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Interaction with customers is fundamental to marketing strategies. The new media have changed the way this relationship occurs, and people have chosen to use online communication channels – such as websites and social networks – rather than using traditional means, such as SAC. Among the new possibilities, email […]

Interaction with customers is fundamental to marketing strategies.

The new media have changed the way this relationship occurs, and people have chosen to use online communication channels – such as websites and social networks – rather than using traditional means, such as SAC.

Among the new possibilities, personalized email is one of the tools that best adapted to the new scenario. This is because it is possible to individually personalize the messages for email.

This process creates a unique relationship system where the customer receives content according to their consumption profile, which facilitates the sales system, strengthens its institutional image and develops consumer loyalty.

In addition to enabling an efficient customer dissemination and conversion strategy, personalized email has a high return on investment (ROI) compared to other digital marketing tools.

It is possible to run a campaign with high results for the business with a relatively low investment. Learn more about this subject below:

The company-consumer relationship

More than creating sales mechanisms, personalized email is an excellent tool to strengthen the brand with the company’s public.

People like to receive different treatment, especially if this communication contributes:

  • with the solution of demands;
  • with the supply of desires;
  • and with the offer of special conditions.

A store that sells sneakers, for example, may send some product options that fit the consumer’s profile.

In addition, you can offer discounts and promotions to create a differentiator. And you can do even more: send tips on how to use your sneakers or, if applicable, the best ways to exercise with that product.

But, to create these marketing strategies, it is necessary to have a database with the information of the people who will receive the material.

With this data, a message is created that generates the perception of directed communication and that talks with that user and, thus, it removes the perception of material sent in a mass way.

The tools for email customization

Email marketing can be used for several purposes:

  • foster consumers;
  • send newsletter;
  • promote products;
  • among other possibilities.

However, to be able to execute these strategies with the necessary level of customization, you must use some tools that will make your work more efficient.

These tools allow you to:

  • create custom lists;
  • target your campaign;
  • measure the results of your actions;
  • create landing pages;
  • track and qualify leads;
  • develop themes for messages;
  • optimize content;
  • Among other things.

All of this contributes to the construction of a solid and high performance strategy.

Besides that, marketing automation tools offer the necessary resources to analyze the results of your actions with sending messages by email. This data is essential to achieve success in your campaigns.

With them, it is possible to assess whether your emails are being read, how well your material is being accepted, whether the language used works and, from there, improve and adapt your work so that you can achieve even better results.

Check out some tools that can be used to personalize emails:


Tool free and complete for those who want to start working on email campaigns – and a good option for those who already have experience with this strategy.

With MailChimp, you create personalized lists and targeted campaigns and measure the results. In addition, it offers layouts and an editor to further personalize the email.

Learn how to use this tool!

RD Station

Considered one of the more complete marketing automation tools from London, RD Station is an option for those who want to reach potential customers efficiently and work with that consumer.

The options range from creating emails to generating full strategy reports.

The tool is complete and has all the necessary resources for marketing automation: from the automatic trigger of email to the offer of templates exclusive.

It also offers the possibility of working with other communication channels.

Mad Mimi

Very similar platform to MailChimp, including usage free, but for up to 100 contacts.

In addition to all the tools for marketing automation, Mad Mimi also allows the creation of templates and integration with other channels, such as Analytics, Pinterest, among others.

How to make personalized emails

To carry out an efficient email campaign, you need to understand its importance for marketing and the tools needed to take action. But it is necessary to go further.

Master how to create, structure and customize emails, that is, fully understand the entire process involved in this disclosure model.

In the following paragraphs, we have separated some tips that will help you with personalized email. Check out:

Know how to relate

When you evaluate the results of an email marketing campaign, the open rate is one of the most relevant metrics.

The more personalized your email, the greater the chance that the person will open that message. Therefore, escape from cold and distant contacts and try to show yourself close to your consumer.

For this, start by showing the person’s name. Make her realize that that email is intended exclusively for her. This shows that he is a unique customer.

And don’t stop there:

  • welcome;
  • present products according to the person’s profile;
  • offer discounts;
  • put buttons to answer questions;
  • among other actions.

Make relevant content

Some procedures are necessary for people to open their emails repeatedly.

Content is extremely important to attract attention, win customer interest and close a new deal. Invest in the elaboration of the email, take care of the layout and the production of the material.

Start with a catchy title, insert personalized messages and distribute content that is interesting to your customer in the email.

For this, have a database with the person’s purchase profile, as it is easier to target the products you want.

Quality content will always be an excellent bet on any marketing strategy you use. So be sure to carefully prepare your material.

Take care with the language

To build a solid and efficient relationship with your customers, you need to know how to communicate with them.

The language that will be used in your campaign is just as important as the content that will be inserted in the message. These 2 components go together and are responsible for much of the success of the action.

Forget formalism. A personalized service goes through a direct, accessible language that makes the person feel close to the company.

This creates an understanding that what they are receiving is something exclusive and that the company cares about its customers.

Control shipping

Nobody likes to receive messages over and over, just as it is a bad idea not to have a regular routine of sending marketing emails.

Both the excess and the lack of campaigns can be terrible for your advertising strategy. Create a routine for triggering emails and invest in it.

Conquering customers involves building relationships, which takes time and a regular email marketing routine is very efficient in this process.

Choose to send weekly or biweekly messagestherefore, do not sin by the excessive sending of materials, nor do you spend a long time without communicating with customers.

Target campaigns

To further personalize your email marketing and work with your consumers according to their profile, it is necessary to create targeted campaigns.

This process makes your messages even more personalized and facilitates sales and customer loyalty.

This is because certain emails will be sent to people with similar consumption profiles.

This makes it easier to work with content and language for this group, as well as directing promotions and other materials to those who will really be interested in them.

Segmentation works because there is no point in sending emails to a large number of people if they are not interested in receiving what you are sending.

To reach a good audience, you need to know how to send the right message to the right audience.

Learn from mistakes

Creating an efficient personalized email routine takes time, success and mistakes.

What content will I send? What language will I use? What is the shipping frequency?

You will only have the answer to these and other questions from some experiments with your email marketing campaigns.

So test, measure results, document them and adapt your strategies.

This process of analyzing and understanding your processes is the best way to achieve a quality standard in your emails that pleases your customers and also build a routine of constant improvement in your work.

Learning from mistakes and successes is fundamental in building your company’s marketing.

As we have seen, a personalized email is critical and the subject is one of the most important parts of an email. Create amazing subjects for your emails and get higher open rates with the Email Subject Generator!