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Simon Sinek is a reference for entrepreneurs around the world, inspiring leaders to focus on the purpose of their companies and their lives. Sinek has written several books and is the creator of the Golden Circle concept. Understand more!

Simon Sinek gained notoriety mainly after his 2009 TED Talk – one of talks most viewed to date, entitled “How great leaders inspire action”- or“ How great leaders inspire action ”.

He is the author of bestsellers such as “Start with the why” and “Find your why”, in addition to being the founder of Start With Why, a company that offers the resources to inspire people to do what motivates them most.

But what is so important about the notion that it is worth finding a why? That’s what the Golden Circle idea – or Golden Circle – proposes to clarify.

Continue reading to understand what the Golden Circle is and how to apply it in your company.

What is the Golden Circle?

O Golden Circle is a model that Simon Sinek created to explain where the differential is inspiring leaders and organizations that generate loyalty and create real movements.

The simple yet powerful reasoning is symbolized with 3 circles: the first is larger and represents the “what”; the second is smaller and is within the first, representing the “how”; and the third is even smaller and is within the second, representing the “why”.

In the business context, this shows that most or all companies know how to define “what” with ease: the products they sell, the services they offer, the industry they belong to and their competitors.

The number of businesses that understand “how” is less, as this involves, among other factors, differentials business and Law Suit well defined.

Finally, the number of companies that are aware of their “why” is even lower, after all, defending a cause or have one purpose strong is the most complicated.

In other words, what we find in most companies are decisions and communication actions focused on what is most obvious to them and to the market (the “what”) and less concerned with a more subjective side (the “why”). It is an outside-to-inside approach to the Circle.

Simon argues that success is in the view from the inside out, so much so that in the TED Talk we quote he makes a point of repeating that “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”.

Thus, Sinek proposes that companies start to act and carry out marketing campaigns based on a “why” and, only then, establish the “how” and the “what”. So let’s focus on practice and understand how this tool can be applied within a business.

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What is the use of the Golden Circle in sales?

Following Simon Sinek’s proposal to start with “why”, it is interesting that you incorporate this idea to use it whenever you establish contact with a new customer – whether online or offline.

When first showing the reasons why the business exists and then talk about the solutions it has to offer, the chances of generating empathy with consumers are much greater. So, what happens is a connection with the feelings and the confidence people, facilitating the creation of even closer ties.

One of the most favorable consequences of this approach is customer loyalty. If they really identify with the cause of your company, they will find in your products and services a form of expression that they probably will not have with competitors.

If we look at the 12 minute example, we see that the business argues that people can change their lives if they have access to the ideas of the best books through well-produced summaries.

This attracts users who believe in these same principles and it is quite different from saying “we have microbooks that you can read or listen to and gain more knowledge – download our app”, right?

How to use Golden Circle for decision making?

Starting with the “why” can also serve as a guide for your decision making within the company. Some choices may seem obvious because they will bring profitability and growth, for example, but is that in line with reasons why your business exists?

An inconsistent direction with the “why” can disappoint an entire customer base, since they will realize that the organization has not remained faithful to the cause they so admired.

Thus, what is recommended is have the company’s ideals very clear in the organizational culture and think about them first when you need to decide which way to go. So, in addition to make better decisions, you will bring more agility to the process.

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How can the Golden Circle be useful in content marketing?

When working with a content marketing strategy, you must keep in mind that the primary function of your materials is generate value for the people who are going to read them. So, start with the “why” whenever producing a blog post, nutrition flow, eBook etc.

Start by thinking about the company’s motivation to create and make that content available. That will be the foundation behind your texts, emails, infographics or any other medium.

On the audience side, remember the initial message of the content, which has to make it clear to the public why they should continue reading. Then, argue about solutions that help the reader overcome challenges or difficulties and indicate what he can use to achieve that goal. In this way, you increase the ability to engagement and can generate more business opportunities.

There is no denying that the areas of Marketing and Sales are those in which Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle fits best, but there are many other applications for him in the business environment. So find out what the “why” of your organization is and allow it to guide the company on the path to success.

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