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Born in 2015, the mineral drink Xeque Mate used social media as the main strategy to launch the market.

Today we are already used to thinking about selling products on social networks as something that is part of everyday life. But this is a recent phenomenon that points to the adaptation of platforms to the new habits of customers.

But how did this process begin? It is interesting to see how this possibility has democratized online sales, leaving users less dependent on e-commerce sites and paid platforms. Which made it possible for products that started selling on chains to reach physical store shelves today!

Social networks as commercial platforms

With the popularization of social networks, brands saw a great opportunity to be closer to the public and create a channel for direct interaction. This possibility has been spread and, with it, the demand for places for the sale of products and services within these platforms.

Social Media Trends 2018 pointed out that 94% of the companies that responded to the survey are present on social networks and 51% of them stated that the main reason for this presence was the need to increase the number of sales and customers. Likestore and Soldsie are examples of companies operating in this segment.

However, companies that own social networks realized an untapped potential and Facebook and Instagram (which are owned by the same company) solved this problem by incorporating e-commerce within these channels.

Instagram Shopping and the Facebook Marketplace emerged as solutions that solve the lack of support for direct sales on platforms. As these features are free, brands were able to adhere to their use without having to pay extra money.

From social networks to revelry: the case of Check Mate

Introducing an artisanal product to the competitive liquor market can be challenging. However, the Xeque Mate brand bet on a different flavor and this year comes with everything to conquer the carnival of 2019 and fall in the public’s taste.

The company, which makes the drink made up of rum, mate tea, lemon and guaraná syrup, was born in Belo Horizonte and started shyly. The first distributions were made at local parties, but a large part of the product was marketed on social networks, and the demand for this product took a leap from 2015 to here.

Today, the brand is present in establishments in more than 10 London cities and only thinks about expanding. The drink is a big bet during the carnival season, when revelers look for new flavors to mark the period.

The company bets on the sophisticated look on social networks, showing care in building a feed that is in accordance with the value that the company wants to attribute to the product.

To understand more about the brand, its growth in the national market and this popularization of the product, we spoke with Alex Freire, one of the company’s creators, who told us about the news and challenges of launching a product in the sector.

1. How did the brand Check Mate? How do you see your position in the liquor market?

The company was created when one of the partners (Gabriel Rochael) created the first blend of mate tea, rum, guarana and lemon, to serve a client who, at the time, organized event bars.

The same drink was placed at several other parties, always with a surprising outlet. Alex Freire, partner in some events and a great friend, then saw a business possibility and decided to invest in the brand.

2. In the beginning, sales were made only through social networks. Why did you choose this channel? Why did you decide to start the physical sale?

In fact, at the very beginning of the company, sales were only for events produced by us or by close friends of the independent BH scene.

The sale through social networks came soon afterwards because it was our only option since we did not have fixed points of sale, over time we closed new points of sale and the ‘physical’ sale was becoming a more considerable slice in our sales.

3. What are the biggest difficulties in positioning a handmade product among an audience that may not be familiar with this brand value?

In fact, we are at a time when craftsmanship is on the rise. People have given more value to the quality of the products, their ingredients, the manufacturing process and even the brand values.

4. Can you talk a little more about the sales strategies that are involving the conquest of the mining market and of London, in general?

Our sales strategy has always been based on customer experience. We constantly invest in the quality of the drink and try to be present, in a first moment, in all events that value the local culture and all the values ​​that we believe.

5. Can you say anything new about the brand’s performance and strategies for the 2019 carnival?

We are launching our Draft Rum 8% Vol. In 310 ml cans, considerably reducing waste and facilitating logistics to consume the drink as cold as possible and at all times of the carnival.

6. Was the difference in alcohol content between draft and bottled versions designed to meet different consumer demands? How do you see this decision?

In fact, despite having the same basic composition, there are 2 different products. The one in the bottle is a 15% vol. and the can a carbonated draft rum with 8% vol.

The idea of ​​reducing the alcohol content came to increase the freshness and the volume consumed per person.

7. How do you see the brand growth since last year. And how do you expect to be next year?

We have been experiencing very significant growth since 2017. And now, for 2019, we are investing to serve new markets, such as large chains of distributors and supermarkets. Currently, we only sell to direct customers, events and bars.

I hope that we are well received by the major chains and that we can increasingly be closer to our consumers.

As you can see, being present on social networks can bring several benefits to your business strategies. Whether through the sales platforms created, or by the greater knowledge of the public: do not wait to create your account!

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