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Sales consultancy is a process in which a specialized professional assists other companies in the construction of commercial strategies.

With the speed that changes take place in the market – especially after the arrival of Digital Marketing – many companies need help. When it comes to creating business strategies to win new customers, the situation is complicated.

New technologies, various communication channels and a scenario in which the consumer holds all the information about the products… That is, people are looking for a salesman when they already know everything – and that intimidates many entrepreneurs.

After all, the role of the commercial team has been transformed and, therefore, companies need to update themselves urgently.

THE sales consultancy it is a great way to find new methods to approach potential customers. This process happens when a specialized professional guides companies on the commercial strategies to be adopted.

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How does a sales consultancy work?

The consultative method involves, at the first moment, the diagnosis of the current business situation. Then, it’s the specialist’s turn chart the best strategies and finally, optimize processes that are already underway. Thus, the brand will be guided towards achieving the main objectives.

Generally, consultants are very skilled in solving problems in different segments. With this it is possible to quickly identify, and together with the company, the main process failures.

In addition, this specialist has a very analytical profile, capable of transforming raw data into strategic decisions.

Without forgetting the waist match that you need to optimize the time of managers, since in many moments the presence of the CEO will be necessary to provide valuable information about the business.

The role of a good consultant is direct the organization, and not necessarily execute the suggested strategies. This is one of the advantages of this work method, the decision making is still the company’s.

Consultancy should be temporarybecause the organization needs to move forward on its own. But, of course, without forgetting all the guidelines given.

O average price charged for consulting in the market is from R $ 1,000.00. Everything will depend on the level of knowledge of the consultant hired and the term of this partnership.

What are the benefits of sales consulting for the company?

Creating an effective sales method

One of the main reasons that lead several companies to failure, mainly in the commercial area, is the lack of a working method.

This totally compromises the generation of results, as the sales team feels lost and unmotivated.

How to create a methodology requires a lot time and dedication, consulting is the ideal solution to build this flow.

Through it it will be possible to trace all the necessary path to fulfill each objective. Thus, professionals will be able to understand the importance of each step in their daily lives and will feel part of a larger strategy.

Less waste of money

Most entrepreneurs have many concerns on a daily basis.

With the support of a consultant, they can direct your efforts to other areas of the company. In addition, many brands make terrible mistakes in performing some actions on their own.

We know that some misconceptions can result in a drastic loss for brands. Some are even irreversible, especially with the dissemination power of the internet.

With the presence of a mentor, the margin of error will certainly decrease significantly. Not to mention that any questions that arise during the process can be clarified with the consultant, and this avoids much damage.

Time optimization

One of the main benefits of hiring a consultancy is time optimization. This means that you will have to have less time on this job than if you were going to do it yourself.

Even though the involvement of entrepreneurs during the process is necessary, the investment of time is much less.

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Autonomy and independence

In most consultative processes, the application of the proposed strategies is of company responsibility. In this way, even with the presence of an advisor, the brand will have freedom in the execution of the projects.

Now that you have discovered the main benefits that sales consultancy offers, it is time to know when is the best time to hire you.

When to hire a sales consultant?

Difficulty in achieving business objectives

Do you know that feeling that things are not moving? Yes, most likely they are not.

With all the daily duties, it is difficult for the entrepreneur to plan, create and to control all commercial actions.

If your business has excellent professionals on the front line, but does not have a strategic specialist to plan and guide actions, this is a good time to hire a sales consultant.

Need to update

As we have already said, the purchase process has changed profoundly with the arrival of digital marketing.

With the proposal brought by the inbound marketing, the sales and marketing sectors have never been so interconnected as currently. And many companies have yet to realize it.

Consequently, many of them miss countless daily opportunities to generate business. To prevent this from happening, investing in consulting is an excellent idea to update employees.

Knowledge about new practices, tools and especially, consumer behavior generates a great competitive advantage.

From now on, it will be mandatory to survive in the market. Therefore, the sooner your business is modernized, the better!

Low conversion rate

Often companies have professionals who are very committed to doing their best and achieving their goals. However, it doesn’t always work that way, and the results are frustrating.

The low conversion rates are constant and there seems to be no solution. In this case, having the support of a consultant is an interesting way out and can point out new paths to achieve these goals.

Low-qualified professionals

Another very common situation is to find companies with professionals with high emotional intelligence and with little qualification.

If this is your problem, the scenario is not that serious. Invest in qualification of professionals it’s profitable – after all, knowledge will be reapplied in your business.

So, if you find that your team is highly motivated, but not qualified enough, hire a consultancy.

Have you found out how a sales consultancy, the main benefits that this method offers and the most appropriate time to hire you.

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