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Generally, when we think of the word “animation” two things can come to mind: either that children’s party animator, running around with a group of children behind, or those childhood memories of his favorite cartoons watched right away. in the morning. In today’s post, we’ll talk about the second example, […]

Generally, when we think of the word “animation” two things can come to mind: either that children’s party animator, running around with a group of children behind, or those childhood memories of his favorite cartoons watched right away. in the morning.

In today’s post, we will talk about the second example, but in a different way, since animations are not only made for children, nor at least with the only function of entertaining.

Nowadays, the range of possibilities that this area offers has become almost infinite, breaking the barriers of cinema and TV, guaranteeing its place in the great rocket of the digital age and digital marketing and translating it into an immensely effective product in the market, mainly through the already talked about motion graphics.

Want to understand more about the subject and find out why using animated videos for companies? So be sure to follow the reading with us!

Animated videos and motion graphics: what’s the difference?

There is some doubt about the two terms, but the truth is that both are the same. Both terms are part of smart marketing and aim to make content more dynamic and attractive.

When you look more deeply, you realize that animation is in almost every corner – TV commercials, soap opera openings, cinema, the Internet and so on.

Regardless of the term, each day, they become most effective in the content marketing and more profitable for those who invest, proving its value and importance.

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How can this feature help your business results?

Many companies have already tried a digital marketing strategy that involves a diversity of content and have had very satisfactory results. In the middle of this mix, there are infographics, eBooks, miscellaneous articles, images etc.

Animations are responsible for driving content even further, as new platforms that support videos are becoming increasingly popular and, instead of reading the content on a blog post, users are feeling more comfortable playing a video with the same content. Therefore, it is well worth taking this opportunity to explore this resource.

Do not believe?

We are sure that the following reasons will convince you once and for all. Look at that!

Improves your position on Google

Your content will gain much more life if the user finds entertainment within it that helps him stay on the page and understand his product as a authority in the area. This will cause your site to move up on Google and other search engines, strengthening the fact that the more multimedia your content is, the more chances it has to win the top position of Google.

Achieve more brand awareness

The average time of a video in impact motion graphics is 2 minutes, which turns out to be quite effective, considering that the impact on the consumer needs to be done quickly, before he thinks about closing the video without finishing watching.

One of the great advantages of an animation is that it can explain in a few minutes a content that would have 1,500 words or exhibit a process that would be very complicated to explain in text. This can also help a lot when you are unable to hear the sound. In all cases, providing a great increase in the brand awareness of your business.

Works like a tireless salesman

Another great reason to explore animations and have a video on your website is that it targets your persona directly and presents all the benefits of your product, even when you are away, since the video is always online and often serves as an explanatory, a tutorial.

This shows that the video has a function that goes beyond the salesperson, which is to be there to redo the entire presentation – again and again – whenever the persona needs it, whether it be to save information, either to share the same message or to make the purchase decision.

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Works with a product already consolidated in the market

There was a period when the use of animations in marketing and advertising was feared. But this proved to be a complete mistake, since video marketing proved to be one of the main responsible for the great success of companies in recent years.

And the logic is simple: the company invests in a fun format, with relevant and informative content, which can be shared unlimited, and can even go viral.

Imagine how many conversions a single video can generate for your business?

Emotionally touches your persona

When making a video in motion graphics, you create the possibility to explore the storytelling of your content, as long as stories that are moving. It is natural that we empathize and reflect emotions that are represented in the animation, just as it happens in a film or play.

This tool offers many possibilities of communication with the public, ranging from the style of each character, to the narration that helps guide the user, as in the following example:

Increases content reach

With the ease that platforms have created by supporting video formats, it became possible to spread the content in many more places and in different ways, as in an explanatory and institutional video, on a landing page, a channel presentation or eBook, among other possibilities that allow this content to remain in force for much longer than you think.

Help in understanding information

Currently, social media users spend an average of 6 hours a week watching videos.

It looks impressive, but we know that it is much more comfortable to sit, relax and absorb a high volume of information just by watching an engaging video that puts you more naturally within that content.

Motion graphics have the function of turning any effort into something lighter, unless the viewer wishes to go deeper into the subject presented. But it is the job of animation to synthesize information in a clear and objective way.

The main search is for understanding, when a content producer needs to deliver a complex message, animations help – a lot! – to elucidate that.

The processing and absorption of visual information takes 13 millisecond to happen in our brain. This means that using visual elements in your projects provides an immensely better chance of understanding the message.

Is there only one type of video in motion graphics?

At first, there may be that slight feeling that videos in motion graphics are always similar to each other. This is just a sensation, as it is enough to explore creativity and understand that it is not mandatory to use this type of animation in 100% of your video strategy.

Since this technique allows for enormous versatility, it is entirely possible – and even recommended – that you merge other types of videos in a way that has an even greater impact.

Want to see some examples?

So, let’s go!

With characters

One of the however we can find when analyzing videos in motion graphics out there, perhaps it is an exaggerated use of geometric elements, graphics and lettering, giving a colder tone in your approach.

To increase the closeness and the feeling that you are speaking directly to your persona in a more personal way, use charismatic characters it is ideal. Adopting this feature, the identification of your audience with your brand will be even stronger.

Representation of a whiteboard or paper

Recently, videos showing a story told and being illustrated at the same time became very popular with the so-called “draw my life”.

With the success, several companies started to use style to create explanatory and institutional videos and motion graphics helped a lot in growing the quality of this style.

Animation with real captures

Using your imagination and creativity, virtually any limitation in a video with real capture can be broken. After all, by mixing the animations with the footage, it is possible to create special effects worthy of cinema.

Imagine something like your content, huh?

Animation with collage

If you prefer to explore a surrealist universe, bonding technique it is an excellent option. It simulates magazine clippings to create impressive screens according to your imagination. It is also a style that has become extremely popular in recent years, helping to rescue a vintage yet modern look in digital marketing.

So, are you convinced that using animated videos for companies is a great solution?

With everything we show here, your digital marketing strategy will surely have new paths to follow and a new way to leverage your business!

If you want to learn more about the video production process, be sure to read our complete video marketing guide.

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