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* Note: some people on the WAU team did not understand the image (I know, right !?). The hole in the ground represents Paint resurrecting and coming out from under the Earth. Being a designer for two days is not easy! The world wakes up in celebration! Microsoft today decreed its biggest hit since the creation of Paint itself. […]

* Note: some people on the WAU team did not understand the image (I know, right !?). The hole in the ground represents Paint resurrecting and coming out from under the Earth. Being a designer for two days is not easy!

The world wakes up in celebration!

Microsoft today decreed its biggest hit since the creation of Paint itself.

In one of the biggest twists in the history of mankind, MS Paint didn’t wait even three days and is already resurrected!

The situation took on as unexpected a contour as the Westworld plot.

After global demonstrations in protest of the shutdown of the devices that kept Paint alive, Microsoft decided to go back. Now, whoever wants to update the versions, can download for free on Windows Store.

That means your screen prints are safe!

Paint fans showed the power of the people. There were thousands of nostalgic messages, works of art coming out of the back of the closet and all of this culminated in an unexpected return.

Paint, one of your best childhood friends (and possibly a current work tool), lives to die another day!

Let’s keep our homage to Paint, remembering remarkable moments and some truths about this tool.

If before it was a tribute of mourning, now it is a celebration!

R.I.P. Paint: Ressurect In Peace!

The birth of a legend

Paint was born in 1985 under Windows 1.0.

Son of Zsoft Corporation, paint was born while crawling. In his early years he already supported incredible 1-bit monochrome graphics.

But every child has to grow up, and already in Windows 3.0 came the Paintbrush phase! He was now able to read images in bitmap, JPEG and PNG formats. To understand these image formats click here!

It was during this phase of adolescence at Paint that he became the great friends of many children and young people in the 90s. A true phenomenon.

Try to look into your eyes and not get emotional:


An unexpected shock

The death of paint took many people by surprise, after all, now in Windows 10, at the height of its age (remembering that 1 human year equals 8 years of software) paint was optimized to create and edit 3D images.

After years of using paint for illustrations, to spend all the colored ink on the printer to have that image of a well-designed alligator in his room and then use it as an environment to save his prints from the internet … he is gone.

The most unexpected death since Eddard Stark happened online. Another reflection of digital transformation.

An unexpected shock 2

As soon as the tool burial was over, Paint resurfaced.

Microsoft made a very motivating announcement about the tool:

“Today, we saw an unbelievable wave of support and nostalgia around MS Paint. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that after 32 years, MS Paint has a lot of fans. It has been amazing to see so much love for our old and trusted app. In the midst of today’s comments about MS Paint, we wanted to take this opportunity to clear up any possible confusion and share good news:
MS Paint is here to stay, it will only have a new home soon: the Windows store, where it will be available for free [para download]. ”

We appreciate your common sense, Microsoft! The paint is here, to stay!

Paint’s most incredible truths

It was his first computer game

If today children spend hours and hours playing Minecraft (game clearly inspired by the striking features of Paint), those who grew up in the 90s know that the greatest hours played on the PC were with Paint.

The only ones who dared to compete with him were the classic Patience and the infamous Minesweeper.

It was the first tool of great design professionals

Long before Paint’s cousins ​​(Photoshop, Ilustrator and the like) were born, paint had already awakened the inner desire of great designers to work with art.

Check out these testimonials from two great contemporary Graphic Design professionals, before discovering that Paint had risen:

“Paint was essential for me to decide which profession to pursue. Everyone here at WAU thinks I work using Illustrator, but my secret to making such cool illustrations is, and always has been, Paint. In fact, I don’t even know how to deal with Illustrator. In Paint I have expertise, since I use it since I was a child in Windows 95. It will be missing, in fact. But there are always alternatives online, so I can still guarantee my job as a designer. ”

Rafael Rallo – Graphic Designer at Websites Are Us

This testimonial shows the importance that Paint has until today!

Let’s see this other report from our Head of Graphic Design for the Marketing team:

“My first contact with digital illustration / image editing was on a 386 computer, on windows 3.1, where there were no colors or shades of gray: the shades were made from lattices! I followed with paint for a long time and my first animations were made in a software called GIF Animator, where I drew all the animation frames in Paint. Immeasurable value for such influential software. Much respect and gratitude. May Corel follow suit. ”

Lucas Chagas – Graphic Designer at Websites Are Us.

There are many other professionals who paid tribute to Paint. And these honors played an effective role in inducing Microsoft to save its main tool!

Revealed that there is a Jackson Pollock in each of us

Who never!?

If you don’t know who Jackson Pollock is, see here!

Has more classic works than Picasso

You have certainly seen some of these classic works in paint like:

The little house:

Paint house

The little boat:

The cat:

And the most classic and most used art of all time:

Paint stick figureThe stick figure!

It greatly expanded your analytical capacity (or the popular one: it killed you with anger)

If you’ve never been there:

Paint rage

Paint rage

It certainly does not have such a powerful analytical capacity! It was hours trying to find the points of failure between the lines.

Paint and marketingdeconteudo.com

Paint has already shown up here on the blog. I confess that I used to save prints and even edit some images, for example:

Yoast SEO: options

This artistic arrow was created in Paint!

This image was taken from the Post: Yoast SEO tutorial

I leave here the cover image of this post when Paint had died:

This work of art cannot be lost.

Alternatives to Paint

Well, we all know that Paint is irreplaceable.

But we have separated some options for you to continue taking advantage of Design tools:

Thank you Paint!

That’s all we have to say! Thanks for the learnings, the works of art and the memories.

And of course, thanks for returning and for the memories that are yet to come! We love you paint!

May more misunderstood works of art come …

If you liked this tribute check also the tribute we did when Orkut passed away: R.I.P Orkut! Unfortunately, this one did not resurrect.

Ah! And if you want, feel free to share the works of art you’ve done in paint here in the comments!

P.S: I love this tool so much that for the first time I created the Post image myself!

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