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It is very likely that you already know the importance of using Content Marketing to educate the customer, after all, this is one of the concepts that provides strategic support for actions in the digital environment. It is the educational materials that have the function of attracting the attention of the possible users of that brand and, […]

It is very likely that you already know the importance of using Content Marketing to educate the customer, after all, this is one of the concepts that provides strategic support for actions in the digital environment.

It is the educational materials that have the function of attracting the attention of the possible users of that brand and, from there, guide them through all stages of the sales funnel.

We have to adopt different strategies for each of these stages, but in all of them it is important focus on public education, because this is the audience’s interest.

People surf the internet looking for solutions to their personal or professional problems. That is, they are not after information about certain products or services.

The understanding of this situation is what has determined the success of content marketing strategies, created precisely to place brands as reference sources important for the consumer.

The logic of the activity is simple, but we see many companies failing because they end up getting lost along the way and ignoring the basic premises of this type of work.

Today’s post has a well-defined proposal: explain what should be done to ensure that your company can use content marketing to educate! Come on?

Why use content marketing to educate?

If we return to the basic definitions of content marketing – it is an activity that should attract and engage customers through topics of interest to them – we can see that it is practically impossible to have a technically successful strategy in this area without valuing education.

But in practice, many companies, in the middle of the process, are tempted to prioritize publications that refer directly to their products and services.

The reasons for that?

It is usually the search for quick results. There are managers who believe that, in this way, they can accelerate the return on investments.

This is a mistake, since, in doing so, they can even hinder the lead nutrition process, one of the most important steps in this type of project.

In order not to make mistakes, keep in mind that, especially for those customers who are at the top of the sales funnel, it is essential to have educational content. Remember that at this stage, not even the customer has yet detected the need to purchase a certain product or service.

In other words, a good strategy at that moment is one that can get your attention, put you in doubt about the need to have access to that type of solution or not.

However, we can only do this if we put aside the company’s specific sales interests and focus on customer orientation.

We’ll explain more about how to do this in the following topics, but make a note there: using content marketing to educate the customer also helps strengthen the relationship that person will establish with the brand, which is crucial for the success of the company is perennial.

Stay tuned: do not fall into the trap of using content that contains more “aggressive” offers, without the proper preparation of the lead, because this will not result in sales and may still disappoint the user and keep them away from their digital channels.

What can’t be missing from your strategy?

Before addressing the precautions that must be taken in preparing educational content, it is worth emphasizing that the strategy works best when:

1. We invest in action planning

Planning is fundamental to any marketing strategy, but in the case of content production it is decisive for the success or failure of actions.

It is very complicated to have excellent creative “balconies” in the daily rush.

The best way to get to the right content is to work the themes in advance, based on discussions with the team involved in the project and based on what was also obtained from the client.

If you have the support of a company specialized in this area, even better, because it means that you will have strategic guidance on what is most efficient for each situation and you will still receive everything duly documented.

2. We create a persona to guide strategies

Another common mistake made by companies in content marketing strategies is failing to create the persona or not giving it due importance in everyday life.

To have adequate content, the company needs to know its target audience well, since it is from there that it will be able to approach it in a personalized way. If you still have doubts about how to build an ideal customer, access the free tool we developed to develop the right persona for your brand.

personas generator

3. Measure everything to improve results

It makes no sense to fail to take advantage of the resources available on online platforms to closely monitor the reactions of your audience. In order not to get lost, define in advance, according to the objectives, the KPIs that will be monitored.

Thinking specifically about content marketing, remember that you need to track data on reach, engagement, lead and customers, since it is based on this information that you can evaluate the result of the work.

Which strategies should be privileged?

1. Support for customer development

When defining your editorial calendar, keep in mind that the goal is to teach something to your consumer, to help him solve any possible problems, whether personal or professional.

From the point of view of your business strategy, it is important, of course, that the subjects dealt with are related to your products and services.

However, this does not mean that your material should make direct references to them.

And consider that, many times, in the lead preparation, it is necessary to take a step back, to return to basic concepts on that subject.

For example, if the focus of your business is small and medium-sized companies, it is difficult to “sell” certain services without first guiding that customer about the importance of professionalizing their activities.

If the client is not aware of the impact that the high turnover of employees can have on your business, how will you value the training program you offer and the importance it has in retaining talent?

In this context, relevant contents, for example, aimed at improving the operation’s management process or the company’s internal communication flow are relevant.

Think about it: when you receive a tip that helps in improving your business, that entrepreneur will raise his perception about your brand, and it will count in your favor when he analyzes the choice of a new partner.

In order to offer suitable solutions to the customer, however, you need to understand their pain, that is, to understand the challenges he faces on a daily basis. For that, there is only one way: to approach customers, create communication channels that are effective in capturing their opinions.

2. Sharing experiences

Many companies are afraid to open their information to customers, show more details of their operation. However, today transparency is a highly valued attribute and works well for customer education.

Think that the problems faced in a certain area, when shared, can help your audience to identify with that situation and, thus, find the way out of their own difficulties.

Remember that experiences are always unique, so the interest of the public, who, from them, can also better understand the positioning of the brand, understand what its values ​​are.

3. Valuation of practical tips

A good reference for the production of educational materials is to think about the practical application of that content. There’s no way, everyone values ​​something that can generate immediate benefits for your life or your business.

Turning to the example of SMEs, why not offer a model document that can be used to improve the performance of a certain activity?

It still works well for these cases to complement the material. So, if you published a more theoretical post on the subject X, why not provide an infographic with a step-by-step guide on the topic?

4. Attention to the diversification of publications

One of the mistakes in this area is to believe that educational content should be formal, “heavy”, which will make your corporate blog “boring”.

This will only happen if you ignore that, even in the school environment, teachers who know how to get out of the commonplace are more successful, find more creative ways to present the material.

This type of reasoning applies both to the format (in our case we can use texts, videos, infographics, animations, images, e-books, etc.) and to the way the content will be developed.

For example, to get out of the routine, why not listen to experts on a certain subject and publish the testimonials on the blog in a question and answer format? How about preparing tutorial videos focused on themes that go beyond your area of ​​expertise, such as social responsibility?

Brands today are charged for their values ​​and purposes, but not everyone knows how to do the right thing in relation, for example, to the issue of waste disposal, energy savings or even more complex issues, such as business ethics.

Still looking for more diversity for your content marketing strategy, consider the possibility of appealing to humorous publications.

Anecdotes with the problems faced usually work well, since they make the presentation more relaxed.

Each company must study its situation well, but it is important to keep in mind that we cannot be predictable, let the strategy fall into monotony. A good inspiration can come from the analysis of national and international cases.

It is good to know successful projects, but be careful! The idea is not to replicate third-party strategies, but to find the best way to keep the customer’s attention.

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