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Who is Neil Patel? This question has gained incredible proportions in recent months here in London. Neil Patel – not so long ago – was known by those already inserted in the world of Digital Marketing, but remained an absolute unknown to the general public. However, in recent weeks, that name has been in the mouth since […]

Who is Neil Patel?

This question has gained incredible proportions in recent months here in London.

Neil Patel – not so long ago – was known by those already inserted in the world of Digital Marketing, but remained an absolute unknown to the general public.

However, in the last few weeks, that name has gone from the most experienced marketing professional to the youngest Carousel fan (I’ll explain).

ATTENTION: If you want to know who is Neil Patel, the content you are reading now no that’s what it is for. Read our full post that explains who he is.

I’m here today to tell you another story.

The story about how the Digital Marketing Guru invested a few thousand reais in the London market and took us to highest traffic numbers in history from the blog

That’s right. I’ll tell you how the “Who is Neil Patel” campaign brought incredible results to our blog, even though it is not the intention of the most famous marketer on Instagram.

In addition to a great story I will share several lessons with you. Lessons in content production, SEO, market, anyway!

I guarantee that in addition to having fun with everything that happened in this story, you will learn a lot from this post!

So, without further ado, let’s understand how it happened:

How it all began

Once upon a time there was a keyword: Digital marketing.

Digital Marketing was not very popular in London about 3 years ago. However, it has become the most desired keyword for companies and professionals in the field.

Obviously if you have a Digital Marketing blog, you want to be the first on Google when someone throws that keyword into the search engine, isn’t it?

However, this position can only be occupied by only one blog or website.

Fortunately, this first organic position is currently occupied by Thanks to the magical powers of producing quality content and link building.

For you to understand how important this keyword is, see how this single blog post generated half a million reais in revenue for Websites Are Us.

And it had been a long and peaceful reign. Until a great challenger appeared!

I don’t know if you’ve been told this, but Google’s results pages are a real battleground.

If you’re wondering how I’m talking, this is how a SERP works:

thanks neil patel

If you are in first place for a disputed keyword you can be sure that everyone behind is thinking about how to take their place.

That’s how it works.

Let’s go back to the challenger. As it is known, every war is started when one party declares war on the other.

The crow arrived in Whatsapp form when Patel sent a friendly message to the WAU team saying that he would steal our first position.

I confess it was kind of scary to have one of the biggest names in Digital Marketing in the world and one of our great references threatening our positions.

Even more when he was rapidly climbing positions and came in second place (in a very short time) leaving behind amazing blogs like the one of Digital Results.

In addition, it uses the same domain that it uses in the United States, that is, it has already arrived in the London market with an absurd domain authority.

Our Marketing manager, Renato Mesquita, even made a gif expressing our feelings at the time:

thanks neil patel

But we stand firm in the first position and we don’t intend to leave there

And that’s how the biggest confrontation in the history of Digital Marketing began:

thanks neil patel

Who is Neil Patel?

Shortly afterwards, the controversial campaign with the hashtag #QuemENeilPatel came out.

We were taken by surprise when we saw several female profiles posting photos considered sexy in which they held a sign or a cell phone with the words: Who is Neil Patel?

thanks neil patel

thanks neil patel

The campaign generated a great buzz last week, as we can see in this graph of Google Trends:

Neil Patel’s idea was to get people to search for your name on Google and the first result in search engines was your blog:

thanks neil patel

You may be thinking “but it will not generate qualified traffic!”, “It will only attract people who don’t care about digital marketing!”.

Well, I’m going to use the explanation that Patel himself used in his lecture at RD Summit – the largest Digital Marketing event in Latin America.

He asked: “If you search Google for a luxury car, who will appear first: Mercedes or BMW?”… Dramatic pause… “the one with the most searches”!

Therefore, the idea would be similar to Digital Marketing. If the domain has a lot of searches and receives a huge number of visitors, it would be more likely to stand out in competitive keywords.


From now on you will start to have very precious lessons.

You don’t win a war just by defending.

A week or two after the campaign, Patel was in London for Fire – another great Digital Marketing event – where he lectured. And he paid a visit at WAU and it was the day he took the photo challenging Peçanha.

On that day Renato and I (Hank) were talking, when I made the suggestion:

“Why don’t we create a post for‘ Who is Neil Patel? ’. Then we rankeia in second and take part of his traffic. And if you fool around, we still get first place for his name! ”.

The last sentence was followed by laughter, after all we couldn’t get the first place for his name. Do you agree?

From Hank’s reaction, we knew it was a great response to attacks on our keyword.

I volunteered to write the article and researched a lot about the Marketing guru. And we made a post that, honestly, was far superior to any other post that aimed to explain who Neil Patel is.

The post was richer in information than the page on the Patel website, which had only one video that explained who he was.

On our blog we tell his story, we explain the campaign, we explain the 4 SEO tools he created and we also put an interview that Peçanha did with him.

So much so that there were many videos explaining who Neil Patel is and the most popular ones used our post as a reference.

thanks neil patel

These are the first two results for the keyword “Who is Neil Patel” on Youtube and they both read our post as a reference for the information they gave in the video.

That is, who the audience thought best answered the question “Who is Neil Patel” on YouTube were people who were based on our content.

First steps

I confess that despite a good idea, we lost the timing of the first campaign a little.

If we had released the post a week earlier, or as soon as the campaign was at its peak, our results would have been even more significant.

We made a big promotion of the post on Facebook, gave a basic boost (paid media is not an enemy of organic media) and asked our team to share the post.

Encouraging the sharing of posts by your team can make all the difference.

Here at WAU we are currently 200 people. If half of this team shares a post, you can imagine the reach it can have, right?

Use your team size to your advantage!

This was important for us. In a short time the post was getting positions until reaching third place. Which ensured organic traffic in addition to high social traffic.

But the campaign had already run out of steam.

The story does not end there. Obviously. The campaign had a second round, much bigger and more lasting.

And that was how our simple post became a phenomenon for the blog.

A small post for a man, but a huge traffic to the blog

We learned that Neil Patel’s campaign would be back on the air. And we needed to prepare for that.

From that moment on, we started paying attention to that post, 5 months after its launch.

A link building here and a slap on the content there, trying to guarantee the second position for “who is neil patel”, until the day came …

Suddenly the post had more than 100 people online at the same time. Our traffic was absurd. And it was only increasing.

We started our team – as we had done 5 months ago – and (almost) everyone shared the post.

Soon we went up to the second position for “who is” and to the third for “neil patel”, behind two pages of his domain.

That week we broke the weekly traffic record for the blog and each day was a new record. The campaign came very strongly.

To give you an idea, see on Google Trends the difference between the first moment, at the end of August, and the second moment, at the end of January and beginning of February:

thanks neil patel

The following week Patel came back even stronger. The campaign changed its face a little. If in the beginning the photos were of women in sensual poses, they became only of women with many followers.

Perhaps the dislike that the campaign generated with this earlier approach caused the change.

He even started investing in teen celebrities, like (amazed) Larissa Manoela!

View this post on Instagram

#QuemENeilPatel 💚

A post shared by Larissa Manoela (@larissamanoela) on

Okay, maybe you don’t know who it is. I didn’t know the day she posted, I just scared her by the number of followers. But my 11-year-old brother-in-law knew. And your children, nephews, or teenage cousins ​​probably know.

She is one of the actresses who plays Carousel. The most popular (I think).

Anyway: the most important thing is to know that she has 8 million followers (never have so many teenagers accessed our blog).

This is a real-time print of the blog on the day the young woman posted the photo:

thanks neil patel

Let’s put some other numbers on the table:

The campaign resumed on 25 January. From there until the end of February there were more than 75K page views!

That’s right. You can check:

thanks neil patel

64 thousand came from organic. And on the day of greatest access, we had over 9 thousand page views.

Of course, his result was even more absurd. But we didn’t spend tens of thousands for that

Mission Impossible

Well, I want to get to the best part of this story right away.

We were alternating in the second position with another blog. Our content was superior. However, we often stayed behind.

Renato then had a great insight: our post needed a better SEO title and to talk about Instagram.

We went to Google Search Console and saw the queries that generated the most traffic. Among them were:

  • Who is neil patel campaign
  • Who is neil patel instagram
  • Who is neil patel controversy

Hence the title:

thanks neil patel

The following weekend we had the best surprise of the last few months.

Remember when I said it was impossible to get Google’s first position for his name? Yeah!thanks neil patel

I messed up!

thanks-neil-patel (12)

We started to rank first for the keyword “neil patel”. On top of one of the strongest Digital Marketing domains in the world and named after the author himself.

To give you an idea of ​​the importance of this, see CTR difference (clickthrough rate) for the keyword that we rank second and the one that we rank first:

thanks neil patel

(Now you have no reason not to believe this type of information).

The situation is as if you were playing on Google “Mercedes” and the first result was the BMW page!

How was that possible?

I explain:

1. Quality content / Length of stay on the page

It may seem that we repeat it like an old shellfish, but now you need to put it in your head: make the best content you can!

Our post was much better than any other. And you may not have noticed this in the print above, but:

thanks-neil-patel- (6)

In more than 50 thousand views, the time spent on the page was more than 6 minutes. And that is an average. The content was different and held people together!

Understand the importance of the time spent on the page here!

2. Title for SEO

In the interview that Peçanha did with Neil Patel, the Briton says that one of the most important things to be successful is to have good titles.

Well, the title of his page was not that good.

thanks neil patel

And after Renato’s tip (Hank), our post increased the CTR and gained positions.

No wonder, two days after losing the position, Neil Patel’s team changed the title of the post. It was very similar to another one right?

thanks-neil-patel- (60)

3. Link Building

No surprise here.

Very well done internal linking. We got some links from several partners who recognized that the post explained in a unique way who was the man of the controversial campaign.

And you already know the weight of receiving good backlinks, don’t you !?

4. Dissemination of content

We publicized our post a lot which increased its visibility, generated traffic and strengthened the authority of the page.

Using our team for dissemination was, as I said, essential to have such a high reach.

5. Attention in the market

We were attentive to the market and identified something that would be a major trend. As it was relevant to our audience, we made the post.

This can happen in any market. So stay tuned. Soon a “Who is Neil Patel” may appear in your market and you can be the one who will clear everyone’s doubts.

We always hit those keys here on the blog. 5 basic things that we always talk about and you need to take seriously.


Finally, I only have 3 things to say.

The first is that you should only invest in such content if it is really relevant to your audience. Patel is one of the biggest names in Digital Marketing, so a post about you on our blog is absolutely natural.

We have one from Kotler too.

The second is essential for you to understand Google. It is now more important that you focus on user intention than just keywords. The intention of those looking for “Neil Patel” was not to get to his website.

That’s why Google put us at the top! Because we are the answer that people looking for “Neil Patel” want to read.

Even though he has greater domain authority, Google is much more concerned with the reader’s intention and with presenting the answer he seeks.

The third and most important is: we had the best month in the history of the blog in the middle of February, with Carnival and a few days less.

In short: Thanks Neil Patel!