How Kakau Seguros achieved over 6,830% growth on its blog – WAU

Starting your business from scratch and watching it thrive is a source of pride for anyone. And it is even more rewarding to see the fruit of your hard work precisely in London, where one in 4 companies close their doors before completing their first year. You have to find customers, suppliers and partners, all of this […]

Starting your business from scratch and watching it thrive is a source of pride for anyone. And it is even more rewarding to see the fruit of your hard work precisely in London, where one in 4 companies close their doors before completing their first year.

It is necessary to find customers, suppliers and partners, all with a budget that is, in many cases, extremely lean. And without a well-defined strategy, it is impossible to get the best out of resources.

That’s where content marketing comes in, to help you scale your strategy, acquire predictable customers and, above all, compete with major players without having to have the same budget. And that is what Kakau Seguros did to achieve success!

Want to know how Kakau did to stand out in the market and scale your business with Content Marketing? Just stay with me in this case to find out the details!

Kakau Insurance

THE Kakau Insurance is a London subscription digital insurance insurtech, in which insurance is acquired and the subscriber can begin the journey of a claim through his Bot, called Anna.

Connecting products from some insurance companies to people, working both ends. But it is worth mentioning that the partner’s product needs to enter the innovation line desired by Kakau, always focused on the subscriber’s need.

Having started his partnership with Websites Are Us in 2017.

Market entry

Upon entering the market, in addition to the difficulties that everyone goes through, Kakau still had an aggravating factor: in order to finalize its product, the company needed insurance companies to become a partner of the company, to popularize its digital domain – which is focused on Micro Mobility.

However, Kakau, which began its journey, was seen as a direct competitor by future partners.

That’s when Content Marketing jumped as a solution to this problem, using a two-pronged strategy:

  1. a B2C strategy, aimed at acquiring contacts who would later contract insurance services;
  2. a B2B strategy, focusing on the Kakau brand, to create authority and educate major insurers.

So, while the market was educating itself about the role of Kakau, at the other end it generated several contacts through its blog, which later would serve as an attraction for its network of partners.

We needed to become relevant and attractive to insurers and in this way create a product mix at Kakau. So that we can build our priority funnel which is a B2C funnel.

The first step was to design a funnel front end relevant to the insurance industry and a back end that supported a gigantic number of meetings. We always knew and believed in digital funnels for the initial point of contact, in addition to measuring the CX and CJ from end to end, which proved to be less costly and more comprehensive. ”

Diogo Russo, Founding partner Kakau Seguros

The success strategy

When thinking about a physical business, the first concern of any storekeeper is having a good structure. Everything needs to be in order so that, when the moment comes to receive your customers, things are working correctly so that there is no need to carry out any work on site while receiving the public.

And that was the same mentality that Kakau had. The structure of the website and blog needs to be correct and make it easier for people and search robots to visit. Which are exactly the principles of SEO On Page.

When we think of a physical store, the structure is extremely important. She has to be beautiful, have the right signage, organized stock, etc. You don’t want your customer getting lost in there or wasting time looking for things.

Digital is no different. What changes is that it means having good content, making your site scanable for the search engine, structuring the correct hierarchy on the page, having friendly URLs. In short, it’s doing SEO On Page well done.

Diogo Russo, Founding Partner Kakau Seguros

With the house in order, it was time to spread Kakau’s name around the world, make it and position it as a reference, in a great branding effort.

This objective culminated in a strong linkbuilding strategy that had 2 main pillars:

  1. use the Websites Are Us customer community to find partners to exchange guest post. Within this community, Websites Are Us’s customers know each other in order to make strategic marketing partnerships;
  2. hire a company specialized in public relations to strengthen the image in the media and get mentions in major portals.

The idea behind this tactic was simple: in addition to strengthening the domain with good links, as competition was extremely high, Kakau might not even be in the top positions for its main keywords, but would do anything to ensure that the content better positioned to link to it.

Thus, the idea was to make people invariably notice Kakau and its proposal, strengthening the company’s image.

“We may not be first for a word, but the person will not fail to see any link from us on partner or specialized sites.”

Diogo Russo, Founding Partner Kakau Seguros

Focus on the market

As much as the strategy to compete head-on with the major players in the insurance market in the top positions was paying off, it was necessary to use resources strategically. And, in digital, when you have a very strong battle ahead, a good way out is to find your niche to secure yourself in it.

“With the entry of a new product, Kakau Protege, secure for subscription tablets and smartphones, the growth tactic was already outlined, it is the job of always adjusting the personas and increasing the value ladder of Kakau for our subscriber, generating o always strategic buildings, in our digital strategy distribution and always delivering the right content to the right Kakau community. ”

Diogo Russo, Founding Partner Kakau Seguros

The result

With this effort, Kakau went from being an MVP to becoming an important insurtech in the national market.

Driven by the partnership with Websites Are Us, there was an incredible 6,836.56% growth in the number of sessions, with more than 558 strategic keywords indexed.

Growth of the Kakau Seguros blog

All this with a limited budget, but with the right choice of partners and strategy was able to leverage the company’s full potential.

“But if there is something we can make clear, it is the customer that is the soul of any digital business. That is why, in my view, SEO is the impenetrable phalanx of digital age, managing to scale its content admirably to reach the audience that it wants.

Just choose the instruments you master, study hard and when you’re on a budget that doesn’t support hiring, choose suppliers that offer you a team that adds and creates value for your business. That is why Kakau is very happy with rock Content. ”

And if you want to do just like Kakau and scale your business towards success, just talk to one of our consultants.