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Instagram can easily be considered as one of the main social networks today. The platform, which already has 800 million users around the world, has also been known to boost business and be a great tool for companies and people who want to work on the internet or expand their areas of expertise. […]

Instagram can easily be considered as one of the main social networks today.

The platform, which already has 800 million users around the world, has also been known to boost business and be a great tool for companies and people who want to work on the internet or expand their areas of expertise.

One of the main features that allows increasing profile visibility and dissemination, currently, is Instagram Explore.

In today’s post, you will learn more about it and understand in practice how your page can benefit from appearing to people who still don’t follow you. Come on?

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What is Instagram Explore?

Instagram Explore is a feature of the social network that allows personalized and highly interesting content for the user to be shown daily in an exclusive tab.

Okay, but what do I mean by that?

It’s simple: each profile on Instagram is unique, after all, we are dealing with people. I can like kitten photos and food, while you enjoy more travel profiles with splendid landscapes.

In the meantime, a third person may like to follow the current youtubers and want to know everything about the world of “internet royalty”.

Based on the behavioral habits of each profile, Instagram Explore (that magnifying glass on the main navigation bar) curates personalized content that can be interesting for the user at a specific time.

It is important to note that the Explore content is changeable and changes almost in real time when tracking user activity.

If today I like a lot of kitten pictures, however, next week I decide that I really like to go on Instagram to follow the lives of celebrities, the magnifying glass will show me different things.

In the past, this page showed the most popular content that was “booming” on Instagram at that time in a universal way.

Now, however, the number of likes matters, but it is not a sign that its content will appear to a large number of people. Customization was also one of the most important differences in the tool change process.

After understanding the concept of “Explore”, see a selection of the contents that will basically appear on a user’s profile:

  • posts that were liked by profiles you liked photos;
  • posts made by accounts similar to the ones you follow;
  • highly engaged posts coming from profiles that seem to share the same interests as you.

In addition to photos, Instagram Explore also shows Stories of interesting people for you and another geolocation where you are currently. On my profile, for example, I can see posts from people in BH.

Finally, there is a video curatorship called “Videos you might like” where the same image curation work is done.

In this case, the profile that made the post may not be of interest to you, but the fact that the video is related to your behavior on Instagram makes it appear to you.

What are the advantages of investing in this resource?

Being on Instagram Explore is an organic way to reach people who don’t know you or, for some reason, still don’t follow you.

Paid advertising, even though it generates important results for one who invests in the resource intelligently, can still be viewed with a certain fear by some users.

There is a sense of chance and very powerful coincidence that makes the user genuinely interested in knowing the profile that is shown in Explore.

Be sure that followers who come from there are much more likely to actually engage with the brand than those who have known it in other ways.

In addition to being a free and organic tool, this feature allows for increased brand recognition, however, the main one has to do with the right search.

The fact that Explore has a customized algorithm, which aims to show those profiles that “match” more with the user’s objectives, ensures that you reach your target in a very simple and free way.

That is: without paying anything, Instagram will make a kind of disclosure of your profile to the public that seeks what you can offer. Too cool, isn’t it?

Do not think, however, that this is an easy task. It is necessary to work hard in exchange for the “little hand” of the internet giant.

Finally, how can I appear on Instagram Explore?

The time has come to discover some practices to pump the social network. Follow the main ones below!

Geolocated Post Stories

When doing an Insta Stories, you can check in from where you are. Then make posts that are located in a specific city: yours, in this case.

Currently, Instagram allows you to place locations that are not necessarily consistent with your reality, and there are people who take advantage of this to appear in various classes of different profiles.

For example: at the time of Hurricane Irma, which devastated much of the Caribbean, commercial profiles took advantage of the fact that many people were searching the site on Instagram to watch videos in real time.

That way, both those who really lived in the Caribbean and would contact Stories in the Explore tab, as well as anyone searching for the location, could see completely random profiles taking advantage of the location to carry out some kind of disclosure.

Be real and make real content that arouses interest and is different from the other videos that are out there. You will have a few seconds to impress your target!

Ebook Instagram Stories

Know your audience well

In order for your profile to be more likely to appear on Instagram Explore, you need to carefully segment the group of people you or your brand talk to. “Shooting everywhere” does not help and, the greater the scope of content, the more difficult it will be to gain your space in the resource.

To do this, ask the following questions:

  • who is my target (or target audience)?
  • what do they like ?;
  • what kind of profiles do they usually follow?
  • how does my target behave on Instagram?
  • how are your posts?

In addition, observe some behavior patterns of the public such as the time, which can be seen in a simple way on Instagram’s “Business” tab.

As much as, currently, the posts are not organized in chronological order, they are more likely to be seen and perceived in the Explore of people when they use the social network the most.

Promote interaction

Often, posts with a high number of likes may be failing in terms of engagement. It is necessary for your reader to interact with the profile not just enjoying the photos.

To do this, make a kind of “call to action” at the end of each post. Instigate them by asking interesting questions related to their content. They can be: what is your favorite song? What places have you not yet visited, but feel like?

Customize the questions from the topic of your post. Do it in Stories too!

Investing in Instagram Explore is a promising practice and, with well-studied strategies, it is not difficult to take great advantage of the tool.

What’s up? Do you believe you are ready to get your hands dirty and reach an even bigger (and better) audience? See our marketing material on Instagram and further increase your knowledge on the subject!