate account”. Your password will be selected, just enter and confirm.

how to delete facebook accounthow to delete account

This path is aimed at those who just want to take a break from the social network to understand how things work without the habit of accessing it.

However, if your decision to delete once and for all is already made, it is also possible to do so. Just click on this link and click on “Delete account”.

how to delete facebook account

If you want to save your photos and other data first, you will also see the “Download information”. Just click on it before selecting the definitive deletion.

On the cellphone

The same process can be easily performed in the application for smartphones or tablets, without any difficulty.

At the bottom of the main screen, where there are a series of buttons, tap the 3 horizontal stripes, last option on the right, and then select “Settings and privacy” and then “settings”.

how to delete facebookhow to delete facebook

On the screen that opens, scroll down to the “Your information on Facebook”, Select“Account ownership and control”And then touch“Deactivation and deletion”.

how to delete facebookhow to delete facebook

On the next screen you will find two options: “Deactivate account“Or”Delete account”. Just choose the one you want and confirm.

how to delete facebook

Don’t forget to save your data first! You have this option also in the “Your information on Facebook”By clicking on“Download your information”.

It is important to note that the profile is only permanently deleted after 90 days. Before that, all the contents of the account are still available. If the login is made during this period, there may be a delay in the complete deletion and, if you just deactivated, the account will become active again.

Now that you know how to delete your Facebook account, make the decision that you think is the right one. The important thing is that the usage experience is still relevant!

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