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Professionals who generate content on Instagram need to adapt to new audience preferences. When a way of producing posts becomes repetitive within the platform, it tends to lose strength. But are influencers, as we know today, losing space on the platform? Check out our content on the subject.

Much is said about the recipe for success that leads some people to become influential voices in the online environment. But does following this step by step, by itself, build a profile of success?

In recent months, it has been possible to observe a growing trend of personalities on Instagram who clash of the “traditional” content producers, bringing more originality and less plasticity to the posts.

In this content, we will analyze the factors that influence these changes that permeate the saturation of a format and lead to emergence of new voices within that social network.

Instagram and originality

When Instagram emerged, the network’s proposal was to make it possible to share everyday moments. In addition, of course, to allow personalization of your photos using one of the four available filters, at that first moment.

Thinking about the proportion and relevance that this social network has reached today, it is possible to point countless changes, both in the application proposal and in the use that profiles make of the countless resources of the network.

But one thing remains the same: all users want to build an aesthetically pleasing feed, composed of the elements they post on that network. But, in addition to the notion of sharing your life with followers, which implies the formation of this aesthetic sense?

One of the most valued characteristics in large profiles is the authenticity. This means that most influencers have some differential that makes them stand out in the segment in which they are a reference.

instagram carol rocha

Carol Rocha, for example, is a content creator and host of the Imagina Juntas podcast. On her Instagram, she shares her daily life and talks about motherhood without idealizations.

This difference can be in the language, in the message, in the aesthetics or even in the format of the contents. But one thing is certain: from the moment that things start to become very homogeneous, when the messages are unified within the platform, the public migrates in a search for something new.

In this content, we would like to point out some changes in the way influencers communicate their messages, whether they are sponsored by brands or not, since there seems to be a continuous exhaustion in the speech of perfect personalities with impeccable lives.

Will the new influencers represent a posture that values ​​spontaneity and reality more when it comes to portraying everyday life? And what is this key change indicating? Follow the content and understand more about these changes!

The maturation of Instagram as a company

To understand more about the saturation of the current Instagram lifestyle model, we need to go back to 2016, when the platform was already growing at a fast pace and started to really invest in its potential as a commercial channel.

Therefore, the brand rethought its business model and created the modality of commercial accounts, which are nothing more than extensions of personal profiles that offer more options for reading data and the possibility of doing paid campaigns.

At this stage, we reached an important point. Until the moment Instagram created commercial accounts, it was not possible to pay to reach a larger number of profiles. This means that a user could not come across profile posts that he did not follow on his timeline.

Today, this event is so common that we almost do not consciously notice the intense proportion of advertising that is consumed in these networks. To give you an idea, every 3 or 4 stories, for example, some type of ad is displayed.

This results in a large exposure of the user to advertising, often unwanted. Which in itself already starts a process of wear and saturation.

If on the one hand there are companies interested in growing their influence online, on the other are the personalities of Instagram, who have become one vehicle for brands to get even closer to the public.

Influencers as spokespersons for brands

These people have thousands of followers and, at a time when consumption is associated with a form of differentiation (for example: buying an Apple device is not just the purchase of equipment, but a social statement that goes beyond that), nothing better than associating a product with a person who conveys the message that your company wants to convey.

After all, as we have already commented here, one of the great attractions when it comes to following some personality on Instagram is the element that makes this influencer different, which sets him apart from the others.

From the moment that influencers start to ally themselves with companies, the feed is even more filled with posts that intend to sell some product or service. This, when done ineffective or not very strategiccan drive the public away that a company wants to achieve.

Now you must have understood how brands today need, more than ever, to strive to be inventive, since they are in an environment that is squarely competitive.

On one side of this coin there is the massive presence of companies on these platforms, and on the other side, there is the public, who do not want to attract attention to the same content repeatedly.

The other side of repetition

We have already pointed out how companies have been striving to innovate in this moment of great presence of Ads on the networks. However, another factor that also weighs in this relationship is the battle between personalities in this social network to maintain its relevance. But how does this happen?

Well, first it is important to point out that, just as Instagram has completely transformed, since it was created until the present time, the internet changes very quickly. This means that a topic considered a big hit today can be a failure in a few weeks.

It is important to think about this when we talk about influencers on Instagram. Most of the profiles that fit this classification are part of a moment when this type of career takes its first steps, that is, working with content production for this network is something very recent, and the rules are changing fast!

If before taking a picture on a stylized wall, or posting a well-presented meal, like the popular brunchs, it was enough to be successful on the network, today it no longer works well.

Sharing a feed by colors, building custom filters, creating patterns in your photos, all of this was a prominent factor in the network, but today it has become so common that the people don’t care for engaging with this type of posting if they don’t offer something else.

Places with proposals to be “instagramable havens” are becoming obsolete and, more and more, it becomes noticeable as the secret of Instagram is in the novelty: from the moment that everyone is doing, it is no longer interesting.

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Thus, recording videos of those received, recording perfect moments of travel and taking photos of luxurious events are examples of what is becoming repetitive and that, instead of bringing the audience closer to the network, may end up alienating them.

After all, sharing a life that always seems to be perfect, in addition to unrealcan break the identification of the public with the influencer. Even more so at a time when the issue of mental health is so present in the discussions.

The standard behavior of influencers already constitutes almost a manual, which ended up resulting in phenomena such as the fever of posts that are false advertising, in which teenagers buy products and pretend they were received as a gift, to show credibility and mirror the behavior of influencers.

In addition, fraud related to buying followers has already cost billions to companies, who believed they were investing in something with a certain return.

The type of standard behavior reached a level of effort and artificiality that an influencer managed to lead her followers to believe that she made a trip to the Coachella festival, creating posts that are very similar to a pattern observed in the profiles of those who attended the event.

All these factors cited say a lot about the creation of a culture that spread very fast and, consequently, became more and more trivialized. Users increasingly seek to see the truth in the people they choose to follow.

Some celebrities on Instagram already reflect this position change and breaking this notion of perfection when talking about problems related to mental health, depression and anxiety, in a way to demonstrate fragility and show aesthetic possibilities that deviate from the standard of what is considered beautiful on the net.

Amina Mucciolo is a woman considered to be outside the static standards who produces various content related to fashion, behavior and lifestyle.

instagram amina mucciolo

Jen Gotch is the founder and CCO of the brand. In her profile, she shares several moments, good and bad, of her life.

instagram jen gotch

Billie Eilish is one of the new phenomena of pop music. The young woman maintains a different aesthetic on Instagram.

instagram billie eilish

Where are we going with these changes

As we have already mentioned, these changes are taking place gradually, and it’s a big challenge for established content producers to transform themselves to meet the new needs of the public.

As the influencing profession is being established, both users and professionals realize that social networks require a level of truth so that your message is delivered successfully.

This can be very positive, considering the current “end of likes” and how Instagram is considered a harmful place to users’ mental health. After all, follow references from people closer to reality, with problems and aesthetics that do not always fit within what is considered perfect, it can be a relief.

Especially for the large number of young people who use the platform and are still in the process of training.

Do you think that the type of content production that was done on Instagram is outdated? What attracts you in an influencer profile? Share your opinion with us, it is very important for us to start this dialogue about everyday life within these networks.