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We don’t have to go very far to try to understand consumer behavior in the digital world. Just look at someone you know like no one else: yourself. As a customer, isn’t it great when you get good service? Well, you are not alone in this. Our experiences as consumers can shed some light on us […]

We don’t have to go very far to try to understand consumer behavior in the digital world.

Just look at someone you know like no one else: yourself. As a customer, it’s not great when you get a good service? Well, you are not alone in this.

Our experiences as consumers can shed some light on how to treat our customers.

When we have our needs met, the chance of having a better relationship with the brand is much greater. More than that, depending on the case, we ended up becoming fans of that company and became brand promoters.

The effervescence of the internet, where everything happens very fast, is also the stage for consumers fans of your brand.

Just remember a crisis involving the name of a company. Someone bought a spoiled and ready food, minutes later images and reports are already on the network exposing the brand, as well as thousands of people are there to comment and share and the situation is public in a very short time.

The cool thing about talking here is that the opposite also happens and is great for your brand. With inbound marketing, our view is much more focused on understanding the moment of the consumer and this strategy is essential to create this engagement.

Therefore, it is time to think very seriously about investing in the relationship with your customers and making them so engaged as to help promote your product or service.

How to build advocates for your brand

Let’s see how to encourage this behavior in your audience?

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Quick service

Nobody likes to waste time.

Imagine wasting it on inefficient and time-consuming service? Try to provide an agile service to your customer.

Of course, you will not always be able to give an instant answer, since the demands vary and often depend on other sectors of the company, but as far as possible, try not to delay the return.

There is no rule regarding this response time because each type of business has a different dynamic, but use common sense not to annoy your customer.

Another interesting point is not to get the customer involved in the urge to want to respond quickly.

For example: when you are unable to resolve the customer’s demand, keep sending a series of emails telling you that you are checking the situation.

This can cause a strain on the relationship, so when in doubt, try to answer when you already have a solution to present. Good service is extremely positive for the reputation of your business and can make a difference in the memory that comes in the minds of customers when they think about your product.

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Turn problems into opportunities

All is not lost when your company receives a criticism in Reclame Aqui or any other digital channel.

Take the opportunity to turn the game around by giving a great referral to that customer complaint.

As they are usually public channels, the client’s publication is visible to everyone.

So, by resolving his issue in a respectful and efficient way, in addition to leaving him satisfied, you also leave a good impression for those who visualize the development of the situation.

Who are you talking to?

Do you know who your customers are? We are not talking here about knowing what they bought from your company or where they just live.

To relate to them you need to gather as much information as you can. With your customers’ data in a CRM or marketing automation tool, for example, you will be able to direct the communication, being able to go straight into the customer’s pain.

This is reflected in a much more personalized contact and, you know, everyone likes to be called by name.

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More than serving well

With many options on the market and the ease of customers migrating to the competition, serving well today is a must.

The tip in this case is to offer more than good service – what your competition must already be doing – give the customer a differentiated service.

Try to understand the needs of your consumers and how your service or product may surprise them.

For this, it is important to always be aware of possibilities for improvement. Making the customer feel special is the key to making them your wallet fans.

Team involved

Maintaining a good relationship with the customer does not depend only on the company’s Marketing or Sales sector.

This must be in the DNA of the business, it must be something that the whole team breathes and shares. Have you ever thought how strange your client is to always have contact with someone who gives you total attention and one day call your company and be coldly attended by some other employee?

Encourage this positive behavior across the team. Your customer will feel that serving well is something that is at the heart of your company.

Finally, keep in mind that consumers are the best and cheapest advertisement for your brand, precisely because we are talking about a spontaneous and true manifestation.

Looking for what people say about a product or service on the internet before closing a deal is practically part of the consumer checklist, don’t waste this opportunity to stand out.

And in your company, do you adopt these measures? Already have fans of the brand? Tell us!

Camila Prochnow is a marketing analyst at Next Idea.

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