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Most, if not all, entrepreneurs know that offering quality products and services is one of the main success factors for any type of business. However, the most frequently asked question is: how to evaluate the quality of my product? We recognize that this can be a somewhat difficult task, since quality is […]

Most, if not all, entrepreneurs know that offering quality products and services is one of the main success factors for any type of business. However, the question that is heard the most is: how to evaluate the quality of my product?

We recognize that this can be a somewhat difficult task, since quality is relative and depends on several factors to be determined. However, there are means that can be adopted to discover the perception that the consumer has regarding his product in the market. This makes things easier.

If you have a SaaS (Software as a Service) business, the evaluation happens differently, as it is a digital service. So, discover from now on how to evaluate the quality of this service.

What are the definitions of quality?

Quality can be defined in several ways, the main ones being:

Focus on manufacturing

Quality is measured based on suitability and compliance with regulatory standards and segment specifications. Today, every product or service is governed by ABNT standards, ISO certifications and others, being inspected by INMETRO and other regulatory bodies.

Focus on the product

Quality is measured based on comparable attributes. For example: if the product or service belongs to a brand line, it must maintain quality standards, such as others in the same family.

As an example, we have Adobe. The company is famous for the high quality of the software offered, which all follow the same quality standard.

Focus on the user

Quality is measured by utility. In other words, it aims at adapting solutions to the needs of the consumer. This means that the more it helps the user to solve a specific problem or need, the higher its quality.

A company that rules very well in this respect is the giant of the streaming Netflix, which offers customized solutions at affordable prices for its online users.


And when the product or service stands out from everyone else on the market high standards of quality. These standards are universally recognized and the consumer has the feeling that his expectations are always exceeded by the brand.

For this definition, it is only fair to mention the transnational technology company Microsoft, which is recognized worldwide for its high quality software.

Focus on value

The product is considered of quality when has great utility, but the price is adjusted to the public, being accessible to all social classes.

In this case, a great example is Spotify, a music, podcast and video streaming service that offers everything from free plans to different types of premium, which are paid.

What defines the quality of a product?

More specifically, there are 8 elements that say whether a product is of quality and, therefore, well accepted in the market or not. Are they:

Satisfactory performance

To have quality, the product should work as promised the ads, contract, user guide, etc. A watch exemplifies this well. If he always sets the right time and hardly needs any adjustments, it is a sign of good performance.

Complementary functions

If the product delivers additional operational features, it will surprise the customer positively. Even knowing that he will acquire this benefit, as in the case of a smart TV, which accesses the internet, the customer expects that all features will operate correctly.

Complementary features add value to the product or service, changing the way the consumer sees it.

Perceived quality

The perceived quality is associated with how consumers see your brand products in the market. If your brand is famous for quality and acceptance, you can launch any other product that will be compared to the family and will be perceived as high quality as well.

Another technology company that does very well in this regard is Google Apps, which is an example of perceived quality.

After being successful with the search engine, he started to create the most diverse software. Thus, the public tends to believe that all the quality of Google will also be inserted in these applications, maintaining the credibility of the brand.

Technical assistance

It may not seem like it, but customer service and technical support are also considered quality requirements for products and services.

If a guarantee is not met, the service is delayed, the assistance does not solve the problem permanently and high prices are charged for the repair, the brand will gain a bad perception, changing the user’s opinion to negative.


Reliability in a product or service involves believing that he don’t presentThe flaws for a certain period of time. In other words, if the brand offers a 2-year warranty, but usually defects in the products during this period, it is not so reliable in the eyes of the consumer.


The quality of a product or service is measured in two ways. The first is assessing whether manufacturing respects tos standards, regulations and specifications existing in the elaboration of the project. The other is measuring the number of failures that the process records, resulting in defective products.


Durability represents the average time a product is active (functional) until its deterioration and permanent paralysis. You can even confuse durability with reliability, but they are not the same.

While reliability refers to the minimum time that a product cannot be defective, durability refers to the maximum lifespan of the product until the total loss of market value. With that in mind, a product has good durability when its investment is returned.


In addition to all the requirements presented so far, the look of the product also counts a lot. If it is beautiful, has a good texture, has resistant materials, has good levels of security and is intuitive, it gives the impression of having good quality.

Why is the satisfaction survey important?

Research is one of the most important means to assess the degree of satisfaction that consumers have in relation to a specific brand, product or service in the market. She demonstrates objectively and accurately how the public sees your business compared to competitors in the same segment.

That is, if the research is well done, the entrepreneur will be able to clearly understand the opinions of the public in relation to the most important aspects, such as packaging, design, performance, application, durability, etc., in addition to the image and value perceived by him.

In possession of this information, the entrepreneur can invest in strategies to improve the product and make a more efficient branding.

How to evaluate the quality of my product efficiently?

To be successful in measuring the quality of your SaaS product, you need to follow some basic rules. Here are some simple and practical tips:

Prepare an objective survey

To conduct a survey that is useful to the business and, at the same time, pleasant and quick to be answered by users, pay attention to the number and type of questions. The questionnaire needs to be clear and objective so as not to demotivate the audience and deliver exactly the information you need.

For example: instead of asking “What do you think about the product or service?”, Ask him to rate it from 1 to 5, where 1 is terrible and 5 is excellent. Closed questions, which lead to only 2 answers (yes or no), are also valid. You can use them in questions like “Would you recommend the product or service to a friend or relative?”

Lastly, reserve a special field to receive criticism, complaints, suggestions and praise of users. This information is what the interviewee would like to say, but cannot for lack of opportunity. They will help you to see the panorama of opportunities for improvement.

Define the medium by which the search will be applied

The channel through which the research will be carried out depends a lot on the type of business. In the case of a SaaS product, for example, it can be performed by the tool itself (using a voluntary access link or mandatory when logging in). In this case, it is important to make the survey available for future changes to the responses.

In addition to this method, you can use social networks. The tool is great for getting closer to the user, building relationships and measuring the degree of happiness or dissatisfaction he has, through interactions.

Tools like Likealyzer and Klout help to monitor what people are saying about your business on social media and find out if opinions are more positive or negative, as well as what influences those thoughts.

O blog it is also a good research tool. You can, for example, have them answer the questionnaire, in Landing Page format, whenever they want to have access to exclusive content.

Finally, you can use the online service (via chat) to request that they answer questions after the end of the communication and the users’ email, offering something in return (prize) for participation.

Marketing Research

Measure the results

There is no point in having the data if they are not analyzed. Data without analysis is just data. So it is important that establish metrics to find out what user responses say. Much information is subjective and hidden in the raw data and needs to be discovered in the analysis.

Ideally, when asking questions, keep in mind exactly what you want to discover with the answers to facilitate further measurement and analysis.

For example: if you want to find out which functionality is most important in your SaaS product, ask which ones the user would not be without and why. Then assess how many people responded to the same thing. The most important feature will be the one that is most present in the responses.

It’s good to remember that the questionnaire must be ever appliedO at the most convenient time possiblefor the interviewee. In addition, he must have the feeling that he is contributing to something great, that will benefit others and himself.

The search for quality improvement must be a constant goal of the business and satisfaction surveys are what will allow the business to evolve in the right direction, always adding greater value to the brand. We hope to have answered the question “how do I evaluate my SaaS product?” with these tips.

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