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YouTube promoted a series of changes in the remuneration system of the channels that make up the platform. Do you know what you need to do to adapt? We’ve gathered relevant information in this article about monetizing videos. Check out!

It is not difficult to understand the logic behind the video monetization system on YouTube: basically, content producers are paid for the volume of views of advertising displayed on their channels.

The metric used to make the calculation is the CPM – Cost Per Thousand. Then, for every thousand views, the producer receives a part of the amount paid by the advertiser.

The mechanics of the operation are not as simple as their logic. The distribution of the videos is done using algorithms and Google does not reveal many details about the criteria used and the values ​​transferred.

What’s more, the platform has undergone changes. And with the adoption of new rules, monetizing videos is more difficult.

But don’t worry, the purpose of this article is to help you better understand what’s going on. Come on?

How to make money on YouTube?

Shortly after its acquisition by Google in 2006, YouTube found a formula for remunerating content producers: pass on part of the money obtained from companies interested in running their advertising on channels.

From the beginning, it was established that creators interested in monetizing their content should be part of the YouTube Partner Program.

At the beginning, as competition was still low, the process was not very complicated. By following some simple rules, it was possible to obtain some gain. The main thing, of course, was to have an audience on the channel to get more views for the advertising messages.

We will address the changes shortly. For now, let’s understand how ads work on the platform:

  • video advertising is inserted through Google AdSense, Google’s ad platform. So, to make money from the content produced, you need to have an account there;
  • to achieve this, the creator must first follow the rules of the community;
  • YouTube offers different ad formats for companies, and it’s up to the creator to choose which ones will be accepted on their channel;
  • among the formats, one of the most attractive is the TrueView In-stream, which will appear, if the user lets it, before the video;
  • there is also Discovery, shown in YouTube search results, alongside videos related to the subject and on the YouTube homepage on mobile;
  • the display format of the Bumper is similar – what changes is the duration: they are videos of only 6 seconds;
  • in addition to ads, another way to make money on YouTube is through merchandising. In this case, the creator negotiates directly with the advertiser to insert the brand in their videos. Attention: Google’s guidance is that this practice be communicated to the platform;
  • in exchange for a percentage of earnings, the creator can also join multi-channel networks. They help to manage the channel and optimize investments.

How does the partnership program currently work?

As we’ve explained, in order to be entitled to remuneration, the content creator must be part of the YouTube Partner Program.

Since 2017, Google has significantly changed the video monetization system. It was a way to meet the demands of advertisers, making the environment “healthier” for brands.

In the search for this ideal, important rules to better filter the channels that can receive ads. Let’s see some of them:

  • the channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers;
  • in the last 12 months, you must have accumulated at least 4 thousand hours of watched content;
  • ad serving has become more transparent. The advertiser today is able to assess where the messages are being served, analyzing the relevance of the channel.

How to improve your earnings?

The best way to increase your earnings is with the adoption of good practices. And, in this case, the premises are the same as those adopted in other Content Marketing strategies.

You cannot succeed, for example, without good planning. It is essential for you to properly manage the agenda of subjects and also the production of videos.

The audiovisual has an incredible power of engagement, but it requires attention with several details. Make no mistake: sound, lighting and scenery make a big difference in the final result of the video project.

So much so that successful youtubers, who have been able to earn money from the platform, invest in their channels.

In addition to the care with production, it is important to cover other fronts, such as dissemination. In the next topic, we’ve prepared a basic list of tips to improve your video’s performance. Check out!

How to improve the attractiveness of the channel?

Let’s look at some issues that are considered a priority to ensure the attractiveness of your YouTube video channel.

Capriche in the content

With so many people wanting to become youtuber, success on the platform depends a lot on the quality of the content, right?

Originality is a key factor, since it is from there that the creator will be able to differentiate himself, creating his own identity for his channel.

One way to find new paths is to use the tools available to validate the issues that will be addressed. One of them is Google Trends. Just enter the term in the system to access statistics about the keyword.

With increasing pressure on social networks, it is important to redouble the attention in relation to the policies adopted by the platform.

Even to avoid problems, YouTube has been more rigorous in validating channels, and the trend is that this will intensify. So, no attempt to circumvent the guidelines.

Follow the schedule

If you work with video marketing, you know the rule: strategies in this area need to be based on frequency and periodicity.

Anyone who wants to become a reference in the production of content cannot let his followers down. They need to know when new videos are released.

For that, nothing better than creating the habit. Then, establish a schedule and follow what was planned.

Hence the importance of planning. It is difficult to have good content just based on improvisation, especially in the case of video, which requires some care in production.

Take care of thumbnails

Thumbnails are the thumbnails that will appear on your channel, with images from your videos.

Taking care of their organization can make a difference in engaging your audience. Remember that the first impression is what remains!

Apply SEO techniques

Choice of keyword, title, tag and description. It is important to take the time to study well the SEO techniques for video, which will favor your YouTube channel.

In the case of the keyword, the ideal is to use tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner. The greater the precision in the selection of terms, the greater the chances of the video appearing in searches.

This choice is also fundamental for the other texts that need to be created, since it is crucial to include the keyword in the title and description of the video.

To improve the monetization of videos, do not neglect tags. The ideal is to create some (12 is a good number) to accompany your publications.

Value the user

Appearing well on search engines is important, as is respecting YouTube rules. Without this, it is unlikely that the content producer will be able to remain among the platform partners.

However, the north of any work in this area remains the relationship with users. It seems obvious, but it is not uncommon to see ugly slips on that front.

Here is a tip that works well for Digital Marketing strategies: think at all times about how to retain your followers.

Often, in an effort to gain more audiences, creators end up being appealing. Remember that the best audience is the one built on a daily basis.

Not to mention that loyal followers are very important to help promote channels. Despite the video format, YouTube is a social network. So engagement is a priority, right?

Promote your channels

Take care of disclosure of content is another activity that requires attention from creators. For this, it is important use social networks. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram play a relevant role in the strategy.

These platforms also serve to publish videos, but that does not mean that they should be left aside when promoting materials created for YouTube.

Another channel that works well is email. Used strategically, it will help increase your number of views.

Also don’t forget the blog. Embed your video in blog posts helps increase your content engagement and attract more audience to the channel.

Why invest in YouTube?

According to information released by YouTube itself, the changes made to the remuneration system have not harmed the platform. Since 2017, when the changes were intensified, the number of channels continues to grow, in the range of 40% per year.

The message is clear: the new rules help to benefit the most important creators, valuing those who manage to keep the public and, of course, the advertisers.

Monetizing videos on YouTube may be more difficult, but it is still a good way for those who decided to bet on the platform to share their knowledge on a certain subject.

Did you like the article? Did it help to clarify your doubts about making money with the production of video content? Discover the biggest YouTube channels now.

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