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Just as money does not guarantee happiness, advertising does not necessarily guarantee you a multitude of customers and a strong brand. However, just as well-used money can greatly influence someone’s happiness, advertising can be an excellent way to get new customers. After all, it is not for nothing that there is […]

Just as money does not guarantee happiness, advertising does not necessarily guarantee you a multitude of customers and a strong brand.

However, just as well-used money can greatly influence someone’s happiness, advertising can be an excellent way to get new customers.

After all, it is not for nothing that the popular saying “Propaganda is the soul of the business” exists. So here are tips on how to advertise the right way.

What is advertising for

Advertising is the main form of communication for a certain company, which in this case is known as a sponsor, with its public.

Through the transmission of the desired message it is possible to achieve objectives such as:

Increased brand exposure

When the goal is to make the brand better known and attract more business opportunities for you.

Initially, this objective concerns the brand awareness itself and not to decision-making itself.

Increased customer conversion

When the brand is at a relatively desired level of exposure, advertising can focus its efforts on attracting customers.

At this point, the goal becomes to sell the product or service offered by the business – and, for some theorists, it may be called advertising.

Ensure brand fixation

By improving reputation and branding, it is possible to achieve better business results.

In addition, branding favors market positioning – as a niche leader, the most cost-effective option, the most responsible company and so on.

The stronger the brand, the more easily it is remembered by customers and the better the conversion, including organic.

Increase customer loyalty

If the brand is strengthened in the right way, making the business a highly relevant and reliable option, advertising can also serve to generate and / or increase customer retention.

What are the types of advertising

Depending on the objectives that are established for the campaign, the advertisement can be of different types, among which:

Informational advertising

This type of advertising has as main objective to propagate an idea related to the product or service that is offered by the company.

Generally, it is closely linked to new products or modifications that have been made to the business.

Software that gains new functionality, for example, uses informational advertising to let customers know what’s new and correctly understand how to use it.

Persuasive Advertising

Persuasive advertising, on the other hand, has the clear objective of convincing the customer.

For this, it sells the benefits of what is offered by the company in general. It is the case of presenting data about the product or listing its benefits.

Using attractive images and selling a lifestyle thanks to the use of the product are also possibilities. However, they must match the reality so that it is not false advertising.

Presence advertisement

Presence advertising aims to reinforce the business performance and your brand or to fix it with the customer.

It serves both to generate recurring purchases and to increase customer loyalty in a more incisive way.

This is the case with advertisements linked to more frequent consumption – such as beer – or that reinforce the idea that a particular purchase was appropriate.

What is the process of creating an advertisement

To bring the expected results, whatever they may be, the process of creating and understanding how to advertise needs to be well structured.

This requires planning and a more extensive creation process that includes steps such as:

Goal setting

All advertising creation must start from the definition of objectives, since it is from it that the appropriate type of advertising is selected.

The objectives must be possible to be achieved, as well as they must be valid for a certain period of time.

If the goal is to increase product sales by 10% over a period of time, then persuasive advertising to generate demand is most recommended.

Audience study

Advertising must be able to attract the target audience, attract their attention and act in order to obtain the desired results.

For this to be possible it is very important to study the target audience.

For a younger audience, for example, advertising must follow its characteristics or interests – or else it will not have the desired engagement.

Product and market evaluation

The next step is to do a product and market analysis to understand how the company relates in this environment.

Companies that already have a known advertising style, such as Coca Cola, need to stick to these characteristics, as this reinforces the brand.

It is also important to understand what competitors are doing and what works for the specific niche to achieve some kind of differentiation.

Analysis of features and limitations

Depending on the amount of resources available, advertising can be more elaborate or simpler.

If there are no resources for large video productions, for example, it will be necessary to think of ways that are inexpensive and equally effective.

Possible limitations, including ethical ones, should also be considered. Beer and cigarette advertisements, for example, cannot use elements that refer to or attract children.

Message definition

After evaluating all of this, it is possible to establish what is the message to be transmitted, what will be its tone and, mainly, what elements will be involved.

This is the part of the design that transforms all other steps into something tangible and directed to the public.

Establishing metrics

To know how effective it was, all advertising needs metrics to track its results.

It is not always easy to measure results, especially when they are subjective – like brand reputation.

Even so, it is necessary to define metrics and indicators that must be followed to understand what works best with the public.

Worksheet for tracking metrics

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How to choose the means of advertising

Advertising today doesn’t have to be just physical.

It can also be on the internet, in the videos your audience watches or on the social networks they follow.

As it is not possible to invest in everything at the same time, it is relevant to choose the most appropriate means of delivery for your advertising. To get this task right, consider the following points:

Know your customer’s behavior

More than understanding your target audience, to make this selection you must know your customer’s behavior in depth.

Imagine, for example, that you have an audience between 25 and 24 years old, but that you are not on television at all.

If you decide that the range of the largest broadcaster in the country is the ideal place for your advertising, you will waste money because you will not speak directly to your audience.

Thus, it is essential to understand, in addition to who your customer is, where he is, how he consumes and how you can reach him.

Analyze available resources

If you have a lower budget, investing in television becomes unfeasible. However, a billboard at a strategic point can be an option and online advertising gains even more strength.

As it is very rare to find companies that offer an open or very elastic budget, this is a factor that helps to decide where your advertisement will be served.

Understand what works for your market

Depending on your area of ​​operation, one advertising vehicle may be more relevant than another.

Likewise, an area of ​​expertise may require you to mix advertising on different channels.

Therefore, it is worth understanding what works best for your market, what is a trend, what your competitors are also doing.

The digital medium is not always the best choice, as in some cases it cannot even be disregarded.

Understand the customer’s purchase journey

Still about the customer, you must understand more about how the buying journey works.

The reason is simple: if your advertisement is intended for conversion, it should be strategically positioned.

If the customer is going to buy the product of your online business, perhaps investing a lot of resources in a billboard is not the best option.

On the other hand, sponsored publications and links work best.

If the customer needs to go to the store, presence advertisements can work well to drive your customer to your business.

the customer journey

How to advertise

Everything will depend on the channel you have chosen and the goals you have, which makes each campaign unique within its characteristics.

To know how to advertise you need to take a few steps:

  • Understand the most relevant channels for your audience;
  • Highlight your product’s differentials;
  • Instigate action;
  • Strengthen the brand;
  • Measure the return.

Understand the most relevant channels for your audience

There are approximately eighty-three million, four hundred and ninety-seven thousand, two hundred and seventeen ways to advertise your company.

However, which ones does your client pay attention to?

At that time, it is common to think something like “Ah, I will put an ad in the soap opera at 8 and for sure my brand will be known”.

The big issue is that placing an ad in a mass media is extremely expensive and the increase in sales may not be worth the investment.

The best thing to do is to understand very well where your customer is and what is the cheapest way to reach him. Efficiency is worth much more than using Chuck Norris flies to kill flies.

Highlight your product’s differentials

A very nice feature of the human being is his ability to ignore patterns. The more advertisements a person is exposed to, the greater his or her ability to ignore them.

To illustrate this point, it is worth a challenge.

Remember at least one advertisement in the magazine or newspaper that you have read most recently.

Unless it’s something very different, you’ve probably ignored all the ads. The same goes for your client.

If you want to escape the attack of contempt, think of ways to get attention differently.

Whether through a flashy image or an unexpected text, being different is essential so that your ad does not get sad and lonely, without anyone paying attention to it.

Instigate action

Some companies can afford to buy pounds of advertising just to “get in the customer’s head.” You probably won’t.

Without having millions of dollars to spend, it is important that your investment in advertising brings direct results.

For this, the best thing you can do is to entice people to buy now.

For example, instead of simply saying “Know my product!”, You can say “This is my product, buy until tomorrow and get 10% discount!”. Giving benefits to those who buy soon is an excellent option to feed their cash flow.

Strengthen the brand

More than just advertising investment, investing in brand building is essential for long-term success.

On the digital side, having followers on Twitter and Facebook, RSS subscribers or people in the newsletter is one of the most efficient ways to promote promotions and new products.

However, it is important to remember that it is not enough to have followers, but they must also engage and convert.

This process, however, needs to be done consistently, which can take longer than just a few days or weeks.

Measure the return

Although the market looks like a bunch of blind people looking for a black cat in a dark room, it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you are going to do a campaign where people contact you by phone, create a specific extension for each campaign.

If you’re going to buy advertising online, consider which media are bringing you the most customers. And so on.

The best thing about the internet is that it is much easier to measure return than offline. For this, define relevant metrics and indicators that show the real effectiveness of your advertising.

Learning how to advertise is a necessity for any business that wants to succeed in its market.

For that, however, it must be done correctly and in order to generate positive results.

Therefore, it is necessary to go from a complete creation process to the vehicle selection, ensuring that the business benefits from this fundamental element.

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