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In partnership with Websites Are Us, the consultancy specialized in real estate financing, CrediPronto, increased the number of leads by 20 times. Understand what strategies were used for this.

What you will learn in this case

If your company seeks to gain authority in its segment and generate organic business opportunities, this case will show you how digital marketing strategies have helped CrediPronto achieve these goals.

Here you will understand:

  • what was the status of CrediPronto when it decided to partner with Websites Are Us;
  • what strategy we use to pursue CrediPronto’s business objectives;
  • what the results achieved with the partnership.

But first you need to know the star of this case.

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Who is CrediPronto

CrediPronto is a consulting company specialized in real estate financing. It was created through the association between two companies that are references in the London real estate and financial market: Lopes and Itaú.

Always seeking to meet the needs of its customers and find the best financing solution for real estate, CrediPronto already has more than 20,000 contracts issued, 7 billion reais in financing and 400 partners.

The company is already in 12 states, serving more than 50 cities and with a team of highly trained financial consultants, delivering the best real estate financing solution to its customers supported by the best service platform on the market.

The challenge

With a structured product and a team of experts, the main challenges for CrediPronto were to increase brand visibility and authority, seeking to generate more traffic and leverage your lead acquisition.

Because of the size of the challenge, Fernando Moreira, a full marketing analyst at CrediPronto, knew that the right way was the digital medium:

“Before starting work with WAU, our company did not have a well-defined strategy in the area. We produced content without purpose and in a few words. What led us to start work in this direction was precisely the need for structuring digital marketing in the company, as well as creating a blog and the start of the implementation of Inbound Marketing in the organization. ”

The reality of CrediPronto was no different than most companies looking to leverage their online presence:

“When we looked for WAU, we didn’t have a structured content production team, we didn’t have a persona much less a content production plan or an editorial calendar. ”

Taking into account the challenges and situation of the company, Websites Are Us started a work focused on generating results for CrediPronto.

Strategy and results generated

Seeking to tidy up the house, the initial steps were to structure CrediPronto’s strategy. With its planning, persona and editorial calendar ready, the production of 8 blog posts of 500 monthly words began, focusing on attacking strategic keywords for the company’s interests.

With the frequency of publication and quality of content, CrediPronto generates organic opportunities with increasing frequency.

In 2017, the company’s blog generated 31,895 visits, 18,488 of which organic traffic. In 2018, we realized the need to adapt the strategy to better meet the company’s objectives, and we started producing 1,000 word blog posts, reducing the amount of 500 word posts.

With the consolidation of the content marketing strategy, in addition to the change in the distribution of published content, CrediPronto ended 2018 with 120,570 sessions on your blog, an increase of 278.02% in relation to the previous year.

Of these sessions, 80% came from organic sources, representing 429.49% growth in organic traffic from one year to the next.

To make its visitors walk through its sales funnel, CrediPronto counts on the production and dissemination of an ebook every two months. With the evolution of its strategy, and more and more people entering its funnel, the company sees great results in relation to lead generation.

Sales Funnel Planning Kit

Analyzing a short period of time the evolution of these results is clear.

Between October and December 2017, the company generated 238 leads from 61,327 visits on its website and blog; a conversion rate of 0.38%.

In the same period of 2018, 4,848 leads were generated from 148,452 sessions, more than 20 times the amount of leads!

This represents a conversion rate of 3.27%, more than 8 times higher than the previous one, even though it greatly increases the total number of sessions.

With a structure for generating organic opportunities running, CrediPronto has already raised its expectation of results, and we will have another year full of challenges and achievements in our partnership.

“Today it helps us with the volume and quality of content on our blog. Approximately 80% of the results of our blog have an organic origin and in this period we created a significant relevance in searches with several well ranked content.

Websites Are Us is, without a doubt, a great partner in the production of content. While the editors of WAU produce top and middle funnel materials, we complement this production to supply our blog and our funnel with relevant content and focused on customer pain.

Our experience with Websites Are Us can be summed up in the word partnership. A partnership of trust that has yielded and continues to yield many positive fruits. ”

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