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In the world of sales, there is a concept that is already widespread and used by several companies, but that can raise some doubts about how to be put into practice. The Sales Funnel is now a common practice for salespeople and managers who need to convert more customers at each stage of the process. However, only structuring […]

In the world of sales, there is a concept that is already widespread and used by several companies, but that may raise some doubts about how to be put into practice. The Sales Funnel is now a common practice for salespeople and managers who need to convert more customers at each stage of the process. However, only structure your steps it is not enough for the customer to go through them all.

To go further and increase the numbers, it is necessary to work with strategies that are effective in assisting sales teams in the search for better results.

The name is already self-explanatory, but for those who have doubts, Content Marketing is the creation and sharing of materials to assist in prospecting and educating future customers. Furthermore, it is through the content that you will get engage your audience and seek evangelists for your brand.

This content can be done in blog post format, e-books, whitepapers, videos, webinars … Whatever is most appropriate in your marketing strategy. But is it any content that fits as a material of Marketing?

Not really. Many brands still create blogs to start this work but end up publishing superficial texts or that just talk about the product itself, which is not interesting for the reader because it does not add value.

Today the market in general is fierce and that is why it is necessary to create authority in your area to be a reference. Well-crafted texts and materials are the best way to achieve this.

For content marketing to play its role as a sales catalyst, it is necessary to unite it with the funnel that was previously structured and understand which material is best adapted at each stage. Therefore, today we bring content production tips for each stage of the Sales Funnel, aiming to convert the largest number of leads at the end of the process.

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Top of the Funnel: attraction

The top of the funnel is the first contact your customer will have with your product / service, so it is the gateway to the experience he will have with your brand. Top funnel content is content where the public doesn’t know you yet and does not necessarily seek to solve a specific problem.

At this point, the content is informative, comprehensive. However, it is necessary to deliver something of value to your audience, to avoid being “more of the same”. So, invest in relevant materials that will really be useful for those who are reading.

The most used content in this first stage are blog posts and newsletters, with content aimed at attracting a greater number of readers.

Knowing how to write content specifically for each stage is a task that requires market research and writing practice. Therefore, the materials of this first stage should give space for the next steps, to help the persona to go all the way and reach the end as nourished and ready for purchase as possible.

In addition, in the initial stage the content is more open, free, in which your company will not be mentioned. Your mission in that first moment is to educate your visitor and create in him the desire to receive more content!

It is not customary to require any kind of information from the reader yet. Here you will receive the largest number of visitors, so choose good themes and titles to help increase organic traffic to your blog.

However, an important tip is to entice your reader to subscribe to your blog and so, with an email address, you can keep in touch and nurture with materials from other stages.

See some examples of top funnel content on reference blogs in their segments:

Note that quality is a common feature: working with content marketing to increase sales is much more than updating a blog with any content. Quality is above quantity.

Middle of the Funnel: Consideration Step

If the top of the funnel is the moment of awareness, the next step is when the conversion of the contact begins, because that is when we say he is in the moment of consideration. Here you will start the most restricted materials, that is, that for the reader to access it is necessary to inform some data.

Generally, in the middle materials of the funnel, simple information such as name, email and a phone number are requested. If the form is too long, it is risky to lose the visitor there and not get basic information to improve communication and the relationship with this future client.

For those who are doing a good job of digital marketing, this moment when the contact is already halfway through their journey, we call it a lead, that is, a potential customer.

Now your lead already knows that there is a problem and needs a solution and they are beginning to understand that the answer may lie in their brand. A filter has already been made here who’s really looking for something that you can offer or not.

The most used materials for this stage are still blog posts, but more extensive and in-depth on a subject; newsletters and e-books.

These contents can now be used by your sales team in email templates and nutrition of contacts.

Here are some examples of materials for the middle of the funnel:

Funnel Fund: moment of decision

The last stage of the sales funnel is the decisive one for the sale, that’s why it is called your lead’s “decision stage”. In it you have the chance to bring your customer inside and that is why it is important to know exactly how the generation content can help you right now.

The materials most used in this stage are webinars, videos, e-books and successful cases.


Working with this content format requires a good preparation from the marketing team, precisely because it is a format that is made to assist the contact in the purchase decision.

A marketing agency, for example, can develop a webinar with themes like “Defining your marketing action with an agency”.

To participate, it will be necessary to provide information such as name, e-mail, telephone, position, company and other data that are relevant to your company.


Videos can be made talking specifically about the product and the solutions it delivers. Of course, the format should suit your persona, so the time and the script should be made remembering the importance of showing really why your brand is the best option to solve that problem.


Rich materials like e-books and guides are essential for assist your persona in purchasing decision. Remember to invest in impactful and relevant content.

Success Cases

Some companies still leave out this material format, but if you want to show how your product / service is making a difference to someone, nothing better than exemplifying it with a real experience.

To do this, select some clients who are succeeding with their work and mount cases with information that this client gave you.

In all funnel bottom material it’s interesting to have a free trial offer, as it is a way to show in practice how that persona who has reached the bottom of the funnel can benefit from your product.

But don’t forget that, in order to convert more people, leave the free trial offer visible in as many spaces as possible (home page of your website and blog, for example).

By doing a good job of producing content made with the exact aim of guiding your lead through all the steps, you are much more likely to be successful in observing customers who are ready to buy more quickly, without so much intervention by the marketing team. sales for convincing.

More educated customers become more engaged customers with more possibility of loyalty in the company!

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