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When a company opts for Content Marketing there are always doubts about how to generate its articles, blog posts, e-books and materials in general. Nowadays, any company considers using Content Marketing when it wants to generate leads, gain authority, educate its audience or reduce support costs. But when the possibilities are analyzed, we realize that the […]

When a company opts for Content Marketing there are always doubts about how to generate its articles, blog posts, e-books and materials in general. Nowadays, any company considers using Content Marketing when it wants to generate leads, gain authority, educate its audience or reduce support costs. But when the possibilities are analyzed, we realize that the question is no longer “Should I use content marketing?” and becomes “How do I produce my content?”

There are numerous options: hire a journalist, encourage your team to contribute to the company’s blog, hire a freelance content producer, hire a company and outsource… which one to choose? The answer is simple: more content means more results and more visibility. Therefore, all answers are correct. But to help you make that choice, we’ve compiled some interesting data.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 72% of large companies and 33% of small businesses in the United States use a combination of in-house content production and outsourced production.

In London, according to the “Content Marketing Trends 2015” survey (which will be released on July 6) by Websites Are Us, of the professionals who use a combination of in-house and outsourced production, 43% are professionals from marketing, 28% are partners / CEOs and 4% journalists.

It is necessary to produce content internally and externally. This is because a company that produces content for another has all the necessary structure to focus on perfect texts to attract the largest number of visitors, focusing on keywords. It can also produce the strategy that will make you reach your goals, analyzing results and often giving your opinion on new successful tactics.

But although outsourcing is a fantastic option, only your company’s employees, with the help of your customers, know the right arguments for closing sales. Only you would know how to write the content that is about the quality of your services, your promotions, your excellent service or the results of your products with customer cases.

And the biggest proof: Websites Are Us research shows that organizations that use a combination of in-house and outsourced production have a 9.5% higher success rate than those that do not. See the graph:

Outsourced Content production 1

This means an increase in visits, lead generation, and of course, the number of new customers!

To know how to correctly combine internal and outsourced production, it is necessary to understand who produces which type of material. First, we need to align the concepts of the sales funnel.

Top, middle and bottom of funnel

For each moment of purchase of each persona, different interests, demands and objections arise. The sales funnel and customer journey can help you know exactly what type of content is suitable for personas at different stages of the funnel.

It is important to align the content with the sales funnel. For this we will understand it a little better:

outsourced content production 2

Discovery, interest, or attraction materials are at the top of the funnel. The public that is in this phase may not even know your blog or service: in this step, your goal is to produce engaging content to awaken and keep your visitors’ interest. Note that these texts are initial, they do not need the expertise of their employees to be written, but they need to be more interactive. In this case, a well-designed layout, materials focused on keywords and attraction and that hold the reader’s attention are essential.

In the middle of the funnel, the contents must present their solution. Why does the blog visitor need software? Is it time for those reading your blog to start a professional course? Make your customer realize that it’s time to buy the service they need at that moment or buy that product that looks like them! For this stage, it is still necessary to focus on fluid texts that hold the reader’s attention, but it will already be necessary to have a little technical knowledge from the people who are in the company’s day-to-day and know this area better. .

When your lead accesses the funnel bottom materials, he already knows that he needs your solution. Right now, he is evaluating: your competitors, the investment, your plans … in short: it is the right time to give good arguments for him to buy from you! Your sales team, along with your marketing team, can help you with this step. Perhaps your product team will start producing content here and even continue to do so to retain customers, even after purchase. The funnel fund is the right time to talk about your company!

Learn more about top, middle and bottom of the funnel here.

Outsource your content?

Outsourcing is usually a practical way of having your content focused on attraction. The cost is less, since you do not move your employees’ time to write about subjects that a third party company can write for you. This saves you time, which can be used to write denser content.

In addition, outsourcing content production provides regularity, as in some seasons your employees may be busy enough to produce internally. Typically, when you choose to outsource, writers who are experts in different fields can write the right content for you, which is great!

In-house production?

In-house production is important because if there is anyone who knows a company, it is really its employees. But don’t forget that your team has to really understand the material that must be developed: lying about the company’s qualities can end up disappointing the customer and the possibility of them canceling the services (or never buying from you again) can increase a lot.

That is why, as important as your team’s texts are, it is interesting to have someone from outside to produce for your blog in a more impartial way, with an outside view of the company’s day-to-day. In addition, training writers to have the right arguments is essential.

Hire a company to produce your content

Hiring a company specialized in content marketing is a great solution: you have access to a platform for managing and evaluating your strategy, having total control of the process that your texts and materials are going through.

In addition, it is accompanied by consultants who are experts in content marketing, who measure results and give tips to optimize points in your strategy, using Analytics and SEO planning, among others. These specialists manage your personas, search for ideal keywords for the success of your blog, in addition to documenting your strategy on the content marketing platform, which makes it 62% more effective.

Usually, the company that produces content for others knows how to build a strategy, diagram e-books and produce texts with specialists in the areas that their personas are interested in, focusing on attraction and keywords.

Choose the right company that has exactly what you need. The key points for choosing the perfect content producer: someone who understands content marketing, has a personalized strategy for you and produces quality texts. Research, understand the objectives of the company and seek the best alternative for you!

What materials to produce internally?

Some materials are more in-depth and someone on your team will have more knowledge to write this type of article. Do you work with management software? Your product team may know some great tips on how to use it in the best possible way. Do you work in college marketing? Teachers can have book tips appropriate for each moment of their career.

In addition, only your team has access to your sales data, customer satisfaction and other specifics. Probably some employee of your company knows a success story, a customer who is very satisfied, someone who always recommends his products to friends. Discover these cases and ask for testimonials, assemble cases that sell and give your leads great arguments to help at that moment that he already knows what he wants, but needs to choose who he will buy from, or when he needs a little push to buy at that moment !

New promotion from your e-commerce sales team? Ask your team to notify you and then send personalized material to customers who are interested in buying that product. Some ideas for you:

  • Case studies
    Ex: Case of an RD client, Next Idea.
  • Sales enablement parts
    Ex customer: The Project Builder sales team uses this article for a pitch.
  • Interviews
    Ex client: Interview with Manuela Barem through
  • News
    Ex customer: News of in vitro fertilization from Cordvida.

How to produce internally?

If you have a marketing team, they can produce funnel-based internal content weekly, every 15 days, or as often as their structure allows. It can be a case study, testimonials from satisfied customers, in short: any material that gives a sales pitch. Another option is to ask your employees to produce some content related to each one’s specialty. Your sales team can write about customer service, while the maintenance department can talk about how to best preserve your product.

Encourage your employees to always write, because no one can write about your company better than them. Internal content production is the ability to use all the information that employees have about your company to your advantage!

Where to start Content Marketing outsourcing?

Top funnel materials – which should focus on attracting people to your site and on first conversions – are the easiest to outsource. These materials need to be comprehensive and attractive. Here are some examples:

  • Blog articles on “how to do something”, tutorials
    Ex: Project Builder article on How to avoid conflicts between departments.
  • List Articles
    Ex: This article on management tools from the blog Intelligent Tools.
  • Revenue
    Ex: Dulce de Fondue recipe from Shop Time blog
  • Compilations of material on a subject
    Ex: Ebook with wordpress tips from the blog Digital Tools.
  • Conceptual articles
    Ex: What is Glaucoma, from the blog of the Integrated Clinic of Ophthalmology
  • Attraction texts in general focused on keywords.
    Ex: Article on how to choose the best extra class for your child, from the blog “A cockroach says you have”.
  • Ebooks for initial conversions in the sales funnel
    Ex: Geekie Ebook: How to teach the 21st century generation.

Don’t think “Produce or Outsource?”. Think Produce + Outsource

Yes, they do not compete and both must be adopted to maximize their success. Top funnel material can be produced by a company that specializes in attracting visitors to your site, as these materials can be written by people outside your company, which ends up being much cheaper and you don’t need to take your team out of job. In addition, companies that produce content can create and manage a perfect strategy for their business.

The more specialized material, funnel bottom, can be written in a more elaborated way by someone who knows the company’s day-to-day life, and it would be perfect if your team made successful cases, some specialized materials and explanations of how and because your solution is the best on the market.

A company that produces quality content both internally and outsourced is Conta Azul, on a blog that combines top, middle and bottom funnel content in a concrete strategy: videos and infographics produced in house and blog posts produced by Websites Are Us together with the internal team.

Content marketing is a worthwhile investment! Choose the best form of content production for you and get started today! Want to know more about content production and strategy? See the videocast on Content Marketing in practice, with Pedro Calvo, CMO of Sympla.