how social was responsible for more than 60% of the traffic on the blog Viver sem Drogas – WAU

Competitive market, indications and high investments in ads as the main acquisition channels. Not to mention the increasingly high pay-per-click, which started to no longer have the same positive return that it had before… Generating new customers has become equally difficult (not to say expensive) and necessary. Does this scenario seem common to you? Stay […]

Competitive market, indications and high investments in ads as the main acquisition channels.

Not to mention pay-per-click higher and higher, which started to no longer have the same positive return that it had before…

Generating new customers has become equally difficult (not to say expensive) and necessary.

Does this scenario seem common to you?

Know that, in fact, this happens much more than you think.

But do not worry.

Getting out of this situation is not impossible, and with small actions it is possible to change the direction of your business. Doubt?

Well, that’s because you still don’t know Wagner’s story and his work with Clínica Viver sem Drogas, a drug addiction program, with partners located in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte.

With an extremely ad-dependent business, Wagner saw his competitors come into play, making that investment alone become increasingly unsustainable.

Its main source of acquisition was being undermined.

When looking for an alternative, he chose to go ahead and bet on Content Marketing, an initiative that was not yet being explored by any other company in the industry.

He knew that investing in this strategy would take patience, as traffic grows exponentially over time, but he needed to find a way to leverage this initial growth.

Well, with more than 7 thousand visits on his blog in the first quarter alone, we can say that Wagner managed to achieve his goal successfully.

And you want to know how? We count now!

The need for growth

Starting his strategy from scratch, Wagner soon tried to ensure that the basic structure of the blog was running.

It established its defined and documented strategy, with content being published and promoted regularly, to bring in the first visitors.

Traffic was coming, but it would still take a long walk before the organic drive as planned.

That is, promote content it was not only important, but essential so that Living Without Drugs would reach as many people as possible and in the best possible way.

But how to do this if he had invested in the content strategy precisely to reduce other costs?

He already promoted publications on his pages, but the number of people who followed him was limited and just boosting Facebook Ads didn’t seem like such an interesting option either…

Searching for solutions, he decided to bet on a much talked about tactic, but that few people take its importance seriously.

It basically consisted of share content and interact in groups on social media where your persona is, leading interesting discussions to people who are interested in the topics covered by your company.

Engage to grow

Meet the Amélia Silveira: mother, married for over 25 years. Good person, active in the community and who always cared for his family. Finding out that her son had entered the drug world came as a shock to her and, since then, she has been looking for ways to be able to help him in the best possible way.

It’s sad, I know, but calm down!

The truth is that Amélia does not exist (not this one, in this case), being just the persona designed by Wagner for Living Without Drugs.

She represents very well several mothers out there who live in the same situation and need help to better understand what is happening and learn to deal with their reality.

As I said before, she is very active socially and looks everywhere for the best way to help her family and keep the family together.

So Wagner was more than sensible assist you with all the expertise you could offer.

Interacting in groups on social networks

Starting in smaller groups that directly addressed the issue of drug addiction, Wagner began to become an active member in each one.

Interacting with people, answering questions, enjoying the posts and so showing it was there to add to the discussions that took shape.

As an active member, people ended up feeling confidence in it and understood that the real intention was to add to the group, making it, when publishing content, well received.

Well, at least most of the time …

It is true that some people would disagree with his opinion or position, but one of the first lessons learned by Wagner is that this kind of thing was part of it.

It is important to respect the position of others and bring in new relevant points, always trying to encourage a healthy discussion.

Always take relevant discussions

Anyway, Wagner’s posture in these groups made him stand out among other participants who used these channels only to spam their content.

That approximation it made all the difference.

The contents shared and the interactions carried out were always aimed at initiating a discussion or sharing a point of view.

Just posting a link and leaving it there would not encourage anyone to participate and would not help to create a real relationship with the participants.

In addition, there was no space to sell or offer anything other than adding anything to the members.

Thus he was able to win the first recurring visitors to his blog.

Expanding the funnel (and the job)

Testing on smaller, niche groups had been successful, but they still wouldn’t be responsible for the growth he would like.

After all, there was a limit of people that would be achieved within them.

Returning to his persona again, Wagner looked for several groups until he found others that related to the problem of his persona within its context and reality.

After all, even though he was going to find his audience in help groups for drug addicts, there was a whole group of mothers who had not even discovered the problem and needed to understand how to relate to their children.

That meant a much larger scope of work, but still extremely pertinent to the issues that were addressed by Viver sem Drogas at its top of the funnel.

This process enabled Wagner to establish ties with new groups and people, always with relevant content in that context and, even, opening new horizons of content to be explored.

After all, the content now needed to be related to this new public moment, making themes like “Know the signs that your child may be using drugs” make sense like they didn’t before.

Continuing with this strategy and now with the possibility of reaching a much larger volume of people.

Thus, Wagner was able to leverage his initial traffic while organic growth was tractioning as expected.

The results appeared, accordingly, as expected.

The results

Although today organic is the main channel for attracting visitors, these actions were responsible for leveraging the initial growth of the blog and made over 60% of all initial project traffic came from social media in the first 3 months.

Traffic Analytics for Drug-Free Living After Some Time

Until today, social networks are considered a valuable source of traffic for Living Without Drugs.

And even though it is no longer the main acquisition channel, the social segment still maintains healthy growth, with monthly traffic coming from it.

Traffic Analytics for Drug-Free Living After Some Time

Work and persist!

When starting his content strategy, mainly his active participation in social networks, Wagner heard several times from his friends and competitors that this action would not work.

He was, at all times, encouraged to give up, on grounds that it would have no results.

Well, today they want him to give up even more, but for other reasons …

When he started his strategy, he knew that Content Marketing is a job of recurrence and consistency, being necessary to persist every moment.

Mainly because the beginning can be considered difficult in view of future results and the immediate return of paid media.

But without neglecting small actions and shared good practices, they were able to achieve their goals.

Today, Viver sem Drogas already dominates its acquisition and traffic growth structure and now seeks to move to the next level, consistently working on the relationship and engagement of this audience.

What’s up? What did you think of Wagner’s initiative? Do you have a similar experience? Tell us in the comments!