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There is much more to customer expectation and satisfaction than your customer experience strategy can predict. And this finding is even more certain if it is not possible to recognize what digital marketing adds to sales and service. If your company is looking to unravel this relationship to enhance […]

There is much more to customer expectation and satisfaction than your strategy customer experience.

And this finding is even more certain if it is not possible to recognize what digital marketing adds to sales and service.

If your company is looking to unravel this relationship to maximize results, you have found the right information.

But before finding out how customer experience and digital marketing are strongly connected, you need to know what is fundamental in both.

The consumer experience depends on the customer journey. And this story begins with an expectation fueled also by marketing. When the purchase relationship is established, the consumer experience is consolidated and must always be oriented towards satisfaction.

Care with expectation, experience and satisfaction design its strategy of customer experience, and the mission of this text is to show that it must always be related to digital marketing, which seeks:

  • Attract new business;
  • Create relationships;
  • And develop a brand identity.

If you want more than to survive the crisis and achieve better results, the consumer experience must become a priority in your company.

To put this into practice, follow below five evidences that digital marketing and customer experience complement each other and bring more results.

1. Leads that have knowledge

There is nothing more frustrating than feeding an expectation that will never be realized. If when looking at your brand the consumer has this experience, you can bet that he will never do business with you again, in addition to not recommending your brand.

And all of this is right!

Imagine, then, that instead of receiving an unsuspecting customer you help to inform and form a lead who has full knowledge of your product or service. He would know everything he needs to make the purchase decision.

But how can this strategy get out of the imagination?

With content marketing, one of the great pillars of digital strategy!

By producing quality information about products and services and making them available online, always keeping an eye on the market and trends, your company feeds the lead. And a well-nourished future customer makes more conscious and consistent choices.

That’s why you need to create a strong base of well-designed, multimedia and humanized content.

2. Salespeople experts

These contents capable of enchanting leads and converting them into customers are the same as instructing the sales team. Enabling salespeople to speak well and with ownership of products and services completes their strategy of attracting and enchanting customers.

After all, there is no way to think about knowledge without content marketing.

You would spend time and money to produce an in-house workshop on the company’s products and activities. Not to mention that each new member of the commercial team would have to make a new edition of the course.

With content marketing, you turn the workshop into a webinar and can empower salespeople and customers at the same time. Texts, short videos, infographics and even ebooks are great materials to reinforce learning about your solutions and products.

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3. Base that feeds the service

Another function of the content is to feed the knowledge base to provide efficient customer service. There is nothing worse for the consumer experience than having a problem and trying to solve it without success. And what often leads to a lack of solution is the lack of knowledge.

Customers dissatisfied with the service will not recommend your brand!

Therefore, once again, content marketing is a resource that promotes the strategy of customer experience.

The contents produced can be automated, being a source of customer service omnichannel.

To solve simple challenges, the consumer can access the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). This list of questions intelligently gathers the main difficulties of customers and shares lessons learned.

In addition to the FAQs, the customer can communicate via chat and be served by intelligent robots. All this without leaving the traditional telephone service aside, especially for more complex issues.

chatbots and marketing

The great gain in all this dynamic between content marketing and customer service is precisely to provide information that serves as a learning tool for both intelligent machines and for humans who can benefit from the information.

4. Loyalty with marketing

The integration of sales and customer service channels is already a reality among 41% of London retailers.

As a support for the commercial team, digital marketing contributes to attract new customers, while good service is a decisive factor for customer loyalty.

Sales strategies are increasingly linked to the care that must be taken with a brand’s identity, as it is this image that will lead to the creation of expectations. Every customer journey begins with them. Nourish them since the arrival of lead until the client’s permanence only depends on his strategy of customer experience.

With all this in mind, we must understand that delivering good experiences and integrating channels are strategies that strengthen one of the most important marketing missions: building customer loyalty.

When sales and service channels are integrated with marketing, it seems that your brand speaks only one language. That is why it can even seem more reliable, especially when it does not pose itself as an unattainable brand or when it offers transparency and complete access to information.

Building customer loyalty does not mean stopping them from leaving at all costs, appealing to questionable retention features.

Who retains, does not retain loyalty!

To earn loyalty, integrate commercial, marketing and service using technology and information in favor of your brand.

5. Marketing and experience depend on interaction

When the interaction is fully integrated, the gains in winning new customers and retaining old ones become evident. But this strategy is not just about automation.

Humanizing contacts has become an important factor in winning over consumers.

Humanized interactions are evident from the choice of the tone of voice of a content marketing material to the programming of a digital robot focused on customer service.

When thinking about marketing, the first idea that comes to mind is linked to the classic methods of approaching the client based on the use of advertising in communication vehicles. However, the interaction should come first.

With digital marketing, contact has become more important by bringing measurable and positive results. After all, more and more consumers buy online and demand fast and effective service, with control of everything from smartphones.

The relationship with your brand is in the consumer’s palm.

This means that digital marketing has become the tool to provide a better user experience.

Learn all about Digital Marketing

This comprehensive guide will teach you everything about digital marketing and how to apply it.

That’s because the customer chooses how to interact with your brand. And your business needs to be prepared to be digital.

O mobile first here to stay!

And does your company already know how to position itself better in the digital world? Bet on the integration between the sales and service channels combined with the digital marketing strategy and see the results.

Content produced by Maíra Gracini, director of marketing at Zendesk!